Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso, a home victory

Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso

PALERMO – At the “Renzo Barbera” stadium of the Sicilian capital Palermo and Campobasso face off in the match valid for the sixth day of group C of Serie C. The rosanero led by Giacomo Filippi are looking for the three points that are now missing from the first championship.

The Molise club of coach Mirko Cudini will try to make a result in the match against the Sicilians. At the 4-3-3 of the redblue, Filippi responds with the usual 3-4-2-1 with Luperini returning to the median flanked by Odjer and with Silipo and Floriano behind Soleri.

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FIRST HALF / Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso

The teams enter the field: Palermo with the rosanero jersey, Campobasso in the white jersey. The hosts will attack from right to left and the first ball is given to the visiting team. Everything is ready, the referee blows his whistle to start the match. Palermo is immediately ahead after just 3 minutes of play! Floriano enters the area, serves Lancini who backs to the goal supports for Silipo who beats Raccichini with his left-handed!

A turn of the hands is almost not enough to double the rosanero! Lightning counterattack with Filippi’s offensive trident, Floriano face to face with the opposing goalkeeper gets the conclusion blocked: a ball that arrives on Valente’s feet who bags from the left-handed lane with a perfect conclusion on the far post! It is 2-0 for Palermo. Hosts who play on the wings of enthusiasm despite just 10 minutes of play had passed.

At 16 ′ Floriano again on the counterattack enters the opponent’s penalty area, overtakes a defender, and kicks safely at the goal. The last man of the Molise, however, is good and rejects the conclusion. The match takes more balance in the middle of the first half, with Palermo in full management of the game ready to hurt with fast and well-organized restarts. At 30 ‘Campobasso gets a dangerous free-kick from the edge of the rosanero area: the conclusion, however, is blocked by the barrier.

At 36 ‘still a dangerous action by the visiting team who after a few exchanges arrives at the close conclusion of Vitali walled with the body by Odjer. A minute later Rossetti gets rid of Marconi’s marking and kicks by touching the post to Pelagotti’s right. Campobasso gains meters in the offensive phase to find the way of the goal that would reopen the game.

At 43 ‘comes the double yellow card for Giunta who commits a foul on Soleri in the restart, expelled in number 19 of the Molisans. Shortly after, the referee sent everyone to the locker room: the first half ended 2-0 in favor of the rosanero.

Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso, a home victory
Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso, a home victory

SECOND HALF / Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso

The teams return to the pitch, the first ball is from the rosanero. There is an immediate substitution before the kick-off: Emmausso leaves for Campobasso and Tenkorang enters. The referee starts the restart. Campobasso reopens the match at 55 ‘despite the numerical inferiority! Rossetti overtakes Marconi from his right lane and kicks hard on a goal, beating Pelagotti. At 57 ‘double substitution for Giacomo Filippi: Almici and Luperini come out and give way to Doda and Dall’Oglio.

A minute later Soleri heads off in the penalty area all alone on the cross from the corner and sends the ball high. At 59 ‘Odjer commits a bad foul and receives direct expulsion from the referee! Now the challenge will continue in 10 against 10. Minute 60, Cudini sends in the field Pace in place of Vitali. Two other substitutions for Filippi: Silipo and Floriano leave and De Rose and Brunori enter.

Cudini in the 70th minute sends the yellow card Sbardella out of the field to let Fabriani enter. A game that maintains a certain intensity, especially after the goal that reopened the game and after Odjer was sent off, which brought the number of players on the field equal. At 78 ‘Lancini’s intervention on Tenkorang, for the referee, there are the extremes for the penalty kick!

On the spot goes Bontà who hits the crossbar with his right! The result still sees the rosanero ahead. At 80 ‘the Palermo drops the trio! The reaction of the rosanero arrives with a vertical pass for Brunori who holds up the marking of two opposing defenders and in the penalty area, he makes no mistake by beating Raccichini! Filippi uses the last gear, outside Lancini and inside Perrotta.

Cudini instead sends Di Francesco and Liguori to Vanzan and Candellori. The fourth official signals 4 minutes of recovery. After some actions from both sides, the referee whistles three times. Palermo-Campobasso ends 3-1.

VIDEO: Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso

THE TABLE / Highlights 6th round Lega Pro, Palermo-Campobasso

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini (from ’82 Perrotta), 15 Marconi; 29 Almici (from 57 ‘Doda), 19 Odjer, 17 Luperini (from 57’ Dall’Oglio), 30 Valente; 10 Silipo (from 62 ‘Silipo), 7 Floriano (cap .; from 62’ Brunori); 27 Soleri. Available: 12 Massolo, 3 Giron, 5 Marong, 9 Brunori, 11 Dall’Oglio, 20 De Rose, 23 Fella, 31 Corona, 33 Perrotta, 54 Peretti, 77 Doda. Coach: Filippi.

CAMPOBASSO: 1 Raccichini, 2 Sbardella (from 70 ‘Fabriani), 3 Vanzan (from 82’ Di Francesco), 5 Menna, 6 Dalmazzi, 7 Bontà (cap.), 9 Rossetti, 10 Emmausso (from 46 ‘Tenkorang), 18 Candellori (from 82 ‘Liguori), 19 Giunta, 37 Vitali (from 60’ Pace). Available: 12 Zamarion, 22 Coco, 4 Nacci, 11 Pace, 13 Martino, 14 Di Francesco, 16 Tenkorang, 17 De Biase, 20 Ciocca, 21 Liguori, 23 Fabriani, 30 Magri. Coach: Cudini.

Referee: Scatena (Avezzano). Assistants: Cataldo (Bergamo) – Stringini (Avezzano). 4th officer: Fichera (Milan).

SCORERS: Silipo (3 ‘), Valente (5’), Rossetti (55 ‘), Brunori (80’).

NOTES: Booked: Luperini, Sbardella, Dall’Oglio. Expelled: Giunta (double yellow card), Odjer.

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