Boscaglia Conference before the 15th match

conference boscaglia Palermo Casertana

The Boscaglia conference before the 15th match
Palermo – Casertana

Below the Conference article:

“We will see with the Casertana if Foggia was an isolated episode. There can be a match like that, the team has always kept their concentration high and played football. We are playing with 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, a sub-striker, and a forward. If I were sure that by changing the structure we would have better results I would, but who is sure? The tactical aspect is determined by the attitude, the fury, and the physical condition. The team has held up well so far ”.

“During the week we have to work on the nuances, on the opponents, on the mistakes, we don’t just do the training. The coach must have alternatives, then you can guess or be wrong. A match cannot affect our path. In Foggia we did not have a good approach, the competitive fury was seen only in the last 10 minutes. We need to understand why. With the Casertana we will have more answers ”.

“We can’t afford to think about the next match. We need to focus only on the Casertana. We know where we want to go and we have goals, but the reasoning must be done race after race. Now we have to do another row of consecutive positive results. The result is the result of long-term performance. We need to work in a certain way to improve the ranking ”.

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“We have to be good at not being questioned by anyone but we have to question ourselves. Someone psychologically suffers from criticism, we know that Palermo is too important not to do well. But you have to be very careful, there are young people here who cannot understand; we must be good at directing them well. We have to question ourselves every day, and I do it with my staff; we must transfer all this to the players, who have to let the criticism slip away ”.

The conference questions continuing:

“I asked not to give us news on Caserta (in relation to the Covid emergency that the Campania region is experiencing, ed.). We have to be focused on the game, I don’t want to know anything. They are a team that has done better away from home; has experienced players and is used to playing in these categories. They are formidable, especially away from home ”.

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“Floriano and Santana will be with us for Casertana. Tactical changes? I can say in this conference that Either there are some of the players talking or come and see the training sessions (addressing the journalists, ed.). I’m sure the players don’t talk so I have some doubts. We are a team that has a way of being on the pitch, we must not forget what we have suffered. Our December is not the same as that of other teams ”.

“Corrado is still not at 100%, we don’t risk it, he remains in the pits. Except for Marong, they are all available. Death of Paolo Rossi? I get goosebumps. He was my idol and will always be. The World Cup won is just the icing. For me, he is the player par excellence who inspired me the most and brought me closer to football. A wonderful footballer, with great willpower. I’ve been very excited these days. I remember him with that huge smile and kindness, always smiling and never grumpy. It touches me more than Maradona’s death ”, the Palermo coach is saying in the conference.

conference lega pro palermo casertana
lega pro palermo casertana – Boscaglia Conference 2020

“Personality is not just recovering a result, I go to other concepts. The team has some characteristics that we need to improve. I would always like eleven leaders on the pitch. Lucca is a young player, he played very few games last year. He is now playing a pro championship, he must be good at bringing out his potential, which is a lot. We must not deprive him of his best shots but we must teach him to work with his teammates “.

“We have recently had Doda available, it has been hit hard by Covid; today it is one more weapon we have, if it deserves we can put it on the field “.

Match scheduled the 13th December at 14.30

End of the Boscaglia Conference 12/12/2020