Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Palermo Ternana 28/02/2023: Serie B returns to the field for the midweek round and Palermo is preparing to challenge Ternana on the 27th day of the championship.

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First Halftime | Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Kick-off scheduled at 20:30. The teams enter the pitch: hosts in pink jerseys and black shorts, guests in white suits.

The match director whistles the start of the match, Palermo-Ternana begins.

The rosanero are in control of the match but in the 10th minute Ternana has the first chance of the match with Corrado who runs away to the Palermo defense and serves Partipilo who hits the crossbar with the goal wide open;

However, the number 21 was offside and the referee stopped the action. Ternana still dangerous in the 16th minute from a corner, Mantovani hits the head but Pigliacelli makes a miraculous intervention and saves his goal.

Palermo responds in the 19th minute with a prolonged action that ends with the crossbar hit by the conclusion of Tutino.

Lucarelli’s team pits the hosts with Partipilo, stopped with a foul by Piglaicelli in his penalty area; after a check with the VAR, however, an offside position is signaled, otherwise it would have been a penalty in favor of Ternana.

Palermo makes the match, but it’s Ternana who creates scoring actions.

In the 30th minute Diakite headed twice in danger of signing the opening goal, Pigliacelli was good and lucky, especially on the second occasion, with the ball ending up in his arms after hitting the post.

In the minutes that follow, the pace of the match slows down, and particular dangerous opportunities emerge on both sides.

In the 45th minute, only one minute of recovery is signaled. After the extra time, the match director whistles twice and sends everyone to the locker room.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

Second HalfTime | Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Before the restart, coach Lanna sends Saric and Aurelio onto the field, who take the place of Segre and Masciangelo. The second half of the “Barbera” match begins.

In the 51st minute again the dangerous away team with Partipilo who turns around, passes Marconi and shoots on goal finding the decisive save, yet another, by Pigliacelli.

Minute 62, another Partipilo-Pigliacelli duel with the former attempting a shot from outside the box and finding the answer from the Rosanero goalkeeper.

The landlords try to respond with a shot by Brunori from outside the area, but the shot is not precise and ends on the back.

Shortly after, Tutino also finished on goal after some precise exchanges on the strait of his teammates, but Iannarilli was not found unprepared.

In the 72nd minute, another double substitution for the rosanero, with Brunori and Valente leaving the field for Soleri and Di Mariano.

Mister Lucarelli responds by letting Falletti and Corrado out, replaced by Defendi and Martella. After a few moments, Defendi stops due to a muscle problem, Paghera enters in his place.

Minute 83, Lanna tries to give him more offensive weight and sends Vido onto the field in place of Tutino.

Ternana also sends fresh forces into the field, with Bogdan and Capanni taking the place of Mantovani and Palumbo.

In the 90th minute Aurelio overtook two opponents on the left wing and placed the ball to Vido who controlled the ball from the edge of the opponent’s arena and kicked centrally, Iannarilli parried by blocking the shot.

There are four injury time minutes announced by the fourth official with the luminous scoreboard.

In extra time Vido still dangerous with a shot with his left foot rejected again by the Ternana goalkeeper, on the rebuttal Aurelio tries to kick into an empty net but misses the target.

This is the last chance of the match. After the four minutes of added time, the referee blows his whistle three times. Palermo-Ternana ends 0-0.

VIDEO | Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

Table | Palermo Ternana | Highlights 27th Serie B 22/23

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 5 Gomes, 7 Tutino (from 83′ Vido), 8 Segre (from 46′ Saric), 9 Brunori (cap; from 72′ Soleri), 11 Masciangelo (from 46′ Aurelio), 14 Broh, 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 30 Valente (from 73′ Di Mariano), 37 Mateju. Subs: 12 Massolo, 4 Orihuela, 10 Di Mariano, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 26 Verre, 27 Soleri, 28 Saric, 31 Aurelio, 48 Bettella, 79 Lancini. Coach: Lanna.

TERNANA: 1 Iannarilli, 2 Coulibaly, 4 Sorensen, 5 Palumbo (cap.; from 83′ Capanni), 10 Falletti (from 73′ Defendi), 13 Mantovani (from 83′ Bogdan), 14 Di Tacchio, 21 Partipilo, 23 Diakite, 29 Cassata, 91 Corrado (from 73′ Martella). Subs: 12 Krapikas, 33 Vitali, 6 Mazzarani, 7 Capanni, 15 Ferrara, 20 Paghera, 25 Defendi (from 76′ Paghera), 26 Bogdan, 74 Ferrante, 87 Martella. Coach: Lucarelli.

Referee: Honey (Nola 1). Assistants: Lombardi (Brescia) – Pagnotta (Lower Nocera). Fourth Official: Mirabelli (Naples). VAR: Marini (Rome 1). AVAR: Marinelli (Tivoli).


NOTES: Ammonites: Corrado, Aurelio, Gomes.