Corini conference, 31st day vs Pisa

On the eve of the 31st Serie B, the match against Pisa, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 31st Serie B, the match against Pisa, the Corini Press conference

We return to the pitch in Serie B after the break for the national team matches and Palermo does so at the Arena Garibaldi in Pisa (match scheduled for Monday 1 April at 3.00 pm).

In the meantime, it is important to have recovered Lucioni, he is a central player in the project at the beginning of the year, due to his experience and ability to play under stress.

This is the first week of real work that he does with the team, he never holds back, but we’ll see tomorrow (Sunday 31 March, ed.) if he can start from the beginning.

We have worked on some situations and tactical solutions that can give us solidity, we have worked on an alternative plan that can be used when I deem it appropriate to do so.

From the draw in Cremona, the next two matches changed the fate of the championship, including the one lost against Venezia. We made some mistakes that penalized us.

This stop was useful in being able to recover some players, apart from Ranocchia they are all available. We have to stay in this championship by playing an important match in Pisa.

Tactical aspects from a defensive point of view? Inside this concept there is a bit of Palermo.

Objectively, from an offensive point of view we have important data, while from a defensive point of view there were difficulties.

We need to consolidate from a defensive point of view in view of these eight matches.

We want to certify this work, which can make the team more compact and solid from a defensive point of view.

The athletic tests are daily, we have objective data to work on. We worked from a technical, tactical point of view and also on an aerobic and running level.

This work, done well for me, will have positive repercussions towards the end of the championship.

This team has always worked hard, in the matches that penalized us we made mistakes that changed the momentum of the match.

We need to go further, beyond the will and perception that we all had of being able to compete for direct promotion.

From that perspective, it’s much more difficult to aim for this now, but if you get to the end of the championship well, it will also help you in what will be the playoffs to get there in the best possible way.

I’m quite oriented, I’ve done all my assessments and tomorrow we’ll do a good finishing.

Lucioni and Diakité returned at the beginning of the week, we managed Di Mariano, who returned to the group on Friday.

Insigne returned on Thursday, he started working with the group and the discomfort he had was healed.

Up until today we have managed Traorè who suffered a blow to the calf against Lommel. He did different things during the week, but today he returned to the group.

Therefore, apart from Ranocchia, they are all available.

I have to respect the company line, I am always here to answer you at any time. This is a continuous comparison and this line is very clear. I carried out what was asked of me.

Our way of understanding football is independent of how the opponent lines up.

However, we were very careful about Aquilani’s choices, but ours do not change based on the opponent.

This team has the moral and technical-tactical qualities to make a great season finale.

Possible advantages of a three-man defence? You have to occupy the field, and it depends on how you want to do it.

Regardless of the three or four defense line, the ability and characteristics of certain players can make the difference and raise the level.

We are ready to ensure that the team is prepared and solid compared to what we have done up to now.

The fans believe in the team, when you bring so many fans it’s normal to support them or be very disappointed by a negative result.

I’m talking about this ability to stay within difficulties, I believe that these guys have qualities.

You have the resources within you and this team has always found them even in difficult moments. We want to have a great championship finale, we will do and give our best.

Inauguration of the sports center? This shows how City Football Group has a long-term plan. It makes the intentions of this group clear.

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