The Lega Pro Soccer Market 2020/21 is closed


Rinaldo Sagramola: We are strict because we expect a lot from someone like him, a man who has lived many years at high levels in football. This year, from the organizational point of view, there have been too many defections: starting from a retreat that started with 12 players (including some spring), up to the retreat location that did not allow the holding of friendlies, passing through the late arrival of many key players and concluding with often incomprehensible statements. Sagramola has fallen short of expectations, and he will have to work hard to remedy some mistakes that have contributed to making this first part of the season quite disappointing.

Renzo Castagnini: The rosanero sporting director has less responsibility from an organizational point of view than the CEO, so he is only affected by the assessments inherent to the market. Defense and midfield were built with criteria and quality, while in attack there are obvious gaps in terms of quality and experience. Let’s hope it can be remedied in January.

However, let us explain. The tasks of a coach are mainly three:
1) Obtain a game identity.
2) Achieve continuity of performance.
3) Obtain continuity of results.

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There is very little to say about the first two, since this Palermo – with the exception of Foggia – starting from Catanzaro has always expressed a good game, always creating important opportunities that are badly exploited by the players. The coach did not have the opportunity to start the championship in the best possible way due to a badly organized retreat and a badly managed summer market, not for reasons directly attributable to him.

As for the continuity of results, the coach has very few faults: every time Palermo did not win, he was still able to make himself dangerous in front by touching several times either the winning goal or the same, never exploited by the players in the field.
Boscaglia also did something wrong and is not free from errors or faults, but in principle, the coach is doing what he was asked to do: to make Palermo play well. He can’t throw it in him.

But De Rose apart, the Palermo soccer market 2020/21 has not

We repeat the soccer market, soccer market, soccer market

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Palermo 120-Years Anniversary Kit Voted Best Kit Of December 2020
Palermo 120-Years Anniversary Kit Voted Best Kit Of December 2020
Palermo 120-Years Anniversary Kit Voted Best Kit Of December 2020

In the meantime, the voting for the kit of the month has been closed, and there is a clear winner. Palermo‘s 120-years anniversary kit has won the votation for the title with 20% of all votes (118 of 588 total votes), followed by the Betis 20-21 Kappa Fourth Kit (13% – 76 of 588) and the Umbro Gamba Osaka 2021 Home Kit (10.5% – 62 of 588).

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