Cavese vs Palermo the first opportunity on 2021

cavese palermo match lega pro

Cavese vs Palermo Lega Pro the first opportunity on 2021

After the winter break and the short break from activities, the rosanero team returns to play away. Saturday 9 January, at the “Simonetta Lamberti” Stadium, Alberto Pelagotti and his teammates will face Salvatore Campilongo’s men. The first match of 2021 for Palermo

The referee of Cavese – Palermo will be Valerio Maranesi of Ciampino. The assistants will be Francesco Rizzotto (Rome 2) and Orazio Luca Donato (Milan). The fourth official will be Mr. Ermes Fabrizio Cavaliere.
Maranesi has already refereed the squads this season: he was the match director of Teramo – Palermo.

Event Re-Scheduled on Saturday at 14.30

There are 21 rosanero players called up by coach Roberto Boscaglia for tomorrow’s match against Cavese. Here is the list in detail: 1 PELAGOTTI, 2 DODA, 4 ACCARDI, 5 PALAZZI, 6 CRIVELLO, 8 MARTIN, 9 SARANITI, 10 SILIPO, 11 SANTANA, 12 FALLANI, 13 LANCINI, 14 VALENTE, 16 PERETTI, 17 LUCCA, 19 ODJER, 20 KANOUTE, 21 BROH, 23 RAUTI, 24 SOMMA, 26 MARONG, 27 LUPERINI.

Against the Cavese will not be an easy match for us, it will be a tough match against a team that has also played good football at times and knows how to propose well. We don’t have to look at their standings but what the team can do on the pitch. The change of manager makes the match even more difficult. We have to play a great game and win, but it won’t be easy at all quite the opposite. “

“We start from a good base, the match against Bari made us understand that we have an important backbone and a solid base on which to work. We must be good at facing matches always with the right malice and the right mentality, see matches as if they were all finals. The match against Bari confirmed what I have always said, we must understand that all matches have the same importance.
If we start from here we can do good things, we must all make available to the team the characteristics of every one. There is also work to be done on the head and on the motivations, there is a good job to do “.

“We cannot give anybody advantages, the team will change little tomorrow. The modules are there, but apart from the numbers there must be a proactive attitude; having one more striker or one less midfielder is not important. I am interested in attitude and not. tactics. Only Almici, Corrado, Marconi, and Floriano will skip the challenge, then they are all available. And therefore we will have the possibility to choose. “

Cavese vs Palermo - The Boscaglia Conference pre-match
Cavese vs Palermo – The Boscaglia pre-match

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“Having insertion midfielders who guarantee you those 5 or 6 goals per league is important, we are pressing a lot on this key given the characteristics of our players. They are players who can insert more, I expect a lot more from the realization point of view. We have to work as a team and these are all situations we have been working on for some time. “

“Market? I don’t know if our opponents will strengthen and to be honest I really don’t care. I don’t want to talk about the market, or what I asked for, or what I didn’t ask. I think the director Sagramola clarified everything. The company you know what I think, there are some players who have to fully recover from the problems linked especially to the after-effects of Covid.

There are some players from whom I expect, even more, others that we still have to explore. The club will still be vigilant and if there is anything to be done also in future prospects will intervene. We must not waste too much money to try to take Ternana and Bari. It would seem an unfair speech”

“Cavese? I have seen some of their games, they have alternated excellent matches with less good ones. They have interesting players. The real problem is the change of coach which has undoubtedly brought enthusiasm. We do not care much about this, they strongly believe in salvation and we have to be careful. We will have to have that sense of danger that I often talk about.”