Highlights Palermo / Ternana Big Match End 1-1

End Big Match

Highlights Palermo / Ternana Big Match End 1-1

The leader Ternana arrives, the only team that is undefeated in the European championships. The rosanero will try to return to the victory that is missing from the first race of 2021, while Ternana will try to stretch over the second Bari. Boscaglia for this challenge confirms ten-elevenths seen against Potenza, with the return of Accardi on the right.


The first ball of the match is from the rosanero who will attack from right to left. The rosanero tries to get the ball rolling, but Ternana goes into pressing. Defendi at 5 ‘is wide on the right side and tries a cross in the area, but Palazzi is careful and spits it just enough to remove it from Vantaggiato’s availability.

The first foul of the match at 7 ‘and is in favor of Palermo. Odjer anticipates Falletti and serves Valente, the former Carrarese tries to turn around and Falletti stops him irregularly. Accardi at 9 ′ serves Kanoute on the right out, the winger jumps the opponent and puts in a back cross that crosses the whole area, on the restart of the hosts he messes up a bit, and his teammates have to intervene to stop Falletti.

At 10 ‘launch for Lucca that spits for Luperini, who immediately serves Odjer who is put down and earns a free kick from 20 meters. Valente tries with his right to turn, but the ball ends up over the crossbar. Crivello at 13 ‘launches Lucca in-depth who arrives all alone in front of Innarilli who stops him. Lucca again protagonist 1 ‘later. Accardi crosses in the center of the area, the former Turin tries an overhead kick and Innarilli stops him.

Ternana who pushes forward and at 19 ‘touches the goal with Vantaggiato who hits his head, but is wide. Posted by Palermo at 20 ‘. Valente inside the guests’ area and in speed, is pushed conspicuously by Defendi, for the referee there is nothing. Crivello-Valente triangulation on the left out at 22 ‘. The full-back and Frosinone enter the area and crosses, but Iannarelli touches it just enough to dirty Luperini’s cross, anticipated also by the defender. At 26 ‘Furlan from outside the area tries to surprise Pelagotti, but the goalkeeper relaxes well and blocks.

Tasty opportunity for Palermo. De Rose beats a free-kick for Valente, who puts it back in the center where Lucca arrives and touches the crossbar. Lucarelli at 30 ‘makes a double change by removing Defendi and Partipoli from the field for Laverone and Peralta. Palermo protesting at 32 minutes for detention in the penalty area against Luperini, who is slightly yanked and ends up down, but even in this case there is nothing for the referee and the game continues. Salzano jumps De Rose, who tries to slide, and puts a backward cross for Falletti, but Palazzi and Luperini stop him.

With an advantage in the 45th minute, he tries to surprise Pelagotti directly from a free-kick, the rosanero goalkeeper is forced to push back with his feet. At 46 ′ also a free kick for Palermo gained by Lucca, who wins the ball in midfield, tries to start at speed, and is put down by Furlan who is still cautioned.

The first part of the big match end with the result 0 – 0.

End big match 2nd halftime paltrn
Big match End 0-0 on the 1st halftime palermo ternana

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Palermo vs Ternana Big Match End


Boscaglia immediately sends Silipo into the field for Kanoute. Valente recovers a good ball and tries to serve Lucca in-depth, but is anticipated. Accardi, at 46 ′ receives the ball from Valente and crosses for Lucca which he must support on the net.

Palermo still forward. Lucca at 54 ‘wide on the right, tries a cross but is completely busted. Admonition for Odjer who at 56 ‘raises his leg too much and hits Falletti. Lucca at 58 ′ tries from outside the area, but his right goes out. Yet another cross from the right of Lucca in the 62nd minute, but the ball ends up on the opposite side of the field. Palermo still pushes on the right side. Accardi at 64 ‘serves Odjer who crosses in the center for Luperini who is anticipated. Accardi himself is forced to change due to resentment in his left thigh that had prevented him from taking part in the match against Potenza.

Perfect cross by Valente in the 72nd minute for Broh who hits his head, but does it centrally, and Innarelli is well-positioned. Falletti equalized the score in the 73rd minute. Crivello goes down after a touch of the ball by Damian, Somma is jumped and Doda is turned from behind and the ball ends up on Falletti’s feet who shoots at goal and equalizes the score. Luperini at 77 ‘tries in a stunt after a cross from Doda but does not hit well. Palazzi tries a ball and chain exit at 78 minutes but is stopped, then the ball is served to Falletti who is stopped in a precise manner by De Rose.

There are 5 minutes of injury time assigned by the referee. Falletti tries to do everything by himself and drinks the rosanero defense, turns into the area, goes down and the ball ends up between Peralta’s feet who kicks on Pelagotti who blocks it. At 92 minutes De Rose puts Peralta down and there is a free-kick for the referee. Falletti takes charge of the service and hits the post to Pelagotti’s right, Boben arrives on the counter and kicks on Pelagotti.

The big match end with the result 1 – 1.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi (from 60 ‘Doda), 5 Palazzi, 24 Somma, 6 Crivello (C.); 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose, 19 Odjer (from 60 ‘Broh); 20 Kanoute (from 46 ‘Silipo), 17 Lucca (from 80’ Saraniti), 14 Valente (from 79 ‘Floriano). Available: 12 Fallani, 3 Corrado, 7 Floriano, 8 Martin, 11 Santana, 13 Lancini, 16 Peretti. Coach: Bush.

TERNANA: 1 Iannarilli; 25 Defendi (from 30 ‘Laverone), 18 Boben, 6 Kontek, 28 Salzano; 30 Palumbo (from 75 ‘Paghera), 5 Damian; 21 Partipilo (from 30 ‘Peralta), 17 Falletti, 7 Furlan (from 60’ Ferrante); 10 Advantage (from 60 ‘Raicevic). Available: 22 Vitali, 3 Mammarella, 8 Proietti, 11 Torromino, 14 Russo, 15 Suagher, 24 Peralta, 31 Frascatore. Coach: Lucarelli

REFEREE: Paride Tremolada (Zampese-Torresan). IV MAN: Alberto Ruben Arena (Torre del Greco).

NOTES: Ammonito Furlan (T); Valente, Odjer, Luperini, De Rose (P)

SCORERS: Lucca 46′, Falletti 73′

Highlights Video of Palermo vs Ternana.
Big Match End 1-1

Highlights Video of Palermo vs Ternana.
Big Match End 1-1

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