Pisa Palermo, Corini Conference, 28th Serie B

Pisa Palermo, Corini Conference, 28th Serie B

Pisa Palermo 02/03/2023: The Palermo coach Corini, in the press conference to present the difficult match against Pisa.

I agree with Lanna on the assessment of the match against Ternana. In the first half, apart from two/three turnovers outgoing, in my opinion we developed certain things.

In the second half, the team dominated the half pitch, the inertia was in our favor. The opponent was formidable, the team played an important game overall.

From corner kicks they were very dangerous. We are sorry for not having won, now we have to be good at preparing ourselves for Pisa.

Sala and Graves want to recover them for Cittadellla. Today was tactical training precisely because the boys are recovering, Verre also did a great workout and is fully recovered.

It is true that we have achieved less, but we occupy the area better. The path is the right one and we must persevere.

I see that overall we have grown but, butt we have to keep working. I’m sure the goals will come. Brunori is too important for us, with Ternana I saw Tutino very well.

Vido’s entry also allowed us to close the match on a crescendo. I choose 11 players but then we play with 15, we have widened the field of starters

I liked Aurelio a lot, he was very excited at the beginning. He has a leg, but a good left foot. I also liked Masciangelo, he is growing athletically.

I’m adding the players who arrived in January, I see development and many things can be improved. It takes time to consolidate certain aspects, for me the path is the right one.

Tutino played a great game against Ternana. We will continue to work on the nuances.

Gomes is a central player, an extraordinary game sewer. Damiani has played in that role there and also Broh in match clippings, the choice is between these two, it also depends on how Pisa will play.

They have great physicality and quality, the opponent is among the best and is trained very well. We are fully aware that we are facing a formidable Pisa, it is a very interesting test bench for us.

Dead balls? Ternana is among the first in this particular statistic. We work mixed area and marking and they have been dangerous several times.

It’s a duel, we work on it, they were better. Pigliacelli made an extraordinary save on Mantovani and I would like to underline the work of the goalkeeper coaches, I want to congratulate them.

Mirko is having an important championship, he gives us security. Of Mariano? I respect him so much and I know him well, he’s living with a problem in his knee and he’s not in top form.

It is physiological that there may be a moment in which a player is less well but my estimate remains intact. All players must have the ability to take over and Di Mariano is a full-fledged starter.

We try to create alternatives to score goals. We have to work for Brunori but he knows how to play football and we have to be good at linking everyone’s movements.

We are going in that direction, certain mechanisms need to be built. The team believes in it, I see the improvements in training. It is a continuous work but we must give more and more quality

Pisa is ‘fluid’ in the construction of the game. They often build in fours looking for direct play on the points.

If we are able to defend well and get out of their aggression, we can go and take advantage. Their attacking midfielders have a lot of quality but we have the perception of what our behavior should be.

With Ternana we lacked a bit of lucidity due to the many matches.

There is tiredness that is not only physical but also mental. In our game it takes courage and quality, there can be some mistakes; in the second half we did better, in fact we were more effective.

Marconi is fine, he is tired like everyone who has played two games. I saw Bettella well, but I didn’t develop a typical week that would have given me a different perception of his physical form.

The rotation could have been there, but I have to evaluate well.

In the first leg against Pisa we tried to win even at the end, that match made us stronger by creating an important team spirit.

Let’s go through the last twelve games and I’m proud of how we’ve developed this path. Expectations are rising and we have to handle this kind of pressure.

We want to do the best we can that I can’t say what it will be. I have the perception that the team has grown and many things are improving.

You have to know how to stay in this championship and the goal must be to stay attached to the playoff train.

If you play against Frosinone and play that type of game, ditto in Bolzano, with Ternana you have 60% of ball possession, it means that we have built the premises.

The result is a fine line, we’ve always won with a one-goal difference except the first against Perugia. It’s all part of the journey, I need the support of the fans.

We are pushing to understand what to do also from a future perspective.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Probable Formations of Pisa Palermo, Corini Conference, 28th Serie B

PISA (4-3-1-2): Nicolas; Calabresi, Caracciolo, Barba, Beruatto; Touré, Nagy, Marin; Morutan; Moreo, Gliozzi.

Unavailable: /

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Saric, Broh, Verre, Masciangelo (Aurelio); Brunori, Di Mariano (Tutino).

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Sala, Graves

Suspended: Gomes