Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 1st away victory for the rosanero

Highlights Vibonese - Palermo - 1st away victory for the rosanero

Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 11th day – 1st away victory for the rosanero

Palermo takes the field at the “Luigi Razza” stadium to face the Vibonese in the match valid for the eleventh day of group C of Serie C to find the 1st away match of this season. Due to the emergency in defense, the rosanero coach opts for the back four and puts two midfielders side by side with director De Rose. Brunori is the starting forward…

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

FIRST HALF / Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 11th day – 1st away victory for the rosanero

The referee blows his whistle, the challenge begins. Palermo wears the white jersey, while the home team has the usual red and blue jersey. Study phases for both teams during the first minutes of the meeting. At minute 8, Buttaro tries from a long distance, a very high ball though.

At 13 ‘comes the advantage of the Vibonese! It is precisely the Gulf of Palermo who puts the goal that opens the challenge of “Luigi Razza” on the net: after escaping to the left-handed lane, the number 28 returns to the right and puts in the middle the ball that is not touched by anyone ending up directly at shoulders of a helpless Pelagotti.

Another opportunity for the home team in the 19th minute with a save by the rosanero goalkeeper who saved the result. At a 24 ‘cross from Almici towards the opponent’s penalty area, Brunori kicks on the fly coordinating well but not hitting the goal. At 25 ‘D’Agostino is forced to replace Vergara with Polidori, the captain of the Vibonese has a physical problem.

The challenge continues without particular occasions, Palermo continues to seek the way of the equalizer and Vibonese defends herself by trying to make herself dangerous on the counterattack. The rosanero try to worry the opposing defense with some crosses from the side lanes, the strong wind of Vibo Valentia however affects several plays, especially when the ball is lifted from the pitch.

At 46 ′ the players of the Vibonese exchange well with the protagonist of this first half, or Ciccio Golfo. The number 28 of the rossoblu receives the ball from the left of the rosanero penalty area and kicks into the goal of the first intention, hitting the intersection of the posts in full.

The referee then stopped the game for an offside position. Shortly before the end of the first half there is a golden opportunity for the rosanero: Silipo overtakes an opponent defender with a feint of body, kicks into the goal with a sure blow and Mengoni touches the ball that hits the post and returns to the area ;

Fella arrives just ahead of the spot in the penalty area and tries to push back towards the unguarded goal, but the ball gets up and ends up high. After this action the first 45 minutes of the challenge end.

SECOND HALF / Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 11th day – 1st away victory for the rosanero

Before the start of the second half, Giron exits and Valente enters. Immediately after comes the whistle of the referee, the second half begins. At 50 ‘Palermo grabs the same! The conclusion from outside the area was rejected by Mengoni who ends up on Fella’s feet who this time makes no mistake and beats the Vibonese goalkeeper to score the 1-1 goal!

At 52 ′ Almici comes out who gives way to Doda. At 60 ′ the rosanero club puts the spotlight on! Again Fella is quick and smart, entering the area after a smooth shot by the Vibonese defender and kicks with his toe beating Mengoni! At 61 ‘double substitution for the hosts: Golfo and Spina leave the pitch and Ngom and Tumbarello enter their place. At 68 ′ Silipo leaves the field due to injury, Odjer enters his place.

At 74 ‘opportunity for Palermo with Brunori overtakes the opponent defender in speed and enters the penalty area. The number 9 of the rosanero, however, tries to concentrate by losing the ball. The not very high pace in the last phase of the race. The Vibonese tries to set up from the rear but Palermo defends itself well and seems to have the right clarity to manage the match.

Minute number 80, another great opportunity for the rosanero, DallOglio crosses from the right lane with Fella who fits very well but does not hit the ball to score his personal hat-trick. Meanwhile, other replacements arrive; for the Vibonese Sorrentino and Grillo leave and La Ragione and Ciotti enter.

The Palermo instead sends Soleri on the field who takes the place of Fella. At 85 ‘the trio Soleri falls! Dall’Oglio crosses from a free-kick, the number 27 heads the crossbar, and on the rebound he is quick to anticipate everyone and send the ball into the net.

Minute 89, La Ragione fits well into the penalty area and kicks the ball flying too high compared to the goal defended by Pelagotti. At 90 ‘the fourth official raises the luminous scoreboard, there will be four minutes of recovery. Nothing relevant in the extra time, the referee blows his whistle three times! Vibonese-Palermo ends 1-3 and this is the 1st away match of this season.

THE VIDEO / Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 11th day – 1st away victory for the rosanero

THE TABLE / Highlights Vibonese – Palermo – 11th day – 1st away victory for the rosanero

VIBONESE: 1 Mengoni, 2 Mahrous, 5 Risaliti, 6 Gelonese, 7 Grillo (from 81 ‘Ciotti), 8 Basso, 10 Spina (from 61’ Ngom), 20 Mauceri, 21 Vergara (cap .; from 25 ‘Polidori) , 26 Sorrentino (from 81 ‘La Ragione), 28 Golfo (from 61’ Tumbarello). Available: 22 Marson, 4 Polidori, 9 La Ragione, 11 Ngom, 14 Tumbarello, 15 Bellini, 16 Ciotti, 17 Senesi, 19 Persano, 23 Cicagna, 24 Fomov, 25 Cattaneo. Coach: D’Agostino.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 29 Almici (from 52 ‘Doda), 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini, 3 Giron (from 46’ Valente); 17 Luperini, 20 De Rose (chap.), 11 Dall’Oglio; 10 Silipo (from 68 ‘Odjer), 23 Fella (from 82’ Soleri); 9 Brunori. Available: 12 Massolo, 5 Marong, 16 Mannina, 36 Mauthe, 54 Peretti, 19 Odjer, 30 Valente, 77 Doda, 7 Floriano, 27 Soleri, 31 Corona. Coach: Filippi.

Referee: Fiero (Pistoia). Assistants: Salvalaglio (Legnano) – Del Santo Spataru (Siena). 4th official: Acanfora (Castellammare di Stabia).

SCORERS: Golfo (13 ‘), Fella (50’, 60 ‘), Soleri (85’).

NOTES: Ammonites: Luperini, Buttaro, Lancini, Basso.

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