Highlights Palermo Teramo 1-1, no results

Highlights Palermo 2nd halftime against teramo

Highlights Palermo Teramo
Lega Pro the 1st of second part 2020/21

On the first half time:
The first ball of the match is from the hosts who, with the pink shirt, socks, and black shorts, will attack from left to right. Guests immediately try to create danger; Santoro crosses in the center, but the rosanero defense is well placed and sweeps. Another dangerous action for the guests at 4 ‘. The ball that splashes to the edge of the area, Mungo serves Pinauzuti in the area, who tries a heel strike to serve his teammate again, but goes down and the home defense moves away.

Palermo maneuvering on the right at 6′. Kanoute serves Accardi with a heel strike, the defender tries a cross for Rauti who spits and serves Lucca, but the tip touches with his arm and the referee stops the game. Teramo is still dangerous at 9 ‘. Bomagi tries to open the game on the right, Crivello hits his head and the ball stops there, Pinzauti arrives before everyone else and kicks him towards the door, but he is not very precise.

Highlights Palermo against teramo
Highlights Palermo against teramo

Photogallery HighlightsPalermo vs Teramo

On the second half time:
Immediately on the ground Birligea, who has a problem and is forced to leave the field, in place of him Di Francesco. Accardi tries with a cross from the right, Lucca arrives in the area who hits only with his heel and sends out. Crivello misses the discharge in midfield for Luperini, who is anticipated by the opponent and forced to the foul that costs him the yellow card.

The play stopped at 58 ‘because Accardi has a problem with his left thigh, but he remains on the pitch. Dangerous action by the rosanero in the 60 ‘; Valente serves Lucca in the center of the area, but the referee stops everything for offside. At 61 ‘debut for De Rose who enters the field for Rauti. With this change, Boscaglia changes form passing to 4-3-3.

At 63 ‘warning for Viero who irregularly stops Valente launched at the net. A dangerous counterattack by Teramo, who is stopped at the moment of the shot by Accardi in a slip. Lucca tries from inside the area at 67 ‘. The number 17 shoves the opponent, finds the crack, and starts the right that hits the outside of the net. Valente shaves the pole at 71 ‘. The winger has space and advances to the edge of the area, which kicks to Lewandowski’s right.

The rosanero with the move to 4-3-3 seem to have found the right place and are still dangerous. Broh serves for Valente in the 72nd minute, the former Carrarese advances and tries a shot around, but Lewandowski is careful and rejects. Now Palermo tries to press to find the goal, but Teramo is very careful.
Palermo, at 91 ‘, starts off on the counterattack with Silipo, the former Roma on the edge of the area swerves to cross, but the ball is rejected. Corrado, with the time out, tries a cross, Teramo starts again, but is closed by Peretti.
The match between Palermo and Teramo ends 1-1 after 5 minutes of recovery.

Therefore, Palermo does not go beyond 1-1 against Teramo. The rosanero catch the equalizer thanks to a goal from Lucca, who responds almost immediately to the former Birligea squad, but Palermo wastes a lot in the first half final and in the second half (with the entry of De Rose) fail to materialize. On the contrary: the pinks, on several occasions, also risk conceding goals from the guests.

Highlights Palermo Teramo the Video

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 24 Somma, 5 Palazzi, 6 Crivello (C.); 21 Broh, 27 Luperini; 20 Kanoute, 23 Rauti (from 61 ‘De Rose), 14 Valente; 17 Lucca. Available: 12 Fallani, 2 Doda, 3 Corrado, 7 Floriano, 8 Martin, 9 Saraniti, 10 Silipo, 11 Santana, 13 Lancini, 16 Peretti, 26 Marong. Coach: Bush.

TERAMO: 22 Lewandowski; 8 Costa Ferreira, 5 Sopranos, 26 Piacentini, 3 Tentardini; 21 Santoro, 28 Viero (from 66 ′ Ilari); 25 Birligea (from 49 ‘Di Francesco), 10 Bombagi (C.), 7 Mungo; 11 Pinzauti. Available: 12 D’Egidio, 4 Trasciani, 9 Cappa, 13 Romanucci, 36 Gerbi. Coach: Paci.

REFEREE: Eduart Pashuku (Bahri-Piazzini). IV MAN: Michele Delrio

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