Highlights Turris/Palermo 1-2, an away victory

Lucca Goal TurPal 0-1 Turris/Palermo

Highlights Turris/Palermo 1-2, an away victory!

FIRST HALF of Turris/Palermo:

The first ball of the match is from Campania who immediately loses control. After 50 ″ first corner kick for Boscaglia’s men, Martin takes charge of the service, but the first to arrive is Longo who heads back. Rosanero close to the advantage at 3 ‘. Rauti, from two steps, tries his head but Abagnale is attentive and closes the mirror. Ball management of Turris, Example at 6 ′ jumps Crivello who commits a foul. On the developments of the same Pelagotti is attentive and makes him the high exit ball.

Palermo, who pushes a little more on the accelerator, takes the lead at 17 ‘. Martin bowl in the center of the area for Lucca, the rosanero striker anticipates everyone and sends in the net for the 0-1 goal. For the striker, it is the first away goal of the season. Rosanero who manages the ball and at 21 ‘conquer yet another corner kick, the Campania players move away from the developments. At 29 ‘the scorer of the goal Lucca remains down, receiving a blow to the back of the head and earning a free-kick, but on the developments, there is some too much contact in the area and Mr. Bitonti whistles.

The inattention of the rosanero defense on 31st. Cross in the center, Pelagotti comes out imperfectly and the ball remains there, Longo throws himself on it and kicks in the goal but luckily for the Sicilians Somma is careful and wards off the danger. 1 ‘later the corallines win their first corner kick of the match. Giannone beats Persano who stands high and hits his head, Pelagotti who has to intervene with his fists to remove.

At 42 ‘Franco verticalizes for Longo, Pelagotti overwhelms the captain of the Campania region and manages to move away. This was certainly not a perfect exit from the rosanero goalkeeper. In the last seconds of the first half, Turris finds an equal goal. Romano from outside the box kicks with his right, Pelagotti does not intervene and looks at the ball that ends up behind him.

Photogallery Highlights Turris/Palermo

Firsthalftime Turris/Palermo
Firsthalftime Turris/Palermo Boscaglia Rosanero Coach

SECOND HALF of Turris/Palermo

Immediately a field in the ranks of the rosanero send Floriano to the field for Valente. Palermo in the 48th minute takes the lead again with a brace from Lucca which brings its team to 1-2. De Rose from the edge of the area crossed for Lucca, the attacker hits his head and Abagnale rejects, the ball remains there and the rosanero striker pounces on it again, bags and reaches 10 goals this season.

The rosanero try to run the clock by managing the ball. Turris tries to be seen forward and wins a corner kick after the deviation of Palazzi that he thought he was being pressed. On the developments, it is Lucca that sacrifices itself and heads away. The men of Boscaglia seem a bit out of breath, with the corallines pushing. At 63 ‘double change Palermo. Boscaglia sends Kanoute and Marconi to the field for Martin and Broh.

At 64 ‘De Rose remains down who receives a stomp from Persano and has to seek medical attention. At 67 ‘Lucca touches the hat-trick. The former Torino is primed by Rauti and tries to head in, but sends wide. 2 ′ the star of the match leaves room for Saraniti who will have the task of keeping the home rearguard busy. The Turris in the 71st-minute changes structures by sending the forward Ventola on the field for the defender Di Nunzio. Just Ventola after 30 ″ goes close to scoring, skipping Accardi and entering the area, but Marconi is in front of him who dirties the conclusion and favoring teammate Pelagotti.

Palermo tries to manage the advantage and Boscaglia sends Peretti on the field for Rauti in the 76th minute. Giannone, at 81 ‘, takes charge of taking the free-kick for him; Romano arrives on the sphere and sends it out. Rosanero who are all behind the line of the ball to try not to get their opponents near their penalty area. There are 4 minutes of recovery.

Giannone at 91 ′ goes close to the equal goal directly from a free kick from outside the area, with the conclusion that he touches the post to Pelagotti’s left.

TURRIS: 1 Abagnale; 24 Rainone, 16 Di Nunzio (from 71 ‘Ventola), 5 Lorenzini; 2 Example (from 79 ‘Ferretti), 6 Romano, 4 Franco, 3 Loreto (from 79’ D’Ignazio); 10 Giannone; 9 Longo (from 56 ‘Alma), 18 Persano. Available: 12 Lonoce, 22 Barone, 13 Ventola, 14 Fabiano, 15 Pitzalis, 17 Esposito, 23 Carannante, 25 Brandi, 26 Lame, 28 D’Alessandro. Coach: Fabiano

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 5 Palazzi, 24 Somma, 6 Crivello (C.); 8 Martin (from 63 ‘Marconi), 18 De Rose, 21 Broh (from 63’ Kanoute); 23 Rauti (from 76 ‘Peretti), 17 Lucca (from 69’ Saraniti), 14 Valente (from 46 ‘Floriano). Available: 12 Fallani, 3 Corrado, 10 Silipo, 13 Lancini, 26 Marong. Trainer: Bush.

REFEREE: Paolo Bitonti (Feraboli-Maninetti). IV MAN: Giorgio Vergaro (Bari).

NOTES: Di Nunzio, Romano, Persano (T), Martin, Accardi (P) warned

SCORERS: Lucca 17 ‘, Lucca 49’, Romano 45 ‘

Video Highlights Turris/Palermo

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