Palermo / V.Francavilla 19th Day last of first part

lega pro 19th day serie c

Palermo vs V.Francavilla, 19th Day of the last first round.

Sunday 17 January at 12:30, the race director Nicolò Marini of Trieste will give the go-ahead to Palermo-Virtus Francavilla of the “Barbera”.

Nicolò Marini, has just turned 31, will be assisted on the sidelines by Messrs. Miniutti, a Friulian from Maniago (PN) and Lazzaroni, also a Friulian but from Udine.

19th Day Scheduled on Sunday at 12.30

Palermo‘s coach, Roberto Boscaglia, at a press conference to present the last match of the first round against Virtus Francavilla, the 19th Day of Lega Pro.

“Are you leaving at 12.30? This is nothing new for me, we often train in the morning, it changes little. Valente can play on the right but he is much better on the left. As we are playing at the moment, it is better to have him on the left ”.

“The winning streak comes by itself, we have to try to win the next games. We want to settle in a more important position in the ranking and then play it all in the season finale. We cannot think too long, we have to earn everything day after day.

Market? Don’t worry me, there are always eleven players. Strengthening in this session is very difficult without spending or making some trade. We have to look at ourselves, at what we have, at the players we are meeting ”.

“On the 19th Day the Virtus Francavilla is a tough and tough opponent, they have been in this category for a long time and know-how to play this kind of game. I don’t know how he will play, we are ready for all situations. It will not be an easy match, like against Cavese or others we played at home.

I expect a team that will give us a lot of trouble. We have goals and we must aim for the maximum but in the very short term. We must not be stupid that we can think of winning the championship, others can lose. We look like fools if we say we want to win the tournament, it’s not up to us. We are not stupid ”.

“Lucca? He knows what faith we have in him. He is a strong player but he has to work hard and prove a lot. The rigor is all wrong, it does not affect our decisions and does not destabilize his psychological balance. Sum? We risked him when he wasn’t very well, now I expect a lot from him, he’s fine. In the last few weeks we have only taken one pinball goal, it means that we are working well ”.

“The first round was special, so many things have happened. We are very satisfied with the last period, despite all the defections we have had. We still need to improve. Palaces or Martin? The ideas are clear, it depends on what we expect from the game and what we want, there are many things that affect the choices. The last of my thoughts is training “.

“Corrado and Floriano are doing well and are called up. They don’t have 90 minutes but they will stay with us ”.

Palermo Fc has announced the rosanero called up for the home match against Virtus Francavilla scheduled for tomorrow at 12:30. At the disposal of coach Roberto Boscaglia there are 23 players. Corrado and Floriano are back on the list even if, as the Gelese coach confirmed at the press conference, they don’t have 90 minutes in their legs. The two defenders Almici and Marconi remain in the infirmary.


GOALKEEPERS: 1 Pelagotti, 12 Fallani.

DEFENDERS: 2 Doda, 3 Corrado, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 13 Lancini, 15 Marconi, 16 Peretti, 24 Somma, 26 Marong.

CENTRAL PLAYERS: 5 Palazzi, 8 Martin, 19 Odjer, 21 Broh, 27 Luperini.

FORWARDS: 7 Floriano, 10 Silipo, 11 Santana, 14 Valente, 17 Lucca, 20 Kanoute, 23 Rauti.

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