Paganese / Palermo 11th-day, need a victory

Paganese / Palermo Coach PagPal

Paganese / Palermo 11th-day, need a victory

The referee of Paganese / Palermo will be Claudio Panettella di Gallarate.

Panettella’s assistants are Roberto Terenzio di Cosenza and Claudio Gualtieri of Asti. The fourth man will be Mr. Andrea still in Rome 1.

Paganese / Palermo scheduled on Saturday at 20.00

“Replica to Terlizzi? I read the articles, but not being a social man for my habit I usually talking about person otherwise I use discretion. In many years of professionalism it never happened to me to go to a company to take out the coach , in football if things are not good unfortunately always pay coaches. Mediocre technical contents in the derby? Both teams and all the elements that fell into the field have given the maximum and sweaty the shirt for your city. Everyone can say that That he wants, evidently he felt he had to do these statements.

Between the derby and Juve Stabia what happened? We have committed errors on which we worked during this week, we talk about individual errors and above all concentration. The attitude was the same, on the first goal we have not broken down being Luperini and de Rose on the line of defenders. On the second goal we stopped for an alleged phallus and therefore our mistake, on the third we were lazy in cap. We have worked so much on these carelessness and I am sure they will not occur again

Paganese / Palermo Referee PagPal
Paganese / Palermo Referee PagPal

During the season several errors of disagreement were committed and not of equilibrium. We play 3 because in my head there is the will to have a double central marking, we must raise attention and understand that it is to be built. It serves to raise the threshold of suffering so much because only so can you take home the result, we saw Sunday that the power won in Bari. The so-called small in the return group are raising the level, this to confirm that the games are all complicated . Who in the place of Lucca? Saraniti is not at the top of the form but yesterday trained well with the team, we still tried some solutions and tomorrow night we will see what the most suitable one will be

We are here to intervene in the right direction, the thing that reassures me is that the team always gives the best in training and works with commitment. They must assimilate as soon as possible the indications that are assigned by the staff, this thing makes me hope for the future: I am sure that the results will come. Lucca is a fundamental player for this team for features as it is Saraniti, with Lorenzo outside and Andrea not to the top we thought of other alternatives. One could be a fake Nueve Santana, he manages to interpret the roles very well but there is also Rauti who is a guarantee in that position

Where can you improve? Palermo has large margins of improvement and has shown that he can be at the levels of Bari or Ternana, at least in performance. We need to center the playoffs, a little matter what it is. This is a goal that we must have from the end of the season and reach it with nails and teeth. Pelagotti? Alberto is alternating excellent performance to performance a little less good, but I think it’s a collective trend. Fallani gives us guarantees and when it’s up to him, the Palermo will be in good hands

Below the Palermo’s Coach Conference:

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