Wasted opportunity against V.Francavilla ends 1 – 2

wasted opportunity Palermo

A wasted opportunity
for the Palermo against Virtus Francavilla
it ends 1 – 2

Palermo returns to “Barbera” for the first challenge of 2021 and faces Virtus Francavilla. The match, with the kick-off at 12.30, is at an unusual time for the category. Boscaglia for this challenge confirms the 4-3-3 with only one change compared to the team seen at Cavese, that is Palazzi instead of Martin in the control room; Virtus Francavilla confirms the 3-5-2 with the newcomer Ciccone immediately starting in attack.

Palermo comes to the field with a special jersey. All the players wrote “Peter Pan” on the shirt for the asylum that was burned down in the city a few days ago.

Palermo vs Virtus Francavilla Photogallery


The first ball of the match is from Virtus Francavilla who will attack from left to right. Palermo is immediately in danger with Valente trying a cross for Lucca, but Crispio blocks the ball at the exit. Virtus Francavilla trying to find space in the Palermo half, but the hosts close well and force the Apulians to retreat.

At 7 ‘cross from the left by Crivello, on the far post, there is Lucca who anticipates Kanoute and sends out. Palermo trying to push on the right out with Accardi and Kanoute. Excellent closure by Lancini, at 11 ‘, which stops Caprale’s restart and starts his offensive action, which ended with a high shot by Valente. Guests who, at 15 minutes, win a corner but do not create dangers. Personal action by Valente who sees the space created by Lucca and at 18 minutes he tries a shot from outside the area, touching the post.

Guests still forward at 20 ‘, with Palermo all in their own half trying to close all spaces. Punishment at the edge of the area for the rosanero in the 23rd minute. Valente and Palazzi show up on the ball with the winger number 14 in charge of the service, but the ball does not take the right turn. At 26 ‘Valente again protagonist, this time he tries to serve Luperini well positioned in the area, but the former Trapani hits a headache.

Valente unlocks the match at 37 ‘. The winger takes aim from outside the area and kicks, the ball is deflected and bags behind Crispino. Virtus Francavilla forced to change Giattonni who has a physical problem and in the 39th minute must leave the field for Castorani. Palermo protests and asks for a penalty kick for a hand touch after Kanoute’s shot, but the referee is not of the same opinion.

Another 2′ of recovery the first part wasted and the match ends.

wasted first half time PalVFR Palermo Kick
Photo of the wasted opportunity for the Palermo at home


The match resumes without any change for the two teams. Dangerous guests with Vazquez who, at 2 ‘, tries a diagonal shot, but the ball is wide. Kanoute, at 6 ‘of the second half, is held back and wins a foul. Palazzi takes charge of the service, but the host defense pushes away only for a moment because Odjer shows up from the edge and kicks and wins a corner kick.

At 16 ‘of the second half Odjer tries a cross from the right, Lucca goes on the ball but sends out. Virtus Francavilla dangerous in the 19 ‘, long ball for Vazquez, Pelagotti goes out low, the ball hits the far defender and then Lancini sweeps. Corporal at 20 ‘has space and shoots from outside the area, but the number 17 is not very precise. Long teams in these minutes, Virtus Francavilla finds the equal goal in the 67th minute. Castorani served in the center by Vazquez, Lancini does not follow him and is anticipated.

At 27 ‘of the perfect cross recovery by Crivello for Lucca who tries the shot blocked by Crispino. 1 ‘later still Lucca, from two steps away, shoots at the stars and wastes a good opportunity to repot his forwards. Guest post with Ciccone, when there are 5 minutes left at the end of the match. Boscaglia tries everything and puts in five strikers at the same time, but the guests in the 87th minute find the goal of the advantage with a beautiful goal from Ciccone at the corner of the posts.

An opportunity wasted to head for Saraniti with time expired, but the forward, who is in an irregular position, sends out.

There is no more time. The rosanero wasted another match and suffer a 2-1 defeat and Virtus Francavilla extends their positive streak to eight.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 4 Accardi, 24 Somma, 13 Lancini, 6 Crivello (C.); 19 Odjer, 5 Palazzi (from 60 ‘Rauti), 27 Luperini; 20 Kanoute (from 60 ‘Broh), 14 Valente (from 77’ Silipo); 17 Lucca. Trainer: Bush. Available: 12 Fallani, 2 Doda, 3 Corrado, 7 Floriano, 8 Martin, 9 Saraniti, 11 Santana, 16 Peretti, 21 Broh, 23 Rauti, 26 Marong.

VIRTUS FRANCAVILLA: 1 Crispino, 15 Delvino, 3 Pambianchi, 17 Corporal; 7 Giannotti (from 39 ′ Castorani), 23 Tchetchoua, Franco (from 78 ′ Zeuni), Di Cosmo (from 78 ′ Carella), Nunzella (C.); 29 Ciccone, 9 Vazquez. Coach. Trocini. Available: 22 Costa, 2 Sarcinella, 4 Zenuni, 8 Carella, 11 Mastropiero, 14 Buglia, 19 Sparandeo, 25 Calcagno, 28 Magnavita, 30 Negro.

REFEREE: Nicolò Marini (Minuisti-Lazzaroni). IV MAN: Again

SCORERS: Valente 37 ′, Castorani 67 ′, Ciccone 87 ′

NOTES: Nunzella (VF) booked

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