Corini conference, 29th day vs Lecco

On the eve of the 29th Serie B, the match against Lecco, the Corini Press conference

On the eve of the 29th Serie B, the match against Lecco, the Corini Press conference

Do I still believe in A? I’ll clarify it right away. It was referring to the last two games, we didn’t score points and the competitors did.

This means that it is more difficult to reach them, the two defeats set us back, but we will try until the end, officially for us the Lecco match means starting again and scoring points.

Maybe what happened to us can happen to those in front of us. There are a lot of points still to be made. Today the distance is wider and we must bridge it.

Why can’t we make the leap in quality? It’s an objective fact and something to reflect on, it’s been a terrible week.

There are still ten games, and you have to clean up this disappointment that is there, that we perceive, the last two have pushed us back.

The points compared to the promotion have increased, but we can still recover.

What didn’t work in the last two? I seem to be exhaustive, I always try to give my logic.

Cremona had a particular path after a well-done first half, with Ternana we dominated at times and after the 2-1 their lack of clarity put them in a position to win.

Against Brescia, it is a particular match because worse than taking a goal after 20 seconds is nothing, but we recovered and took the lead, after that we suffered and the second half was difficult.

Concentration is fundamental for professionals.

There are technical and tactical errors but not in concentration, there is the will to do important things and get the championship back on track, start again and concentrate. Sometimes anxiety takes you out of balance.

In the last three games, we have conceded goals again, but we need to see how and why we conceded them.

We try to play, but we know how important it is to find the cohesion that we had lost after the negative results.

Then with the January signings, we brought in other players. The last three penalized us, but the search will be continuous also to consolidate the defensive phase.

From the point of view of athletic condition the team runs and does, 3 days after the Cremonese I put the same team back on the field except for a few changes.

I have often said that the third game is the most invasive, I had removed Diakité due to some cramps, I rested Ceccaroni.

I put Henderson as an attacking midfielder because he hadn’t played for a long time and Di Francesco had taken his place again. The reflections were profound given that it was the third match.

There are moments in the championship that are more difficult than others.

The first half break in Brescia was a difficult moment because there was disappointment and the team was affected, but we had to play another 50 minutes and the choice was made to have more quality.

I removed Brunori because he was in his third game and needed a player who attacked the depth, maintaining balance.

The team tried to give pace, but the difficulty is overall at the moment.

What still makes me believe in promotion? Anger makes you stagger, but it gives you energy. In difficult times, we found energy.

I see the boys working with commitment and disappointment, which is in all of us.

This depends on us, thinking about Lecco means starting again and as long as there is mathematics we will think about scoring points.

Lecco? The objective data says that he is in difficulty, but we know what quality they have, and they are good on dead balls.

We have to go and play the game and win, maximum respect, but for us, it is a starting point.

The many goals conceded arise from various situations and are analysed.

Brescia scored goals in different ways, they are mistakes, and we need to work, the mistakes penalized us.

Henderson out after sending off? We wanted to cover the field, Di Mariano can play a defensive phase and Di Francesco can accompany Brunori by playing as a second striker.

I preferred to keep the exteriors.

Stulac out? He was penalized by Gomes’ physical condition. He is fine from a mental and tactical point of view.

Furthermore, he’s going through an important moment and I preferred him.

It was often ironic when I said route, now there is no longer route but ten games, and we have to do well.

The next match, you have to prove something and make it clear that what happened. We believe in promotion, and we will prove it by winning the match. The path leads to playing these ten games.

We make fun of everything. I work on the field to consolidate what is going well and understand why we made mistakes.

If someone says something, it must remain fixed in the memory. The work is continuous and there is always something to learn, we do it continuously.

Technical and tactical errors are made. Let’s give value to what I say, I seem to speak clearly and Italian.

Marconi was and is important for me. The starter in that role was Ceccaroni, but I have him there.

I’m fine, unfortunately he was sent off against Como and against Brescia also when his legs were intertwined.

Insigne will be evaluated tomorrow because he has an adductor problem, the rest are all available. Deplanches returns next week and Lucioni after the break.

The only one in doubt is Insigne, but he will be evaluated tomorrow morning.

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