Corini Conference 13th-Day vs Cittadella

On the eve of the 13th Serie B, the match against Cittadella, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 13th Serie B, the match against Cittadella, the Corini Press conference

The coach talks about the criticism he suffers despite third place in the standings, and about Salvatore Lanna,
an assistant coach, who will sit on the Rosanero bench because Corini was disqualified by the Sports Judge.

I expect continuity in attitude and desire.

It’s a complicated and long championship, there are various phases, and we have to stay within them.

We know that we face one of the most complicated opponents.

It’s a very important test, we’ll get there with a lot of energy after the victory against Brescia.

Cittadella plays with a very aggressive 4-3-1-2.

It’s a team that never dies, that’s what I underlined to my players.

It’s an important test, the match against Brescia prepared us well. Coulibaly?

With Brescia, it was a calculated risk, he had a very intense performance, I will think about whether to start him from the first minute.

I hold him in high regard.

Segre returned after Brescia, we recovered him and it is important.

We are close to a stop, and we need to take what energy there is from everyone.

I will make evaluations from a technical/tactical point of view, there is no exclusion towards anyone.

Even those who play less are important, the level is high. The championship is exhausting, I wanted an answer and there was one, everyone is on the ball.

The Cittadella presses very high, and we have to be good at understanding how to get out of it.

We had a few days to prepare for the race, we concentrated on tactics.

Vasic has been called up by Serbia and the medical staff will evaluate the best for him.

Maybe I can’t make myself understood. I am an honest person and I am very clear.

I will always be myself, I don’t let myself be influenced by criticism, for the most part I don’t care.

It is important to balance the characteristics of the players.

Di Mariano? I saw him well against Brescia, he put the ball to Soleri.

He’s fine, and it’s part of the assessments I do, he has the potential to be able to play from the start.

With Sampdoria the match was a little more subdued, with Cosenza and Lecco we lacked balance.

We pay attention to many things, when I talk about attitude this is exactly what I mean.

Against Brescia, we were solid in the last 15 minutes.

We played the match against Spezia, it was a top-level performance.

With Cittadella we want to take the lead and consolidate the result.

Lanna? I’ve known him all my life, he’s an extraordinary person. He has all the characteristics of being a first coach.

We work on winning second balls, it’s constant work.

Henderson and Insigne out? Technical choices, I never punish anyone.

Injuries? There is great attention, Ceccaroni is a very important player for us. We will reflect on what more to do.

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