Palermo / Catanzaro. Pretty challenge 7th-day 2nd round

Pretty challenge next match PalCat

Palermo vs Catanzaro
A Pretty challenge 7th-day of 2nd round Lega Pro

Alessandro di Graci from the Como section will be the referee of Palermo – Catanzaro, scheduled for Sunday at the Barbera.

This is Di Graci’s 14th seasonal match direction between Serie C and Primavera, the first with Palermo and Catanzaro. He will be assisted by the assistants Meocci (Siena) and Micaroni (Chieti). Fourth official Emanuele Frascaro of Florence

Pretty challenge Match
Palermo / Catanzaro Sunday at 12.30

Here the coach Boscaglia’s Conference before this pretty challenge…

“Valente had a little problem; nothing serious but there will be no tomorrow, as well as Odjer and Doda. Almici and Santana are recovered. Playing every three days you have to evaluate many things, you can’t touch the winning team when everyone is fine: you have to evaluate a thousand things.

We have been working for a long time on closing games early and on the awareness of being a good team, which must be able to accept difficulties, ready to sacrifice itself as has been done in recent weeks. It is a fundamental component. We are professionals and we must know how to accept criticism while maintaining balance.
In my case, you make yourself an armor, but young people must be accompanied on the path. Even when everything seems negative there are always positive glimpses: in this work, there are many situations to evaluate and face, otherwise, you lose sight of the goal.

Direct confrontation with Catanzaro? For me this is not the case, but not because we are not close (in fact we are). It’s a pretty challenge, but It was essential to win against Bisceglie and Turris and it is also important against Catanzaro, we have to score points but we cannot think that it is a direct match. Every game is important and I’m calm because I have positive feelings; obviously never rest assured, never let your guard down.

In the last few games, we have reaped the rewards and it is clear that winning helps to win and give awareness. We are aware that our goals are others; doing well is no longer enough for us. We have to do better than others. 90% is not enough. You have to give everything.

Saraniti discouraged? I smile because he always works for the team and is happy when the team wins. His moment and his string of goals will also come. Here he lives only for Palermo and for the Palermo shirt. Individuality is important that it comes out obviously but if put at the service of the team.

Pretty challenge palcat boscaglia
Pretty challenge palcat boscaglia

The 12.30 taboo? It is a trend that needs to be changed, let’s start doing it tomorrow that’s a pretty challenge. If they had asked me, I would have said to play at this time, just to dispel the taboo “.

Lancini? I am always attentive to group dynamics. Lancini is like a son, I love him very much and he can give a lot. He so far he has not lived a great season: he had Covid and he needed time; we are cuddling it and we are waiting for it. The staff and the coach love him; then he must also elbow to take the place. You have to be good at understanding the moment and be ready ”.

The Palermo coach, Roberto Boscaglia, intervenes at the press conference to present the pretty challenge of this match against Catanzaro. For the team, it is an important test against a direct competitor for the playoffs

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Here the highlights of this pretty challenge, the 7th match second round of serie C