Towards the big match PALERMO vs POTENZA, recovery 2nd day

Boscaglia pre Palermo Potenza

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Coach Boscaglia’s conference.

Towards Palermo – Potenza, Boscaglia’s in the pre-match conference:
“A very difficult challenge with Potenza, but tomorrow it is important to win. We have to give continuity to what we have started to create, the attitude starts to be the right one. I thank the fans because we feel their closeness so much.”

Today, by prof. Angelo Iovane, Niccolò Corrado, Andrea Palazzi and Nicola Valente underwent an ultrasound investigation.

The exams of Corrado and Palazzi showed a slight injury to the left flexor for both: the two players are continuing their physiotherapy work. Corrado and Palazzi will not be with us for the match against Potenza: we will lose them for about ten days.

Towards PalPot Valente
Towards PalPot Valente

Valente, on the other hand, is ultrasonographically and clinically recovered and has already begun re-athletization.

Palermo‘s goal for the first round? We have had to deal with many problems including health issues, we are not just talking about technique or tactics. I will also be repetitive but at the moment our goal is to win against Potenza. think in the very short term. We have to improve our ranking by giving continuity to the results, we are not looking at the teams that sail in the first places”.

“Potenza in an emergency? I don’t trust anything or anyone. It’s a team trained very well by Capuano and it will be a complicated match. There is no road downhill but always uphill, on the pitch, you have to give everything”.

“By Christmas, Palermo will be among the top 10? This is the minimum goal, the Palermo ranking in the previous weeks was not real; we saw some rays of sunshine and we must continue like this. they changed coach and form, so we were only interested in seeing how they are working with Capuano. We focused only on the last few games. This is a different team that has changed form, one of the best weapons is the pressure on the ball carriers. “

“Lucca? He’s a player who has had problems with Covid and, given his size, makes it more difficult than the others. He is a prospective footballer who must grow in some respects and can arrive, when he plays simple he gives us a big Hand. Changes? In some situations, you have to make some choices, the day before yesterday we had some problems in the initial phase of the second half and for this, we had to put someone fresh in midfield to worry them. The team knows what to do and how to do it. “

“Fans closer and closer to the team? We feel their closeness because you can breathe it and it is truly extraordinary. It is a pity that they cannot attend the matches. An infinite thanks to our fans who have always supported us.”

“Odjer is fine, against Juve Stabia he went off the pitch because he hit the head and had problems with balance. He trained to the maximum and then rested so he will be fresh. Rauti? I coached many young players who then played in important categories, Nicola has to gain his experience and improve on many things including the management of the ball. He is a player who can potentially arrive, it depends only on him. Previous with Capuano? There are no precedents with him but we are a lot of friends, we talk often but tomorrow we would-be opponents and we want to win “.

“If an attacker scores it’s normal because it’s his job. I knew that sooner or later they would unlock. We are happy for them and above all for us, because they bring important points. We have some players who have always played and are in good condition, others we have to insert them slowly. The fact that we play tomorrow and then have a typical week gives us an advantage, on the 25th I don’t say that they will all be in condition but I think they will all be at least 70% “.

“Luperini and Silipo? It is not easy to play 90 minutes after Covid and therefore we will have to put them on the field slowly, they will have to regain the condition. This is not an easy moment, we must also manage possible muscle injuries. Everything that happened has happened to us. compact, like when you are ten men during a race “.

“Lancini is working apart, he has to do aerobic and strength work. He will come with us but he is absolutely not ready. The rest of the team, apart from two or three, is fine”.

Towards the match scheduled on 18th November at 15:00

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