The confrontation: President Mirri and Amici Rosanero

mirri palermo amici rosanero

Some responses from president Mirri.

Mirri / Palermo 21/10/2020:

  • I have always said that the sports center is a fundamental element and I think it is a sort of promotion. It has an important value for the development of a project, incredible that the fifth city of Italy has never had it.
  • We always trained at Pasqualino and there weren’t any, if you train on synthetic it doesn’t necessarily happen. We are talking about something that cannot be foreseen. We are making an investment of 20 thousand euros to adapt to the Carini stadium. Honored Lieutenant? They allowed Zamparini to use the stadium without anything, they asked us to refurbish the athletics track which costs 480,000 euros. Something unacceptable. We went to Carini last year for two months and today we continue to train there. Di Piazza said he does not want to make an extra investment in the sports center, while we are waiting for the municipality of Torretta to make a race. We would like to build two football fields, we are trying to manage the times. We have defined everything and we hope to be able to win the tender.
  • The coach believes that training in the field where you play is only a risk and therefore only ruins the turf, you train a little here and a little there waiting for the sports center which is worth a promotion. Greater difficulty? Nothing scares me, I face with courage what I can do. I understand well that in the end, it is the result that counts and that if we don’t win nobody can follow me, if I could take the field I would do it to make the fans happy.

  • We have built this company with Di Piazza and in the next two years we will invest some money with Palermo which will not have a euro of debt being all share capital, we are talking about a real investment. We will go on until this share capital allows us to invest, the value of the company is important and we have shared with Di Piazza to make a greater economic effort by paying all the capital of 15 million to give stability to the company. We are not looking for any other investor, we will go ahead with the investment together with Tony Di Piazza; we will go on together until we have the strength to support it. The fact that all the capital can be paid means that Di Piazza wants to stay.
  • I have an excellent personal relationship with Orlando, but a solution cannot be found because the ground of the stadium is not municipal but regional. We have a stadium that is part of our history and leaving it would not be a good thing, but now I understand why Zamparini had thought of transferring the team to Zen. Too much bureaucracy.


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