Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

Palermo Venezia 27/11/2022: After the break for the national teams, the rosanero host mister Paolo Vanoli’s Venezia, who arrives in the Sicilian capital with only one point obtained in the last five matches.

FIRST HALF / TEXT / Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

Kick-off scheduled at 18.00. The teams enter the field and after the usual greetings the first ball is entrusted to the Sicilians who attack from left to right in a pink jersey and black shorts. Venezia, on the other hand, is on the field with the white suit. The referee blows his whistle and the “Barbera” match begins.

The first shot of the match comes from the feet of Crnigoj who tries to surprise Pigliacelli from outside the area without hitting the goal. In the 10th minute, Broh loses a poisonous ball in front of his own penalty area and Tessmann tries the conclusion, also this time inaccurate. In the 21st minute Venice was still dangerous with a diagonal insertion by Johnsen from the left-handed lane, Andersen received the ball from his teammate and finished on goal engaging Pigliacelli’s gloves.

Around the 35th minute of the first half, the pace of the match slowed down and ball handling by both teams increased. Few scoring chances that worried the extreme defenders of the two teams. In the 43rd minute Mateju slips into the penalty area before sweeping the ball away and a kissing assist is needed for Crnigoj who all alone kicks hard on goal, finding a super intervention by Pigliacelli.

A few moments later, Venice launches a dangerous counter-attack by challenging the rosanero in four against three. Johnsen is served in the area and with a feint jumps Nedelcearu and kicks on goal from the edge of the small area. Pigliacelli’s rebound was decisive despite the close shot, Mateju then sacrificed himself immediately after another close shot and the result remained 0-0.

Palermo, however, risked a lot on the last occasion of the first half. Immediately afterwards, in fact, the match director whistles twice and sends everyone to the locker room. A few moments later Pigliacelli starred again with a decisive intervention on Pohjanpalo’s conclusion after a withering counter-attack by the away team.

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SECOND HALF / TEXT / Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

Teams, back on the pitch, beat Venice in the second half. The referee blows his whistle and the match restarts. In the 49th minute, it’s a penalty for Palermo! Wrong pass by a Venice defender who serves Brunori all alone against Joronen. The number 9 of the rosanero jumps the opposing goalkeeper with the ball and is brought down by the goalkeeper of the lagoons. The referee points to the penalty spot! The players of Venice protest a lot, and the match director goes to review the action at the VAR.

After the on field review, Manganiello changes his mind and cancels the penalty previously granted to the rosanero. In the 60th minute, the Venice coach sent Cheryshev onto the field in place of Crnigoj. Venice takes the lead! Following a corner kick the ball, after a rebound, ends up on the feet of Pohjanpalo who kicks on goal signing the 1-0 goal. This time Pigliacelli can do nothing, in the 65th minute the lagoon players take the lead.

Only a turn of the clock passes and on a cross from Di Mariano there is the touch of the hand from Wisniewski, it’s a penalty for Palermo! Brunori goes to the spot and kicks from an angle, but the ball is saved by Joronen; on the rebound with an empty net the captain of Palermo sends the ball high! Venice remains ahead. In the 71st minute mister Vanoli was forced to replace Cheryshev due to injury, Busio came on in his place.

After a minute miraculous intervention by Joronen on an insertion by Di Mariano who supports the ball all alone towards the Venetian goal. In the 75th minute, double substitution for Palermo, Sala and Broh leave the field, giving way to Soleri and Floriano. In the 79th minute other substitutions arrive for Venezia: Pohjanpalo, Johnsen and Candela leave the field and Novakovich, Pierini and Ullmann enter in their place. A few minutes later, Segre and Gomes give way to Damiani and Stulac.

After just one lap of the hands, Palermo’s equal goal arrives! Bettella in the penalty area takes advantage of a rebound in his favor, on the development of a free kick, and shoots hard on goal, signing the 1-1 goal. Palermo’s goal is disallowed! The referee consults the VAR again and after another on-field review, the offside of a rosanero is highlighted just before Bettella’s decisive shot. Venice still ahead.

Just Bettella shortly after receives a blow to the face and cannot continue the match, Devetak enters in his place. Allow yourself 7 minutes to recover.

VIDEO / Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

TABLE / Palermo Venezia, Highlights 14th Serie BKT 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 3 Sala (from 75′ Soleri), 5 Gomes (from 82′ Stulac), 8 Segre (from 82′ Damiani), 9 Brunori (C.), 10 Di Mariano, 14 Broh (from 75 ′ Floriano), 18 Nedelcearu, 30 Valente, 37 Mateju, 48 Bettella (from 90′ Devetak). Subs: 12 Massolo, 2 Pierozzi, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 7 Floriano, 16 Stulac, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 27 Soleri, 34 Devetak, 54 Peretti, 79 Lancini. Coach: Corini.

VENICE: 66 Joronen, 2 Wisniewski, 7 Zampano, 8 Tessmann, 17 Johnsen (from 79′ Pierini), 20 Pohjanpalo (from 79′ Novakovich), 23 Ceppitelli, 27 Candela (from 79′ Ullmann), 32 Ceccaroni (C.) , 33 Crnigoj (from 60′ Cheryshev; from 71′ Busio), 38 Andersen. Subs: 12 Oliveira Bertinato, 22 Sperandio, 6 Busio, 11 Novakovich, 13 Modolo, 16 Fiordilino, 21 Cheryshev, 25 Pierini, 30 Svoboda, 31 Ullmann, 36 Zabala, 47 St Clair. Coach: Vanoli.

Referee: Manganiello. Assistants: Di Gioia – Lombardo. Fourth Man: Marvelous. VAR: Rapuano. AVAR: Paternal.

SCORERS: Pohjanpalo (65′).

NOTES: Booked: Ceccaroni, Novakovich.