Mignani conference, 32nd day vs Sampdoria

On the eve of the 32nd day of Serie B, the match against the Sampdoria, here the first Michele Mignani Press conference

On the eve of the 32nd day of Serie B, the match against the Sampdoria, here the first Michele Mignani Press conference

Presentation press conference at Palermo for Michele Mignani, the new coach who this week took over the position left vacant by the dismissal of Eugenio Corini.

Gardini takes the floor and introduces the coach as follows:

I would like to firstly thanks to Corini and his staff for the work done in Palermo.

Sometimes the paths go well, others less so, but the human and professional respect remains.

We have respect for our public who has always supported us and who will do so tomorrow too. We feel somehow indebted to them.

Furthermore, we know how much responsibility it entails to manage a square like Palermo, we take on the burdens and honors.

Our goals for the season finale do not change. Making the change was necessary, and after a series of talks we chose to focus on Mignani until June 2025.

We found in him all the requirements we were looking for; for us, it was the best possible option.

This is not the time to take stock, as we still have seven games left. It’s time to push the accelerator and do rather than talk

It is the second time that I find myself in the position to take over, after having already done so in Olbia.

I have to try to give some ideas as quickly as possible.

I work with a group that has proven to be exceptional in these two days, then I hope to also have a bit of luck for this season finale.

Not only that, but I want to start again after having stopped for a while. Likewise, I used the forced stop period to rest and try to look at things from a different perspective and improve myself.

Coming to Palermo is a source of pride for me, the club wants to do things big and this gives great responsibility but also a lot of pride

Turning down such a huge opportunity is impossible, so the deal closed quickly.

I saw the team applied and attentive, as well as in good physical condition. This is thanks to the staff who preceded me.

We are ready to try to start well from tomorrow. The group is healthy, they made a few mistakes, but this can happen over the course of a long championship like Serie B.

From a tactical point of view, I tried to touch on two/three things to put the team in a position to best face the challenge of tomorrow against Sampdoria

Play? There is no specific player to play that role. Unfortunately, we have to deal with some absences in the workforce.

Football is evolving, matches often become chess games, where you have to be good at surprising your opponent.

Defense vulnerable? It happens, the head often does everything.

Our goal is to play a great match tomorrow and react to the negative moment, aware that a public like the one in Palermo can give us a big hand

Desplanches holder? I asked if two of them could play in goal – he laughs. I arrived too recently to talk about certain things, we’ll see moving forward.

Lucioni? He’s fine, I saw him on the ball. He is an expert player who has many games under his belt. I’m happy to have him on the team

Playoffs? Too early to talk about it now. The objective is to have the team play at its best in these seven games remaining at the end of the regular season.

In recent days, I have watched more Sampdoria matches than Palermo, to understand how to counter the opponent. 4-3-1-2?

It’s not an obvious choice, we’ll see. Distinguished? Is fine. Tomorrow for me, being born in Genoa and having played for Sampdoria, it will be a special match, it’s true.

But tomorrow I will put everything I have into the rosanero to win the match

I have had little time so far to talk to the team, I hope to be able to do so from tonight.

I thank Bari who gave me the opportunity to grow as a coach. It is a square that has given me a lot and that I think is very similar to Palermo in terms of warmth.

In these two days I tried to understand what could be the most suitable outfit for this team and I hope I got it right. For the rest there was little time

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