Highlights Avellino/Palermo 1-0, Wasted opportunity

Avellino/Palermo changed broh

Highlights Avellino/Palermo 1-0. Bad result.


The rosanero coach is forced to give up the most prolific striker within his squad: Lorenzo Lucca skips the Partenio match as he is disqualified by the sports judge. Pelagotti between the posts, Accardi and Doda low exteriors with Palazzi and Somma a pair of central defenses.

De Rose, Broh, and Luperini in the nerve center, Kanoute and Valente in a trident that finds Saraniti as an offensive terminal. Doda adapted to the left and preferred the veteran Crivello, Broh wins a starting shirt in place of Odjer, who has always been at the top of Boscaglia’s hierarchies in the department. These are the main innovations proposed by the former coach from Brescia and Trapani compared to the usual trends in the starting eleven.

Ground made particularly slimy and heavy by the rain. Complex green rectangle conditions that enhance the competitive vis of the match.

The two teams face each other immediately with a great attitude, without resorting to particular conservative alchemies. The ball often and willingly changes turns and dosage of trajectories by virtue of the soaked turf in various areas of the field. After about twenty minutes of stoic muscular contention in the middle of the field, devoid of significantly fluid and insightful plots, the competition offers two important points to note.

Kanoute’s escape to the right culminated in a low right shot tamed by the Irpinia goalkeeper and Tito’s free-kick, made slimy by the ground, which creates more than a headache for Pelagotti. Approximate geometries but the great intensity and appreciable rhythms.

Doda loses a bad ball and Carriero hits the right out of Irpinia, return and left that Pelagotti deflects for a corner. Palermo tries to trigger as much as possible the leg of Valente and Kanoute in percussion, the Avellino pushes with all the strengths and often grants the depth to the restart to the men of Boscaglia.

The first forty-five minutes end in a draw, reflecting the substantial balance shown by the two teams on the pitch.

Photogallery Highlights Avellino/Palermo

Avellino/Palermo 2nd halftime begins
Avellino/Palermo 2nd halftime begins


Defeat hurts terribly. Because it is the daughter of an “impossible” mistake by Pelagotti (the goal of Palermo Silvestri is actually a postponement from 55 meters), it arrives after 50 minutes of play certainly good for the team and has determined a psychological collapse on which we must reflect. Just like Wednesday against Ternana, Palermo often plays better than Avellino, covers the pitch well, and risks almost nothing. Unfortunately, he fails to give “weight” to this superiority and even the conclusions on goal are very few. But the team had a full time to react to the goal given and instead it melted like snow. And, even with all possible extenuating circumstances, this too is a big problem.

Pelagotti miscalculates the rebound on a 50-meter throw from Silvestri, and the result becomes 1-0. He shoots everything at Avellino, nothing at Palermo, which reflects his season in this goose of the rosanero number 1. Not that the Sicilians deserved the 3 points, for heaven’s sake, but it is evident that not even Avellino had done so much to win the race. Winning it, thus, through one of two possible ways: the goalkeeper’s duck. The other hypothesis would have been an inactive ball, and it could not have been otherwise in a heavy field like today.

Thus, the rosanero game collapses and the physicality, malice, and experience of the hosts come out. Fast circulation of the ball that was never seen in the second half, nothing less than after Silvestri’s paperissima goal. There is nothing, Palermo does not, which is now sinking out of the Playoff area and must seriously think about having a quiet season. To date, it is not possible to think of anything else, even for how certain races are thrown away. Today the lost match is unbelievable, but when the moment is critical, certain things can also happen.

There is bad luck, but now it does little to explain the worst external attack in the group, the only victory obtained in the last 6 matches, the many wasted opportunities, and, finally, the 11th position in the standings. Nobody seems to be that strong of the rosanero, at least watching the games every week. Just as Avellino didn’t seem like a 3rd place team today. But all, in the end, are sensationally more cynical and concrete. What you really need in this category, more than any good dribble and good performance. Today the abyss has been reached, today some positions in the club need to be reviewed.

Avellino/Palermo ends with the result of 1-0 for Avellino decides the feat, albeit fortuitous, of the Palermo Luigi Silvestri with his shot from midfield. Avellino is even closer to Bari, only one distance away, Palermo which, on the other hand, sinks more and more.

AVELLINO (3-5-2): Strong 6; Silvestri 6.5, Miceli 6, Illanes 6.5; Ciancio 6 (from 36th century Ciancio s.v.), D’Angelo 6, Aloi 5.5, Carriero 6.5, Tito 5.5 (from 30th century Adamo s.v.); Fella 5 (from 23 ‘s.t. Bernardotto s.v.), Maniero 5 (from 30’ s.t. Santaniello s.v.).

PALERMO (4-3-3): Pelagotti 2; Accardi 6 (from 39 ‘s.t. Crivello s.v.), Palazzi 6,5, Somma 6,5, Doda 5 (from 23’ s.t. Almici 5,5); Luperini 4.5, De Rose 7, Broh 4.5 (from the 15th century Rauti 5); Kanoute 5 (from 23 ′ s.t. Silipo 5), Saraniti 5, Valente 6 (from 39 ′ s.t. Floriano s.v.).

Avellino/Palermo the Highlitghs

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