Corini Press 14th-Day vs Ternana

Corini Conference 14th-Day vs Ternana

On the eve of the 14th Serie B, the match against Ternana, the Corini Press conference

It’s been a challenging two weeks, also from a comparison point of view.

There was great participation from the players, the result is a Palermo that is facing a not positive moment in terms of results.

We want to express what we said to each other on the pitch, in Terni.

We must have balance and the desire to go further.

We worked on many aspects. Distinguished? He had a back problem, low back pain, he did differentiate work, and we will try to understand if he can recover.

I explained the matches we played, it’s a continuous job.

We have to give an answer to a moment in which we have been defeated three times in the last five matches.

We have to be mentally intense and play as a team. Palermo have been resilient, we have already shown it, now we need to tie that thread together.

We are going to Terni with a great desire to achieve a result.

Pigliacelli? In the last game he forced two/three plays when he shouldn’t have forced; we are working on it, many times it makes us come out well.

Stulac and Gomes? With Cittadella the problem was in the last quarter of the pitch, the team knows how to dribble low.

We need to improve our finishing, we don’t kick much on goal. We must improve in the reading and risk of the play.

The team has an identity, we have difficulties on the outside in attack, I will try to evaluate the players I have available to be effective and tough.

I hate clichés. I am fully aware of being under scrutiny and of responsibilities.

I try to understand when criticism is stimulating or when it is specious: whoever makes it doesn’t love Palermo.

Social media have become the outlet for everything, now I say: I am who I am and what responsibilities I have, I have the support of the club even when the results don’t arrive.

I have the trust of the players, I can face the problem and demonstrate on the pitch that I know how to do my job. This is the focus.

Words take on meaning if they are followed by facts: I expect a great match.

The championship is ‘dirty’, I won’t talk about data anymore. Look at the teams that are leading and try to have a broader vision.

The comparison with the team? After the match against Cittadella it was terrible for everyone.

The players asked to come to me for a coffee to find solutions. The group has demonstrated its willingness to stay together, now we need performances and results.

The confrontation was exciting: today we eat shit, but we are ready to get out of this situation.

The coach is never calm. Society sees that I face moments of difficulty in a clear manner, and trust is fundamental.

When criticism comes, the support of the owners is important.

The match we did least well was against Sampdoria from the point of view of occupying space. We made the wrong choices against Spezia.

With Lecco it’s a special match, we created a lot. With Brescia, it was the first stressful match, there was a certain type of atmosphere and the team scored a good goal, breaking up afterwards.

The problem with Cittadella was how we attacked the last 30 metres. We worked to speed up certain situations: as long as there is a meter of depth, we need to widen the field.

In the last 30 minutes with Cittadella we lost lines of play, and we got stretched, feeling the weight of having to win. The defeat accelerated the process of trying to understand what was wrong.

Here we don’t need players who do their homework but who take responsibility.

Ternana is a team that has performed well, Breda has arrived and they have important leaders. They, too, have to get a result, and it’s the right match to show who has the most desire to win.

When is Ceccaroni coming back? More time is needed. For Vasic we are working to recover him against Parma, Di Francesco for the match against Catanzaro.

Last year’s race in Terni? That was a new, changed team, from there we showed that we had the strength to move forward. We want to play a great match, respecting Ternana.

Coulibaly? We missed him, he was decisive with Brescia, he also had an opportunity with Cittadella; it is an absolute value for us.

Di Mariano comes from a particular injury, this summer too he had physical problems, from a mental point of view he must be clear and needs to train and play; he will return to being the player we know.

Brunori? The captain expressed everyone’s feelings after the Citadel. This morning (November 24th, ed.) He did a great training, he has to do what he has often done.

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