84th Derby Desire depends on negatives results?

barbera stadium derby

This derby will not be a high-ranking clash
or even a high-ranking match.

It will not be a match without goals or a calm one since Catania can play for honor and Palermo will have to do it for the ranking!

Derby goal Pastore, Accardi against Catania
Derby goal Pastore against Catania, with Accardi celebration

Who will have more pressure, will be Dario Mirri’s team? To play to save face and to earn desperate points, which will have to be used, to date, only to get out of the area that today would send Crivello and his teammates back to Serie D. Then in the future who knows if these points if obtained, should be used for other projects. . On Monday it will not be a duty to beat the bitter rivals because “you cannot lose against Catania, it’s the derby”, but because “you have to take the 3 points otherwise there is trouble”.

In the pre-match conference of Mr. Boscaglia, the coach said:
In Catanzaro, I saw a great character. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and anger grow, useful for achieving results. The derby of my land represents a lot.

In the meantime, the match could be at risk given the note from the Etna team, regarding the Covid-19 tests.


Calcio Catania announces that the molecular tests carried out yesterday confirmed the negativity of the entire team group at Covid-19 with the exception of a member of the technical staff, positive and asymptomatic, immediately placed in isolation according to ministerial and federal directives. In full compliance with the legislation and the protocol in force, the Rossazzurri will undergo a new cycle of tampons tomorrow and, after the outcome of the same, they will leave for Palermo.

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