Genoa Palermo, Corini Conference, 24th Serie B

Genoa Palermo, Corini Conference, 24th Serie B

Genoa Palermo 09/02/2023: Corini spoke at the press conference on the eve of the away match against Genoa, scheduled for Friday 10 February at 20:30.

We will play in one of the most beautiful stadiums in Italy against the most complete team in Serie B. Gilardino did important things after Blessin, I expect a great match and another step to overcome.

We have prepared well, we will see the response on the pitch, but we are ready to play a great match. Gilardino has varied his systems a bit, he has many good players between the lines and strikers of extraordinary value, Genoa are a strong and important team.

Five days are a lot to prepare for a match – continued Corini – I will make choices exclusively on a technical level. The new ones have few training sessions with the team, it takes time to fit in, but I won’t reason on the basis of shifts.

The team has worked well, we are all ready. At that moment Genoa-Palermo was a flash, a victory built with character and the boys were extraordinary. It reminds me of the match against Perugia a few weeks ago.

Palermo is in an important moment in terms of results and performances, a trend that they also want to continue in the complicated challenge of the “Marassi”: We are facing our moment with great maturity, balance and awareness.

It is wonderful to hear the enthusiasm that grows and twenty-five thousand people who push us. The protagonists are our players, they are the ones who can push us higher and higher.

It is physiological that Genoa have a bit of pressure being singled out as the main candidate for Serie A, but they have an important mental structure and squad, we will face a well-prepared team that will be able to handle the pressure of having to score.

Verre and Tutino are two important players – continues the Rosanero coach regarding the two players who arrived during the winter market

I put the first on the field without training with my teammates. I have many owners, expanding the field of owners means this, and they are working and growing in terms of continuity.

They are two important solutions from the start, but also to take over during the game.

This match will be an important step in understanding our growth margins, but it’s not a crossroads, there are 14 more games left and anything can happen, there will be a lot to do on the ambitions we can have for this championship.

The journey of the pinks is making us dream of far more ambitious goals than a consolidation championship, but Corini keeps his feet firmly on the ground despite the big plans for the future:

I’m very attached to reality and the fact that things are built, we have a vision for the future, but we must remain focused on the nuances of each match.

Lately we’ve been winning with a one-goal difference and in the last few minutes, in a game everything can change in a very short time, and we need to work on the details. We have a responsibility to cultivate people’s enthusiasm by playing great matches.

Time is always an ally for every professional – continues the coach from Bagnolo Mella – if you use it well you can grow and improve.

When you have an idea you develop it, sometimes it is difficult to understand this concept and I can seem repetitive, but you must always remember how this project started, how many players have changed in and out in a very short time.

We are going beyond our expectations, and we must concentrate on doing better and better, every day we must give our best to do something important.

I understand the emotional state of the fan, but I have to have a broader view, know how to look further, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

The Rosanero coach then spoke about the Genoa coach Gilardino who, despite his lack of experience, decided to embrace an important cause like that of Genoa:

Gilardino was a great player, and it’s not easy to go to Genoa with immediate promotion ambitions, he will be a coach who will prove capable and important over time.

Palermo is the beginning of something, what we have now is a basis for building something even more important. We have sown the seed of an idea and of solidity, it is an important moment, but there are still many improvements to be made.

Gomes is fine, he did some training already before Reggina, and it helped him to gain more confidence. He is available, I will evaluate if he is ready to play right away, but we have recovered a very important player.

Di Mariano enjoys my highest esteem, he is giving a lot and had a bit of bad luck in the making phase.

For us, he is a very important tactical weapon, he must continue to work as he is doing, and he too will find the satisfaction he deserves in terms of finishing.

Few ballots in Corini’s mind on the eve of the match against Genoa, with the awareness of having important solutions also on the lanes: Aurelio and Masciangelo have push attitudes like Sala, the former even played as a striker, and we glimpsed some interesting qualities that he is also confirming in training with us.

Having ballots is always a positive aspect, tomorrow morning’s finishing will give me clear ideas on tomorrow’s starters, even if I already have quite definite ideas.

I only spoke about refereeing after the match in Venice – said the coach regarding Reggina’s complaints about refereeing the match against the squad at a time when we were subjected to criticism and in that case we were penalized.

Against Reggina Majer probably could have taken a second yellow after twenty minutes, it’s only right to spread your elbows sometimes to gain respect, but nobody has ever given us anything.

Against Ascoli, for example, there was a clear penalty for us, but we faced it with the right mental balance, we waited for the VAR who let it continue and after three minutes we scored.

I had a meeting with the boys after the match against Reggina, I had written down some things to say to some players and Soleri was among them.

Soleri is of fundamental importance for how he trains and for how he tackles even the few minutes on the pitch. If a player prepares well, sooner or later the satisfactions come.

He was instrumental in Palermo’s promotion last year and is instrumental in his spirit again this year. In terms of attitudes and height he resembles Toni, even if Luca was dirtier tactically and had a career that led him to become world champion.

For Soleri it can be a reference because he remembers him for certain movements and for the aerial game.

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Probable Formations of Genoa Palermo, Corini Conference, 24th Serie B

Genoa (3-5-2): Martinez, Vogliacco, Dragusin, Matturro/Bani; Hefti, Strootman, Frendrup, Sturaro/Aramu, Sabelli; Salcedo, Coda. Coach: Alberto Gilardino

Palermo (3-5-2): Pigliacelli, Mateju, Nedelcerau, Marconi; Valente, Saric, Damiani/Gomes, Segre, Sala; Di Mariano, Brunori. Coach: Eugenio Corini