Avellino vs Palermo, 2nd match national playoffs

Filippi AvePal 2nd match national playoffs

Avellino vs Palermo, 2nd match national playoffs

Luca Zufferli from the Udine section will be the referee of the Avellino-Palermo match.

The Friulian whistle will be assisted by assistants Pietro Lattanzi from Milan and Giulio Basile from Chieti; fourth official Marco D’Ascanio of Ancona. The match, valid for the return leg of the first round of the Serie C Playoffs National Phase, is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the “Partenio-Adriano Lombardi” stadium.

The following are the arbitration appointments:

Luca Zufferli (Udine), Pietro Lattanzi (Milan), Giulio Basile (Chieti), Marco D’Ascanio (Ancona)

Avellino vs Palermo, 2nd match national playoffs at 20,30

Avellino vs Palermo, 2nd match national playoffs, the conference by Mr. Filippi

“How to avoid naivety and wait-and-see? Our goal is to play as we know how to do, concentrate on the game, and not think about the much chatter we are reading. We will enter the field by giving everything. We only have to think about playing, then the field will give its verdict.

So far I have only heard about episodes; Braglia? Maybe he has something to be forgiven … I do not see myself in certain gestures. And I hear too many stories about refereeing: refereeing was normal; may be broken up but normal. But I don’t want to hear more about episodes, we have to think about playing. Falling into the trap of a provocative climate? We will do everything to prevent this from happening, we are preparing it well on this front as well. Maybe they are preparing it in this direction, but it is something that does not belong to us and we do not care. We must not fall into the trap.

The conditions of Almici? It is available. And if it is, it’s 100% available. The various Odjer, Palazzi, Somma were a bit late, it is true, but they are now fully operational. The affection of the fans? We will also play for them, we will try to give them a joy.

The choice of Kanoute in Castellammare was considered and (in retrospect) right, but certainly not due to the desire to play for a throw-in. These matches obviously have to be resolved in progress with the men you have on the bench.

It’s not a dry match obviously, so it’s logical to think about 180 minutes. Santana and Floriano? Both are doing well, we will choose the most suitable player with serenity.

The return of Luperini gives substance and insertions, an important player. However, I want to underline Broh’s amazing proof. The defense performance? It takes months of work to get to know the mechanisms and assimilate them: I only want to say thanks to the guys who always better interpret what is proposed.

To manage or now always field the best eleven? I just have to think about going through, fielding the best possible formation. You don’t change just to change. The various Valente, De Rose, Marconi, Lancini… it is right to give compactness and continuity to the mechanisms, without forgetting that whoever took over has always done very well”.

Avellino vs Palermo, 2nd match national playoffs, the video conference by Mr. Filippi

Here are the probable formations of Avellino – Palermo, match valid for the return of the first national round of the Serie C 2020/21 playoffs (appointment on Wednesday 26 May, at 8.45 pm, “Partenio-Adriano Lombardi” stadium in Avellino):

AVELLINO (3-5-2): Strong; Laezza, Dossena, Illanes; Ciancio, Carriero, Aloi, D’Angelo, Tito; Manor, Fella.

Unavailable: Silvestri

Suspended: Miceli, Baraye

PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi; Doda (Marong), De Rose, Luperini, Valente; Kanoute, Floriano; Saranites (Santana).

Unavailable: Rauti, Lucca

Disqualified: /

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The Highlights video for this 2nd match national playoffs, here…