Palermo Benevento, Corini Conference 34th Serie B

Palermo Benevento, Corini Conference 34th Serie B

Palermo Benevento, Corini Conference, 34th Serie B

Palermo Benevento 21/04/2023: The coach then examined the last defeat against Venice and highlighted the conditions of some players.

A game full of meaning. Rewinding the tape, it was a delicate moment in the first leg and the standings weren’t good.

At that moment, we played a team game. This is a training of serious guys, and for me, it is a global concept.

Very important match because it could secure the seasonal goal.

I had felt a certain energy that prompted me to talk about the playoffs, and we always tried.

You have to look at the performance: we are the third-best attack, unfortunately we are the 17th defense.

We are constantly working on a balance and in these five games there are many things that can be done.

I understand the disappointment, I understand the fan’s bitterness, but I have to be lucid.

This match means playing the other four more freely and serenely. It can be improved, but it is part of a medium-long journey.

Benevento is one of those teams that has a large budget, more than ours.

And we did better: the championship is difficult for many clubs. We know they have qualities, like Farias and Ciano.

They deserved the draw in the end in the last match, and therefore we are aware of our opponent. The ball will weigh a lot, but also for them.

The home team did an excellent championship, even in the difficulties, they went up to the 95th minute.

In this championship there have been many draws and balances. We have faced our difficulties and the focus is all on this race.

We have to file some difficulties and move the game where we want. Injuries? Football is a contact sport, flu states have conditioned us.

It’s physiological. We know how much we need to improve, and what happens in terms of injuries is in line with the other club.

I heard from Di Mariano, the surgery went well. He was sent by a luminary, and the boy is charged and motivated.

We tried conservative therapy, but it didn’t work out, we hope to get him back for next season’s training camp.

I have a very precise and clear idea about training.

Anything can happen in these five matches. If I spent myself declining the playoff dream, it’s also because I wanted to accompany the team.

But this is a formation that has always made important performances, we really want to win and bring home our seasonal goal.

Venice for me was a game well done. We also had chances to score.

The team stayed inside, got back up and created the conditions to recover the game.

Criticisms? I have a job that can always be criticized, I love this job and doing it here has great meaning.

I accept criticism, for me this is a great opportunity.

Furthermore, I trust my work and the company. Certain things must be accepted, but there is always the field that can give answers.

The concept is: we started with a goal, we bought 19 new players. Value is not like in the PlayStation: the player has a soul and a path.

If you only think about Palermo it’s difficult, the championship is complicated for everyone.

Look at the other budgets, you need to have an objective parameter.

I understand that the result is important, but I work at a thousand per hour putting everything.

And if the company has trusted us, it is because they have understood.

I don’t always have an answer to everything: this team has been in the championship and will continue to be there in these five games.

My nature is to dedicate myself to the daily life. We are one step away from something important, and we want to finish well.

Stulac has been working in Manchester and will be back on Tuesday to work with us. He could be available again in the last two league games.

We took a few bites. But I felt that something could arise. I think the performance was adequate.

We have the will to end the championship in the best possible way, and we know how important it will be tomorrow.

Marco (Sala) as soon as he got back I put him in the final sections of the match and tomorrow he will resume his place from the first minute.

Aurelius? We think he can return to the Spal week.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Palermo Benevento, Corini Conference, 34th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Saric, Gomes (Damiani), Verre, Sala; Brunori, Tutino (Soleri).

Disqualified: /

BENEVENTO (4-3-2-1): Manfredini; Veseli, Glik, Tosca, Foulon; Viviani, Schiattarella, Acampora; Ciano, Farias; Carfora.

Unavailable: Paleari, El Kaouakibi, Pastina, Letizia – Not called up: La Gumina, Simy

Disqualified: /