Mr. Filippi Conference before the 1st Lega Pro 2022 match

Mr. Filippi Conference before the 1st Lega Pro 2022 match

Mr. Filippi Conference before the 1st Lega Pro 2022 match

Mr. Filippi ConferenceGiacomo Filippi, Palermo coach, intervenes in the press conference to present the match against Latina valid for the first day of this new Serie C championship.


“The sensations are positive. We have the thermometer of training and from the first day I notice a lot of desire and determination, this gives me hope, as well as the approach to the matches played so far. The championship begins with Latina and we know that we have to start on the right foot, with a determined approach. The path is very tortuous and tiring but we are ready ”.

“The pressures are part of our work. We are ready to fight to compete with the strongest teams. Some teams have made an important market such as Avellino, Catanzaro, and Bari. Foggia is coached by a unique person in our football (Zeman, ed.). We are there to put a spanner in the works and undermine this quartet ”.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

“Defense emergency? We have some defections but there are men to go and fill these gaps. The team is made up of 22 elements and everyone can be a starter, we are not caught. I am quite peaceful. Doubts in the attack? I haven’t decided yet, we tried both 3-4-1-2 and 3-4-2-1. In the offensive department, we have men capable of giving many solutions, we have chosen the right players. We will choose calmly ”.

“I saw Latina and they are an excellent team, very well trained, a glorious place. They have many solutions, so we know that the game must be faced in the right way. Sieve and Sum? I want to talk only about the match against the Latina, we must not underestimate the commitment. From Monday we will deal with the topic, the company knows what to do, all solutions will be evaluated “.

“This year the path was completely different than last season, we are ready to start off on the right foot, there is a great desire. Market? We are these, the club knows what it has to do, we will see what happens in the next few days ”.

“I see the team ready to face the first championship. They have all been training very well since day one, and this gives me hope. We are very well both mentally and physically ”.

Mr. Filippi Conference the video:

For the match, in the Giacomo Filippi Conference has decided to call 20 players, below the complete list:

1 Pelagotti 3 Giron 5 Marong 7 Floriano 9 Brunori 10 Silipo 11 Dall’Oglio 12 Massolo  17 Luperini 19 Odjer 20 De Rose 22 Misseri 23 Fella 27 Soleri 29 Almici 36 Mauthe  54 Peretti 65 Tourè  77 Doda 79 Lancini

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