Viterbese / Palermo 8th-day Waiting for our destiny

Viterbese / Palermo 8th-day

Viterbese / Palermo 8th-day 2nd round.
Waiting for our destiny

Viterbese – Palermo will be refereed by Adalberto Fiero, match director of the Pistoia section. The assistants will be Vincenzo Pedone from Reggio Calabria and Nicola Tinello from Rovigo. Finally, the fourth official will be Simone Galipò of Florence.

The away match
Viterbese / Palermo on Saturday at 12.30

The Coach Boscaglia before Viterbese / Palermo :

“Future? The sensations are excellent and also the reassurances of the company. I have a two-year contract because everyone knows the company’s project. We gain experience this year trying to do our best to succeed in something important next year in case we don’t. very successful this season. There are important guarantees from the club for the future. “

“Four away matches in the next five races? It is normal that we cannot distort ourselves too much, but we have to think about the result and the classification without losing our physiognomy. In a championship, many things must coincide: from determination to the moment in which we must also throw The ball in the stands. Viterbese? There is no fear, football does not exist. There must always be the usual sense of danger.

It will be an important game for the standings and to give continuity, some players will return and we must manage the game with tranquility and serenity. Fear also makes you feel alive, but from here you have to reach that sense of danger to raise your concentration and attention. Almost three months have passed since the match against Lazio, since that game we have changed even if we have to always look at the moment of the opponents. They have done good results and are having a great time. “

“Having the full squad for a coach is very important. Odjer returns, while Valente will hopefully be available for the next match. It is important to have several arrows in your bow, whoever takes Valente’s place I am sure will give their best as they already are. Odjer worked in this period despite not having been called up, a player who, compared to others, is in better condition. We’ll see tomorrow. Catanzaro? A very balanced challenge open to every result, we almost scored the advantage and then the same. On a psychological level, it was not a blow, you lose for an episode and therefore we did not struggle mentally “.

“Turnover in view of Catania? I don’t know what it means to manage the players, at the moment we have to think about the match Viterbese / Palermo then from Saturday evening we will think about the derby with the players we will have available. The return of Almici is important for us, technically there gives something more even in the offensive phase, who replaced him did well. A footballer of great depth and on whom we rely a lot is really very important for this category. Odjer and De Rose, who is the low top? De Rose has always done this role, while Odjer has always done the ‘mezzala‘ “.

“Accardi on the left? Will there be some spies as we train behind closed doors. Lucca? The players go out to play, it is normal that there are some who feel more tension and pressure. Lorenzo is proving not to feel all this weight and we have to work in this sense. He is a player you can bet on also from this point of view. He is a boy from 2000 and there is a chance that he plays in C, then there will also be a moment of obfuscation given his young age: it is a path of growth. Lucca has a strong and different character compared to some other young people and therefore does not feel this pressure “.

“Santana? He can be enlisted. Floriano is fine, the free kicks depends on the position and therefore the boys on the field decide. Saraniti? I didn’t see him at all nervous, he made a very normal foul and he didn’t deserve the expulsion. Two days are a lot, the boy is very calm. It’s a pity that he skips the derby, but he is an adult and will certainly know how to react. “

The Coach Boscaglia before Viterbese / Palermo (Video)

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Here the highlights of Viterbese / Palermo