Highlights Paganese/Palermo 0-1, away victory

Highlights Paganese/Palermo

Highlights Paganese/Palermo 0-1
an away victory for the rosanero!

Paganese/Palermo – FIRST HALF:

The first ball of the match is from the rosanero of Mr. Filippi. At the 4th Valente-Santana triangulation, the former Carrarese crosses from the bottom but in the area, there are none of his teammates who can intervene. Opportunity for Paganese, Squillace at 5 ‘collects a cross from Onescu and kicks on the fly, with Pelagotti deflecting for a corner. At 11 ‘Valente from the left needed a cross, but the home defence was careful and rejected.

At 13 ′ Zanini is anticipated by De Rose, the former Reggina midfielder stays down and there is a free-kick for the referee. Diop has something to say about the rosanero player who answers and the referee is forced to call them both back. At 16 ‘Floriano receives the ball from Santana, moves the ball to the right, returns, and kicks, with the same being deflected for a corner.

At the 25th minute result of 0-0. The two teams are equaling each other and neither of them has had clear scoring chances so far. At 27 ‘Santana heads Kanoute, the former Catanzaro kicks in the goal but Cigagna slips and rejects the ball. Beautiful action by Paganese at 29 ‘, Carotenuto serves Raffini who, on the fly, acts as a bank for Onescu who kicks first and the ball ends up near the pole to Pelagotti’s left.

Yellow card for Francesco De Rose, who commits a foul on Diop in the 34th minute. Heavy warning for the midfielder who was warned and will miss the next match that will see the squad engaged against Monopoli. Carotenuto at 41 ‘starts on the right, overtakes Marconi, and serves a cross for Raffini, the number 32 hits his head but sends it to Pelagotti who blocks it. In the 42nd minute, Ruffini-De Rose and both remain down, but they seem to have no problems and return to the field after the intervention of the doctors.

Corner kick for Palermo in the 45th minute, Floriano serves Luperini who spits it and Kanoute finds the ball on the right, but is badly positioned and cannot deflect into the goal.

After 1 ‘of recovery the first part of the match ends with the result of 0-0.

Paganese/Palermo the photogallery

Paganese/Palermo 0-1 Goooooooaaallll!!!! #Floriano #Palermo #PagPal #LegaPro
Paganese/Palermo 0-1 Goooooooaaallll!!!! #Floriano #Palermo #PagPal #LegaPro

Paganese/PalermoSECOND HALF:

The recovery begins without any change for the two teams. At 48 ‘first opportunity for the recovery for Palermo. Floriano runs all along the left-wing, overtakes Cigagna in speed, and puts in the middle a cross-shot that crosses the entire penalty area and ends directly in a lateral foul. Filippi at 51 ‘operates the first chance of the match, removing De Rose from the dispute for Odjer. At 52 ′ the Paganese is dangerous with Zanini who receives the ball from Onescu and kicks, his conclusion is neutralized on the ground by Pelagotti.

Almici’s wide arm in the 56th minute, which hits Squillace and for the referee there is a free kick for the home team.

Palermo ahead in the 60 ‘with Floriano. Valente recovers the ball and runs to the opposite side of the field, reaches the edge of the area, and kicks, the ball is returned and ends up between Almici’s feet; the former Verona crosses in the center of the area and Floriano just has to push it into the goal. A double change in Palermo in the 66th minute, which removes Santana and Floriano from the field for Rauti and Saraniti. Even the home team changes something and sends Mendicino to Onescu. The Campania players try to push to find the equal goal and in the 74th minute, they win a corner kick.

On the beat of the same down the defender rosanero Peretti also struggles to get up and has to resort to medical doctors. Now the rosanero have difficulty in maintaining control of the ball and I make several mistakes that favor the boys of Mr. Di Napoli. Valente tries a deep cross in 83 minutes, but he is the wrong idea and the ball goes out.

When there are 5 minutes to go, Paganese’s pace seems to have dropped, also because Palermo is defending itself by trying not to leave any space. Raffini tries to find the equal goal in the 90th minute, but his header, after Carotenuto’s cross, is wrong. When I start the 5 ‘of recovery there is an interruption, Marconi stays down after being hit by Diop. Saraniti at 94 ‘tries to keep the ball, but misses the stop and sends it out. 1 ′ Diop goes very close to a draw, Raffini takes the lead and the attacker kicks in anticipation of Palazzi. Fortunately for Palermo the conclusion is on Pelagotti who blocks.

There is no more time, Palermo wins its fifth victory away from the friendly walls and rules the Paganese 0-1.

PAGANESE: 30 Baiocco; 16 Onescu (from 65 ‘Mendicino), 23 Schiavino, 21 Sirignano (from 84’ Bonavolontà); 14 Carotenuto, 33 Zanini, 7 Gaeta, 20 Cigagna, 3 Squillace (from 77 ‘Mattia); 11 Diop, 32 Raffini. Available: 1 Campani, 12 Bovenzi, 2 Esposito, 4 Sbampato, 5 Mattia, 6 Bramati, 13 Perazzolo, 25 Cernuto, 27 Curci, 28 Antezza. Coach: From Naples.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 16 Peretti, 5 Palaces, 15 Marconi; 29 Almici (from 77 ‘Somma), 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose (from 51’ Odjer), 14 Valente; 20 Kanoute, 11 Santana (from 66 ′ Saraniti), 7 Floriano (from 66 ′ Rauti). Available: 12 Fallani, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 8 Martin, 9 Saraniti, 10 Silipo, 13 Lancini, 21 Broh, 24 Somma, 26 Marong. Coach: Filippi.

REFEREE: Claudio Panettella (Terenzio-Gualtieri). FOURTH MAN: Andrea Ancora

NOTES: Ammonito Raffini, Onescu, Bonavolontà, Diop (Paganese), De Rose, Santana (Palermo)

SCORERS: Floriano 60 ‘

Paganese/Palermo the Highlights

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