Mockery for Palermo’s Eleven Sports subscribers

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Another buffering from Eleven Sports subscribers?

After the numerous problems of the Eleven Sports platform for all those who wanted to subscribe or to watch the game on the first day of Lega Pro and the subsequent escalation to the consumer association, today Eleven released the following statement:
live buffer image
live buffer image

Dear Customer,

for Eleven it is an honor to broadcast the Serie C and Superlega matches, especially in this period when it is not possible to cheer at the stadium or at the sports hall, our role becomes even more crucial.

Since we believe that every fan is important, as our claim “By The Fans, For The Fans” says, we have decided to allow you the free view of the next day of the Serie C and Superlega championships. To take advantage of this I try, after logging in,

just enter the code ELEVEN11 in the space provided on the page and then, near the kick-off, go to the page and click on the image of the match in the schedule that you will choose to follow.

In saying goodbye, we give you an appointment this weekend to experience the second day of the championship with us.

Enjoy the games

Eleven Sports staff

Is it a mockery for Palermo subscribers?
Because the Palermo vs Potenza is postponed for the Covid-19 reason.