Corini: We want to get to Serie A. I’m not afraid of anything

Corini: We want to get to Serie A. I'm not afraid of anything

The first to speak at the press conference is clearly Eugenio Corini, the man who will have to lead the squad to promotion to Serie A.

Wearing the rosanero shirt always means responsibility.

Last year a journey began in one way and then declined in another.

We have been reactive, we have changed a lot in ten months.

We achieved the goal, and then we dreamed. It was important to understand what it means to work in Palermo.

We aim for a very prestigious goal. This year there will be more potential to be competitive.

We have to make the best championship possible for the jump in category

The new ones are important players, the two central defenders made Serie A and there was the idea of improving the backlog.

Mancuso in B has always been competitive. The club was very good at identifying Vasic, who is an all-rounder.

I have to congratulate Rinaudo for bringing the new ones to the start of the training camp

Game system? Modern football goes about occupying spaces. There is the will to have a dynamic team.

You will understand, with those who will arrive, what kind of game idea we want to put on the field

There is always something to learn, in any context. I don’t have a precise reference compared to last season.

I’ve been doing this job for a few years, and I understand that a small mistake can’t invalidate the whole process.

Players have arrived, but there is a will to further improve the team. We have to understand several things

Insigne is a player we like, but it’s right to talk about him when it’s official, we’ll see him in the next few days.

The team has potential, but it can be increased, let’s be attentive to developments in the transfer market, which has started well.

We’ll be ready, we’re working on some names. Young from City? Gomes arrived last year, there is attention. Verre and Tutino?

They’re good players, they’re not completely out, but we’ll make an assessment later.

We have a good starting point, except for Mateju, who we have to manage in these ten days to recover from a small problem.

We can work hard. Vasic? He has great potential from an athletic and technical point of view. He has room for improvement.

The boy is strong and ready: I’m sure he will grow up with us.

Di Mariano? He’s doing very well, he worked with Puleo.

He showed up in excellent condition, today he works with us and is fully recovered.

He is a very important player, ready to go. Vasic is an important under player, there is great attention on young players.

Guessing the right unders is fundamental.

The fans are the heart of every club. I ask for an act of faith and love.

The more subscribers we have, the stronger we will be.

Bringing 32,000 people back to the stadium was important, we left in tears after Brescia. We have a great opportunity this year.

The 2003/04 season was beautiful, a strong team then reinforced in January because Serie B is a marathon.

I think that even in that year we faced difficulties, but we stayed together.

A journey that begins and will go through many stages. We need to have a great vision of what we want to be

The ambition is to get to Serie A, and we will fight until the end.

Stulac? We are happy to have him back, he was available again last season. He worked a lot, like Di Mariano, in the summer.

We have to understand his state of form and how he is: he has great potential.

With the five substitutions, I want everyone to feel like a starter.

Director? I had Tonali in Brescia and Hjulmand in Lecce, there will be the possibility to vary the theme.

I want a proactive team that recovers the ball once it’s lost.

I’m not afraid of anything. I know how the public pushes, even last year it was difficult to make people understand the path.

Being saved was what was asked, but Palermo has a strong ambition. We will fight for Serie A.

If we are ready for promotion, the championship will tell us.

I know we want to be competitive, and I know the responsibilities that this entails.

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