Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights of the first victory

Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights of the first victory

Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights!

It was important to start with a victory and Palermo completed the mission, without exalting. The pinks beat Latina, who remained in ten men in the half-hour of the first half, thanks to two penalties converted by Floriano and Soleri. Filippi’s team starts badly, risks going under but then melts and pushes.

A serious mistake by the host defense is needed to break the deadlock: Brunori takes advantage of it, wins the penalty, and causes Marcucci to be sent off; Floriano is cold from the spot and puts Palermo ahead. In the second half, the Latina finds two sensational opportunities to equalize, but first, the post and then Pelagotti deny the joy of Daniele Di Donato’s team. In the final, Soleri wins and transforms the second penalty of the day.

Three sweaty points, therefore, for Palermo, who start the season on the right foot. There is a lot of work to do, however, for Giacomo Filippi.

The strongest won, that is Palermo, but not the one who played better. Which – if desired – is a positive note, in the past season it almost never happened. Let’s face it, Palermo took a step back, suffering the Latina even when the match seemed over, with the squad ahead and in numerical superiority.

The first half-hour was subdued, with little synchrony between the departments and a midfield that wasn’t running. Only the episode of the penalty changed the inertia putting the Palermo game downhill. Halfway through the second half, Palermo dominated, giving the impression of being able to spread but failed to secure the result and even risked a resounding draw on two occasions, within minutes. The 2 to 0 in the final should be noted more as statistical data than as an actual consequence of the superiority on the field.

Many things today worked less well than expected and the defense danced a lot, confirming the fact that we need a quality and experience graft. However, the three points arrived and this was, after all, the only real goal of this debut in front of almost seven thousand spectators. Avellino, for example, failed to win his home game.

Finally, applause to Daniele Di Donato, who has always remained in the hearts of the fans. His Latina plays good football, is punished by episodes (penalties and injuries) but shows courage and deserves a bright future.

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Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights!
Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights!

Palermo vs Latina 2-0 Highlights – The votes !

Pelagotti 6.5: He only has to save in the first half and not that difficult on a slow shot, towards the intersection, from outside the area that he fights for a corner. In the second half, the most difficult save on the conclusion of Sane who avoids a draw that seemed to have been made and that is worth at least half a point more. However, he confirms that he is not a great player with his feet.

Peretti 5.5: At the beginning of the game, in the general chaos, he saves an almost scored goal with a nice closure. In general, he seems the most concrete of the defense even if he certainly does not have a soft foot. Then he makes a glaring mistake with a “criminal” back pass and he is lucky that Jefferson – face to face with Pelagotti – hits the post. And he goes into confusion until the end.

Lancini 5.5: He too is very uncomfortable in the first half-hour, with the only mitigating factor being that he is not well protected by a more perforable midfield than usual. When the game is unblocked, the Latina leaves the scene and he could go to the cinema. But Peretti thinks about giving him chills.

Doda 5.5: Favorite to Marong, a bit surprising. On the left, he is not at ease and has to struggle to face his opponents in the first half-hour, when there is still numerical parity and the result is still firm. Then things get easier for him too but he should be more authoritative and responsive.

Almici 5.5: Let’s imagine that Filippi asks him for more penetrations on the wing. When in doubt, we note that he pushes little and that he is not yet as explosive as he did last season. Even in the second half, when Palermo is rampant, he is less involved than usual. He could reach sufficiency in the final when he has the opportunity of 2-0 but his diagonal ends on the side.

Luperini 6: First half in the shade, also stained by a mistake in midfield that triggers the guest counterattack. Then he is growing but without overdoing it, he has a good opportunity and does not take advantage of it, in the second half he can have fun in the larger spaces.

De Rose 5.5: We have rarely seen him miss so many balls in the setting phase. He suffers from the man-marking that Di Donato studied for him and Palermo has few alternatives to set up the game. De Rose, however, is always in the thick of the action, for better or for worse, and in the first half, he also gives a golden ball for Giron. Not even in the shot does he shine with his own light.

Giron 7: Physically he seems in good shape, compared to the match with Picerno he is more stable in the opponent’s trocar. He goes close to scoring with a diagonal that is lost at the bottom, he still follows all the attacking actions, hoping for the scoring opportunity that doesn’t come. In the second half, long dominated by Palermo, he is a point of reference for the team, he lets himself be given the ball and serves some interesting crosses from the bottom.

Floriano 6.5: Let’s not underestimate his infallibility from the spot: once again he transforms a perfect penalty, displacing the goalkeeper and putting down a race that had started uphill. But his game is perfect, the role of attacking midfielder still does not fit him perfectly, he must learn the movements and above all the speed with which to get rid of the ball: in the second half he does it only once and it is a ball to kiss for Brunori. Then he goes out.

(from 10 ‘s.t. Fella) 5.5: he is placed on the center-right, behind Brunori first and then Soleri. He continues to show some difficulty in getting to the heart of the game with the right timing.

Dall’Oglio 6.5: It is right to postpone an in-depth judgment because the former Catania, who had a surprise start from the first minute, is making his debut as a starter with the team. He does not play badly, above all we see that he can guarantee quality and quantity but the agreement with his teammates is still to be perfected.

Brunori 7.5: The best in the field, clearly. He is decisive in the action that unlocks the game because it is he who on a long ball that seemed unattainable frightens the goalkeeper and defender, earning a penalty and expulsion from Marcucci. But he plays the whole game in the service of the team, runs a lot and is almost never empty, gives the right depth to the rosanero action. In the second half, he touches his personal goal many times. Then he goes out and Palermo loses a lot in terms of danger.

(from 21st Soleri) 6.5: As soon as he entered he loses a bloody ball at the edge of the area. He gets a good scoring opportunity with a personal initiative but he devours it by messing around before shooting and getting blocked. However, the intensity with which he enters the field should also be appreciated, and tries to influence the game, managing in full recovery to obtain the penalty and transform it without worries.

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