Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, rosanero won !

Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, Serie C.

Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, Serie C rosanero won at Renzo Barbera !

Palermo and Monopoli, respectively in second and third place, therefore antagonists of Bari facing each other to try to get closer to the cockerels, who will be playing at Avellino tomorrow evening.
The rosanero, in addition to wanting to bring the Apulians closer, will also have to redeem the defeat suffered at Picerno in the last round of the championship.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, Serie C.

First ball managed by the hosts who take the field with the usual pink and black jersey, black shorts and socks, the guests, instead, a white and green striped shirt, green shorts, and socks. Accardi’s long pass that serves Brunori who was on the edge of the offside, the rosanero striker manages to deflect the ball and, in the second minute, wins the first corner of the match.

The first ring of the guests at 3 ‘, who try it from outside with the former Langella hitting badly. At 7 ‘Buttaro and Almici duet, the young defender who grew up in the Roma nursery is served on the run by his teammate, reaches the back, and crosses to the center of the area, Loria blocks without problems.

Very tactical game, between two opponents who fear each other and do not want to leave a gap, but the hosts seem to want to push harder. At 12 ′ Brunori tries to challenge Mercadante to reach the back, the defender keeps a good guard and the last to deflect is the rosanero attacker who grants the goal kick.

At 15 ′ error of disengagement by Accardi, with Grandolfo stealing the ball. The defender, however, puts a patch and recovers the ball. Tempers light up a little, with the rosanero protesting for some foul not whistled by Mr. Acanfora, in particular, one at minute 20 against Odjer by Langella who allowed the guests to restart. Filippi also protests from the bench and tries to instill the charge in him.

Dangerous hosts at 24 ‘. Almici reaches the bottom, serves Brunori who is stopped at a corner kick. On the developments, the host rearguard is not perfect to move away, the ball arrives at Dall’Oglio who hits towards the center of the area, the visiting defenders pierce and the ball arrives at Valente who only has to support to beat Loria and carries on his at 24 ‘.

Monopoli immediately equalized the accounts with Grandolfo in the 27th minute. Gueiebre arrives on the trocar, crosses in the center, Accardi jumps in vain, Perrotta tries to get there but does not make it and Grandolfo heads behind Pelagotti.

Palermo making a few mistakes too many in these last minutes of the first half, but the Apulians are unable to take advantage of it. At 43 ′ a wrong cross in the center of the area allows the white-green to restart, then stopped by De Rose. From Oglio in the 44th minute, he tries a cross in the center in the area for Almici who hits on the fly, but they send out.

Thrill for Palermo in the 45th minute, Valente serves back Accardi, who misses the support allowing Piccinini to reach the cross for Langella, the ex of the match is stopped by Buttaro. The first part of the race ends with the result of 1-1.

SECOND HALF / Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, Serie C.

First, change in the ranks of Palermo; Filippi sends Soleri on the field for Fella. Palermo is not very precise in defense and risks conceding the goal from the guests who try from outside with Grandolfo. Still dangerous guests in the 53rd minute, the ball crosses the whole area and arrives between the feet of Mercante who kicks, and Pelagotti blocks in diving.

Filippi tries to change his gear and inserts fresh forces they send in Crivello and Silipo for Perrotta and Odjer. Dall’Oglio, served by Valente, serves a cross in the center of the area but the ball is too much on Loria who blocks easily. Dall’Oglio’s long pass for Brunori, the Juventus-owned striker engages but is stopped at a corner kick.

The two squares do not want to discover each other for fear of conceding a goal that could be heavy. Meanwhile, Filippi sent Luperini to the field for Dall’Oglio after 72 minutes. Punishment in favor of the rosanero in the 74th minute, Silipo takes charge of the service but, however, serves a ball to the opponent’s extreme defender.

Double change between the rows of guests, on the field for the Apulian Viteritti and D’Agostino for Langella and Starita. Dangerous hosts in the 82nd minute with Silipo, the 2001 class was served out of the box, centered, and fired a poisonous left foot that Loria deflected for a corner. Boarding hosts. Brunori serves in a low cross for Soleri who enters, but the striker sends just wide.

Palermo is ahead in the 88th minute with Brunori and the Barbera explodes with joy. Silipo serves Dun as a perfect filter for his teammate who crosses diagonally for Brunori beating Loria and bringing forward the hosts.

After 4 ‘of recovery, the match ends with Palermo who conquers three points and leaves Monopoli behind and approaches the leader’s Bari.

THE VIDEO / Highlights Palermo 2-1 Monopoli, Serie C.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 4 Accardi, 33 Perrotta (from 60 ‘Crivello); 29 Almici (from 55 ‘Doda), 11 Dall’Oglio (from 71’ Luperini), 20 De Rose, 19 Odjer (from 60 ‘Silipo), 30 Valente; 23 Fella (from 46 ‘Soleri), 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 5 Marong, 7 Floriano, 36 Mauthe, 54 Peretti, 79 Lancini. Coach: Filippi.

MONOPOLI: 1 Loria, 3 Mercadante, 4 Bizzotto, 5 Riggio, 7 Starita (from 78 ‘D’Agostino), 8 Piccinni (from 67’ Bussaglia), 9 Grandolfo, 11 Guiebre, 20 Tazzer, 25 Vassallo, 33 Langella (from 78 ‘Viteritti). Available: 22 Guido, 6 De Santis ,, 19 Romano, 24 Nina, 35 Novella. Coach: Colombo.

Referee: Acanfora (Lazzaroni-Camilli). IV Officer: Ferrieri Caputi (Livorno).

NOTES: Ammonito Filippi, Almici, Soleri, Brunori (P); Starita, Riggio, Loria (M).

SCORERS: Valente 24 ‘(P); Grandolfo 27 ‘(M), Brunori 88’ (P).

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