Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

Venezia Palermo 15/04/2023: Typical formation for the rosanero coach Corini who, in the usual 3-5-2, lines up the defensive trio made up of Mateju, Nedelcearu and Marconi in front of Pigliacelli.

FIRST HALF | Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

Teams enter the pitch, the hosts wearing all-black suits, while the guests play in white away kits.

Kick-off entrusted to Venice, which in this first fraction will attack from left to right. The referee blows his whistle for the start of the match: Venice-Palermo begins.

In the 6th minute Palermo immediately took the lead, Brunori! Deadly counterattack by the squads with Verre who immediately serves the rosanero attacker in an open field and, with coolness, beats Joronen outgoing.

The referee initially didn’t validate the goal for offside, but the VAR, after the check, revised the match director’s decision who awarded the goal to the pinks.

At 8′ Palermo still in offensive projection always with Verre, overflowing start of the former Sampdoria, who still starts on the counterattack and tries to serve Soleri in the area,

The ball however is slightly long and the rosanero attacker is unable to get there, giving way to the defense of Venice to recover the ball.

In the 14th minute the rosanero are very close to doubling: another perfect restart from Corini’s men with Brunori who tries to serve Saric in the area,

The Bosnian does not reach the ball but Soleri arrives behind him who ends towards the net, finding a save in split by Joronen which denies the pink attacker the joy of scoring.

In the 19th minute, in the squad’s best moment, Venezia found the equalizer: a mistake by Pigliacelli who sent the ball back badly by hitting Gomes’ back,

Johnsen pounced on the ball, who took advantage of the absence of the rosanero goalkeeper between the posts and concluded into an empty net with a beautiful lob that puts the match back in balance.

So far, a very open and lively match at the “Penzo” stadium, with many upheavals in the face and both teams facing each other head-on to find the opening goal.

In the 35th minute the first yellow card of the match for Soleri, an attempted bicycle kick in the Venezia area for the rosanero attacker who hits an opposing defender full in the face, remedying the yellow card.

After two minutes of added time, the referee blows the whistle for the end of the first half, equal to the “Penzo” between Venezia Palermo.

SECOND HALF | Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

The teams enter the field to start the second half. Double substitution for Venezia with Andersen and Tcherichev taking the place of Milanese and Ellertsson.

The referee whistles for the start of the second half between Venice and Palermo.

In the 47th minute Valente recovers the ball and flies into the right lane, a cross into the area for Saric’s head who misses the target.

Decidedly slower rhythms in this second half start than in the first half of the race, great balance right now at the “Penzo”.

In the 58th minute, a penalty for Venice, Nedelcearu’s high arm hitting Pohjanpalo in the area on a corner from Tcherichev and the referee awards the penalty and a yellow card for the Romanian defender.

From the spot Pohjanpalo shows up and displaces Pigliacelli and scores the goal of the hosts’ advantage.

Only two minutes go by and Venezia immediately find the double goal: a deadly counterattack with Zampano who crosses low into the area from the left, the defense forgets about Tessmann who scores the 3-1 goal alone in front of Pigliacelli.

It’s getting really difficult now for Palermo who find themselves down by two goals, a deadly one-two from the hosts who extend. In the 66th minute, change for Venezia: Ceppitelli out, Modolo in.

Three changes also for the squad with Verre, Valente and Gomes leaving the field to Broh, Masciangelo and Tutino.

In the 72nd minute it was the middle of the night for Palermo who also conceded the 4-1 goal signed by Candela but the referee, after the VAR check, canceled the goal for offside.

In the 76th minute Palermo completed the substitutions: Aurelio and Soleri out, Sala and Vido in.

Really easy life now for Venice, another mistake this time by Tutino who gives the ball to Johnsen, the landlords’ striker who reached the edge of the area tries to finish but Pigliacelli opposes by rejecting the ball.

The 80th minute, Pierini replaced Johnsen in the ranks of Venezia.

On the 82nd minute Brunori’s cross, unlucky in this case the rosanero striker who anticipates Joronen in the exit and tries to lob in a turn with his back to the goal, hitting the wood in full.

In the 83rd minute, penalty kick for Palermo too! Personal action in the area to the left of Sala who is brought down in the area by Candela and penalties also for the rosanero.

Tutino shows up from the penalty spot and kicks central and scores the 3-2 goal, a thrilling final now at the “Penzo”. In the 88th minute the last substitution for Venice with Novakovich taking the place of Pohjanpalo.

Palermo now believes it and, in this final match, is trying everything in search of the equalizer.

In the 93rd minute dangerous action for the pinks with Tutino who puts a nice ball into the area, Nedelcearu pounces on the ball with his head, but the Romanian defender does not find the goal.

After six minutes of added time the referee whistles the end of the match, Palermo falls at the “Penzo” at the hands of Venice and fails to approach the play-off area.

PALERMO F.C. 2022/23 Season

THE TABLE | Venezia Palermo | Highlights 33rd Serie B 22/23

VENICE: 66 Joronen, 7 Zampano, 8 Tessmann, 17 Johnsen (from 80′ Pierini), 20 Pohjanpalo (from 88′ Novakovich), 23 Ceppitelli (cap.) (from 66′ Modolo), 27 Candela, 30 Svoboda, 44 Carboni , 62 Milanese (from 45′ s.t. Andersen), 77 Ellertsson (from 45′ s.t. Tcherichev). Subs: 12 Bertinato, 24 Neri, 6 Busio, 11 Novakovich, 13 Modolo, 19 Ciervo, 21 Tcherichev, 25 Pierini, 33 Sverko, 38 Andersen, 55 Hristov, 77 Ellertsson, 81 Peixoto. Coach: Vanoli.

PALERMO: 22 Pigliacelli, 5 Gomes (from 66′ Broh), 9 Brunori (cap.), 15 Marconi, 18 Nedelcearu, 26 Verre (from 66′ Tutino), 27 Soleri (from 76′ Vido), 28 Saric, 30 Valente (from 66′ Masciangelo), 31 Aurelio (from 76′ Sala), 37 Mateju. Subs: 12 Massolo, 2 Graves, 3 Sala, 4 Orihuela, 7 Tutino, 8 Segre, 11 Masciangelo, 14 Broh, 19 Vido, 21 Damiani, 25 Buttaro, 48 Bettella. Coach: Corini.

Referee: Gariglio (Pinerolo). Assistants: Pagliardini (Arezzo) – D’Ascanio (Ancona). Fourth Official: Catanoso (Reggio Calabria). VAR: Di Martino (Teramo). AVAR: Mute (Torre Annunziata).

SCORERS: 6′ Brunori (P), 19′ Johnsen (V), 61′ pen. Pohjanpalo (V), 63′ Tessmann (V), 86′ pen. Tutino (P).

NOTES: Ammonites: Soleri, Nedelcearu.