Palermo Brescia, Corini Conference 38th Serie B

Palermo Brescia, Corini Conference 38th Serie B

Palermo Brescia 18/05/2023: At the end of the championship everything is still open and Palermo will rely on the last chance available to go beyond their limit and reach a goal not set at the beginning of the season: the playoffs.

What the rosanero will face will be a hungry Brescia, who will land in Palermo to earn the only point they lack to avoid placing themselves in the full relegation zone.

Palermo Brescia, Corini Conference 38th Serie B

You live on feelings and emotions that remain, then there are responsibilities.

My goal is to make my team perform at its best. We are proud to be eighth on the eve of matchday 38, which would give us the chance to make the playoffs.

I took responsibility, a piece is missing, and we have to go and close it tomorrow night.

I knew Palermo would respond by filling the stadium, this is a stimulus.

Tomorrow we have a great opportunity, it’s a final that can prepare us for another similar match that we want to play.

The Palermo coach Eugenio Corini said in a press conference in view of tomorrow night’s decisive match at the Renzo Barbera stadium.

It is important to approach it in the best way. We will need our fans, they have always been extraordinary and tomorrow they will have to be even more so.

Tomorrow we face a team of value, but together we will be stronger.

We have laid the foundations for rooting an identity that arises from the change of company and players. It takes time to establish identities.

Thanks to the broad and different vision of society, I feel inside a process. It is a broad and different vision.

I know what it’s like to work in Palermo, when I pushed the goal it was to give everyone a stimulus. Representing Palermo is a pride.

Corini also spoke about how he prepared for such a delicate challenge during the week: I raised my tone and pushed because certain things need training.

I worked on the mental and motivational aspect, the tactical aspect helps you to be organized.

Mental balance is essential. I asked them what they saw yesterday from Manchester City, and it was important to hear their opinion.

The Real Madrid players didn’t have the right anger compared to last year, they weren’t a team.

If we have the ability to stick together, we can achieve our goal. We have the right weapons to go and play this game.

After the red light received in Cagliari, Marconi will miss the match against the Lombards. Bettella will play in his place.

It was important for us, as well as Bettella, who was penalized by injuries. For tomorrow, I see it ready.

Small league budget? My overall assessment is very positive. We have the ability to go beyond our limits, we can get to the playoffs.

Then we’ll see what we can do.

President Mirri also met the team during the week: We were pleased. He made his closeness to the team feel, even at dinner.

This morning I received an email from Marwood, the technical director, which stimulated me a lot.

He emphasized the closeness of the entire property. Bigon was in Manchester yesterday and was here with us today.

This shows how important Palermo is for the City Group, we want to repay the trust by winning tomorrow.

On Verre, he played important matches, he had a couple of influences that debilitated him a lot.

It takes a long time to stabilize the condition. We are improving in terms of duration and minutes on the pitch.

He’s a growing player, and you have to trust him.

Saric, on the other hand, returned last week. In Cagliari, I couldn’t use him due to how the match went, but he is fully recovered.

Brescia is a team that has rediscovered results and effectiveness.

She seemed in great difficulty but recovered.

Let’s find a healthy opponent, they only lost against Parma.

They have quality, they showed it even at the start of the championship.

This certifies the difficulty of the championship.

Gastaldello was my captain in the year we won the championship.

It was crucial because when he was called upon to play due to absences it was fundamental and for this he will always thank him.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Cagliari Palermo, Corini Conference 37th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Bettella; Buttaro, Segre, Gomes, Verre, Sala; Brunori, Tutino.

Unavailable: Elia, Di Mariano, Masciangelo

Suspended: Marconi

BRESCIA (4-3-1-2): Andrenacci; Karacic, Cistana, Mangraviti, Huard; Bisoli, Labojko, Bjorkengren; Adrian; Aye, Rodriguez.

Out: Olzer, Galazzi, Papetti, Jallow, Bertagnoli

Disqualified: /