Palermo / Bisceglie. Ransom challenge 5th day 2nd round

Boscaglia Palermo / Bisceglie. Ransom challenge 5th day 2nd round

Palermo / Bisceglie 5th day 2nd round Lega Pro
Ransom challenge at home

Palermo – Bisceglie will be refereed by Andrea Bordin from Bassano del Grappa, a match valid for the 24th day of Group C of Serie C, scheduled for Saturday 13 February at 2.30 pm.

The first assistant will be Andrea Zezza from Ostia Lido, the second Mario Pinna from Oristano. Finally, the fourth designated official will be Fabio Pirrotta of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

Palermo / Bisceglie Ransom challenge
Saturday at 12.30

The video confernce of this ransom challenge is below this article…

“At least we prefer to have him work, he had a very small problem, he will be re-aggregated next week. Odjer is still out of Doda you know. Training changes? We’ve all been running from the start, we don’t have blinders. It is normal that there are more used players; we are evaluating all the solutions to improve the ranking. In the last few games the team tried to do their best but we left the field with less than what we deserved.

Unfortunately Pelagotti suffered an injury. He is an experienced professional, we joked about it a bit, in the good sense of the word. He is smart to understand that these things happen. After the game in Avellino we were all a bit dejected, we didn’t deserve to lose. The grown-ups get up after these moments; what we are doing is not enough and that is what we have said. Against Bisceglie it is an important match, to be won, with an important performance. We have to make it clear who we are.

Lucca is coming out now. We have important players in that area of ​​the pitch. It’s not a problem to put these guys on responsibility. We need to be a little more confident, otherwise it becomes a problem. The 20-year-old boy must know what shirt he’s wearing and where he’s playing. We have to win, we can’t think about what I expect. We have to go out on the pitch to grind the opponent and we don’t have to think about numbers. Three points are needed, I don’t want to hear about negative situations. We have the potential to get out of this moment.

Ransom challenge
Boscaglia before this ransom challenge

Palermo must have a pissed and angry face. I don’t want to talk about Avellino anymore. We have reasons to be angry, we must go to the pitch with a poison on us that has not yet been seen. Last year’s players? I have to watch what happens this season, and when someone doesn’t play it’s because someone else has shown that he can give something more this week. Everyone will have the opportunity, but these are speeches that interest me little “.

When things go well, the merit is right for everyone; when things go wrong the same thing must apply. Criticism of me? They are a stimulus, it is not a nuisance for its own sake. The coach has to introspect every day. The truth is that this is a team that can do more and must do it with joy; we must understand that we are in a particular city and in an important square. You have to know how to keep a certain weight of responsibility on your shoulders. We have to overcome this step and take this ransom challenge

The lack of results creates annoyance but when you work and understand that the result does not come for some episodes, then this must give us security and we must limit the negative situations and problems that can be encountered. We have to look at the good and the less good we are doing. We cannot turn the world upside down.

The complaint from the fans? I can guarantee them that we are putting all of ourselves, heart and soul, into it. They must not doubt our willingness to do well. We are putting our great professionalism at the service of Palermo, that’s for sure. We are not leaving anything to chance. We are not there and the team will prove it.

Marconi has been out for a long time and can’t have 90 minutes. The boy is fine and is coming with us. Sale of the company? These rumors have not come to scratch us; we have had very ample guarantees from the club that there is nothing. The players have to think about the pitch and work. We haven’t thought about it at all. We have always talked about a long-term path but no one expected to be in this ranking. Already against Bisceglie we must begin to demonstrate.

Goal problem? We are a team that was born to build play and to defend well, attacking highs. In front of us, we must understand that we have boys from 2000, then there is Saraniti who fights like a lion and who can arrive in front of goal maybe a little tired. This is a situation that we have evaluated and on which we are working. You cannot teach yourself to have a nose for a goal, you acquire it by playing and understanding the mistake. It’s not easy, we’re working on it and tomorrow will be a ransom challenge”.

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