Highlights Palermo/Catanzaro 1-2, lost a challenge

Palermo lost a challenge

Highlights Palermo 1- 2 Catanzaro,
lost a challenge


The first ball of the match is managed by the Calabrians who attack from left to right with the usual Giallorossi uniform; Palermo instead with the pink jersey will attack from right to left. The Calabrians win a free kick on the 5 ‘on the short right side of the rosanero penalty area. Corapi takes charge of the service and hits Kanoute and the ball goes for a corner.

At 11 ‘cross in the Catanzaro area by Crivello, who serves Lucca but the rosanero striker weakly hits and Di Gennaro blocks. Counterattack of the Calabrians in the 12 ‘with Carlini who wins the ball, but at the time of the cross in the area Palermo moves away. At 15 ‘first danger for Palermo. Carlini kicks in the goal from a few meters, but Pelagotti is careful and rejects, on the rebound, the Calabrians send to the bottom.

At 20 ′ cross in Santana’s area, Lucca arrives and tries again with his head, but his conclusion is deflected for a corner by Martinelli. At 25 ′ header from Lucca to break for Floriano, the winger enters the area and ends down; for the referee, there is no doubt and he cautions the rosanero striker by simulation. Verna brings the Calabrians ahead in the 27th minute. The midfielder from outside the box kicks with his left and puts the ball in the net.

Floriano at 31 ‘immediately finds the equal goal for the rosanero. Catanzaro does not move the ball well, De Rose serves the former Bari who draws a perfect trajectory from the edge of the area that slips under the seven to Di Gennaro’s left. At 42 ‘corner for Palermo, Floriano serves De Rose positioned outside the box and the midfielder clears away. The first half ends with the result of 1-1 with no injury time.

As the two teams reach the dressing room tunnel, a few words fly between Corapi and De Rose, but calm is promptly restored.

Rosanero lost a challenge the photogallery

Boscaglia lost a challenge
Boscaglia lost a challenge


The challenge resumes with no changes on either side. The first chance for guests. Curiale plays on the bank for Carlini who hunts towards Pelagotti’s door by mistake. Crivello tries a hole for Santana in the 50th minute, but Di Gennaro at the exit is careful. Catanzaro at 53 ′ tries with a shot from Di Massimo, but Pelagotti is careful.

On the restart, rosanero Lucca manages to put a cross in the area for the rushing Floriano who, for some sentiment, does not arrive. At 55 ‘Santana picks up a suggestion from Floriano and kicks towards Di Gennaro’s goal, but his conclusion is central. Occasonissima for Lucca. The attacker is primed by Santana, but his cross is slightly long and the attacker does not look at the goal. Cross in the Palermo area for Di Massimo who overtakes Accardi and hits his head, his conclusion is just wide.

At 61 ′ cross by Crivello for Kanoute, the ex of the match is hit by Corapi who receives the yellow card for protests. The two teams are now fighting to take home the victory. Rauti tries a double step in the 74th minute and kicks towards Di Gennaro’s goal, but the goalkeeper is careful. At 33 ‘of the second half a yellow card for Palazzi who was in a warning and will miss the next match against Viterbese.

Catanzaro again in advantage. Corapi takes a perfect free-kick for Martinelli who anticipates Luperini and puts her behind Pelagotti in the 80th minute. Corner kick for Palermo in the 87th minute, the ball hits Lucca’s head, but Di Gennaro hits it with an incredible reflex and takes it away from the goal. Saraniti sent off, who sculpts the opponent, and Palermo will finish this match in ten and lost a challenge.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 24 Somma, 15 Marconi, 6 Crivello (from 69 ′ Almici); 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose (from 82 ′ Saraniti), 11 Santana (C.); 20 Kanoute, 17 Lucca, 7 Floriano (from 62 ‘Palazzi). Available: 12 Fallani, 8 Martin, 9 Saraniti, 10 Silipo, 13 Lancini, 16 Peretti, 21 Broh, 23 Rauti, 26 Marong. Trainer: Bush.

CATANZARO: 33 Di Gennaro; 13 Fazio, 5 Martinelli, 20 Riccardi; 32 Garufo, 4 Corapi (C.), 8 Verna, 34 Porcino, 29 Carlini; 7 Curiale (evacuated from 75 ‘), 18 Di Massimo. Available: 22 Branduani, 12 Ianni, 9 Jefferson, 10 Parlati, 15 Molinaro, 16 Pierno, 17 Evacuo, 19 Gatti, 21 Risolo, 23 Baldassin, 25 Grillo, 27 Casoli. Coach: Calabro

REFEREE: Alessandro Di Graci (Meocci-Micaroni). IV MAN: Frascaro

NOTES: Ammonito Floriano, Palazzi, Saraniti (P), Riccardi, Corapi, Carlini (C). Saraniti expelled

SCORERS: Verna 27 ′, Floriano 31 ′, Martinelli 80 ′

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