Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie 3-1, a home victory

Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie #Match #begin #PalBIS #LegaPro

Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie 3-1, a home victory


The first ball of the match is from Bisceglie who will attack from left to right. First, cross in the middle by Palermo with Santana, but the host defense moves away. The rosanero still forward with the triangulation between Santana and Crivello, with the Argentine slipping and favoring Valente and trying a cross in the center still away from the guests, on the rebound, there is De Rose who kicks high.

The goal of the advantage at 7 ‘the guests with Rocco. The attacker is thrown deep by Bassano, Accardi and Palazzi are unable to climb in time, the attacker is face to face with Pelagotti and unlocks the match. Palermo tries to react and immediately finds equal on the 14th minute. Santana crosses in the center for Luperini, the ball is for Rauti who pushes Pirola a bit, the ball remains in the area, the quickest to arrive is Lucca who just has to push inside.

Excellent defensive recovery of Valente at 21 ‘, Maimome presses him and steals the ball, he chases him and takes the ball away. Rosanero who attacks and at 28 ‘suffers a restart of the guests, to stop it De Rose intervenes who pushes and is booked. With this yellow card, the midfielder goes into a warning. Lucca, at 29 ‘, serves Rauti who tries a diagonal from outside the area, Spurio stretches out and sends her into the corner.

Clamorous error of Lucca. At 32 ‘Cittadino misses an easy back pass, the rosanero number 17 arrives who enters the area all alone and kicks out, missing a penalty in motion. Cross in Crivello’s area in the 36th minute, the ball is aimed at Lucca who crushes the opponent and for the referee there is a free kick.

Palermo overturns it in the 38th minute. Santana receives the ball from Rauti and from the left puts a-cross in the area, to soar higher is Luperini who pushes in and puts him ahead.

After 1 ‘of recovery the first part of the race ends. At 45 ‘the hosts are ahead by 2-1. the Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie above this comments.

Photogallery Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie

Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie lucca palermo
Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie Lucca Palermo


The challenge resume without changes for both teams. Rosanero close to 3-1 with Lucca. The former Torino receives the ball from Valente and hits badly, sending high, in front of Spurio. At 51 ‘on the development of a corner, the home defense rejects, but the loose ball ends up on Pedrini’s feet who tries a volley, but without being able to worry Pelagotti. Santana invents a rabona and serves Valente who then serves a cross in the area, but the rosanero are in an irregular position. Crivello misses a ball and chain exit in the 55th minute, then Cittadino kicks at the goal but does not aim well.

Luperini close to the personal double, the midfielder jumps with his head after a cross from Accardi but is inaccurate. The Bisceglie tablet in defense, Spurio is pressed by Lucca who dirties the ball and ends up on Santana, the Argentine thinks about it and widens for Valente who is wrong. Rauti at 61 ‘, wide on the right, jumps two opponents and is hindered, but he too does the same for the referee, his behavior is incorrect and whistles the foul. After the whistle the attacker throws the ball away and is booked.

Rauti remains down and is forced to ask for the change. In place of him in Kanoute at minute 71 ‘. Rosanero counterattack with Lucca in the 73rd minute; the attacker is not accompanied by anyone and kicks towards the goal but makes a mistake. The guests try to push to find equal, but the rosanero close the spaces well.

84 ‘corner for the rosanero. Martin puts the ball in the center, Lucca arrives before everyone else and kicks on the opponent, the ball remains there and again Lucca kicks in the goal and puts it in the net for the 3-1.

There is no more time. The rosanero, after 5 days, return to victory, below the Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie 3-1 !!!

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 5 Palazzi, 24 Somma, 6 Crivello; 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose; 11 Santana (from 68 ‘Marconi), 23 Rauti (from 71’ Kanoute), 14 Valente; 17 Lucca. Available: 12 Fallani, 3 Corrado, 7 Floriano, 8 Martin, 9 Saraniti, 10 Silipo, 13 Lancini, 16 Peretti, 21 Broh, 26 Marong. Coach: Bush.

BISCEGLIE: 22 Spurious; 26 Altobello, 5 Priola (C.), 27 Bassano; 25 Cup, 8 Citizen, 23 Maimone (from 56 ‘Romizzi), 28 Pedrini (from 56’ Mansou), 3 Giron; 24 Sartore, 11 Rocco (from 65 ‘Cecconi). Available: 1 Russo, 4 De Marino, 6 Vona, 9 Cecconi, 13 Zagaria, 15 Ferrante, 16 Gilli, 18 Musso, 19 Vitale, 21 Casella. Coach: Papagni

REFEREE: Andrea Bordin (Zezza-Pinna). IV MAN: Fabio Pirrotta (Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto).

NOTES: booked De Rose, Lucca, Rauti, Luperini, Marconi (P), Cittadino, Cup, Rocco, Giron (B)

SCORERS: Rocco 7 ‘, Lucca 14’, Luperini 37 ‘, Lucca 84’

Highlights Palermo/Bisceglie

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