Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists 2020/21

Palermo president Mirri Di Piazza

After the championship, it’s time to take stock.
Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists’ questions.

Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…

“Filippi stays? There is no doubt that he did and I think there are few doubts in wanting to reconfirm him, but this gives me an opportunity to return to last year when we had identified Roberto Boscaglia as coach these days. They were all convinced that he was the best. technical as possible.

And I think he is an excellent coach who will continue to do this job brilliantly. Something has happened that obviously did not work, I don’t think football is easy to interpret. I think the difficulty of making a decision from a technical point of view is At the moment Filippi is seen as the best coach, if he loses a game in six months, opinions about him could change.

After the defeat against Viterbese and the sacking of Boscaglia, everyone criticized our initial choice. to make it clear how difficult it is for us too. We can do well, but we can also make mistakes. Who instead got the better of Filippi. His Palermo achieved a positive return behind Ternana.

I don’t know if Filippi is better than Mourinho, but I am convinced that the results obtained are evident. We must be proud of having reached the national playoffs which were one of the seasonal goals, the dream was promotion. In August I said that we could have won the championship, we came close considering that Avellino is now in the semifinals.

And we played it evenly. This does not mean that Filippi is a genius and Boscaglia no, I don’t think so. I’m sure Giacomo was good at collecting the legacy and doing well. We started talking to coach Filippi and we will continue to do so between Monday and Tuesday, we need to understand and share many things with him. If I have to say my opinion, he has shown that he can be the manager of Palermo.

Palermo project? Our project is to win. In early August 2018 Aurelio De Laurentiis won the Bari call and declares that he wants to bring the cockerels back to A immediately. They invested a lot more money and went out in the playoffs too. We will make a team to be able to win as everyone will.

I believe that the big cities that we will face will all try to win, I think no one is playing to lose. Our goal is to reach the promotion, then I don’t know if we will succeed or not because we know that the ball is round. Returning to the season that has just ended, I can say that I am very satisfied because we were a newly promoted team with a team that came from D and that changed the squad with twelve additions.

We have to live in the present and not the past. I understand that we are the fifth city in Italy and that our fans are fantastic. But this does not give us the right to go to Serie A. If we do not accept where we are we will never be able to look to the future, there is a need to share a pact of unity with the city that must tighten around the team even when gets lost.

When we did well with Filippi we looked like a Champions League team, the previous eight months the team had to be thrown away. Our project is to make a team like the one that has made us proud in these last four months to try to win the championship.

New investors? Tony Di Piazza’s withdrawal only accelerated a refinancing process. Both me with my family and Tony Di Piazza have made an enormous effort by subscribing to share capital of 15 million euros. Therefore a commitment with the city to carry on the team for three years. A commitment that we are respecting and in Palermo, it is not always like this, we have always continued with the Palermo project. We will arrive in June 2022 with the resources allocated, but we are working on a refinancing process and looking for new members. It is clear that Palermo is not Zurich … or Novara, Florence, or Spezia: there is little in the South.

Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…
Palermo is a glasshouse and seeks resources, with Tony Di Piazza we were proud to have given new life to Palermo. But we knew we weren’t going to stay for life. The first was a year of triumphs, in the second as a newly promoted team we closed the second part of the championship brilliantly. I think Palermo has made great strides in two years and we are currently the first Sicilian club.

We must be hopeful that an investment opportunity can be approached by someone in Palermo, both Di Piazza and I are doing everything. He also did some verifications in the United States, but he didn’t go beyond the first few interviews. We must roll up our sleeves and hope to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I think this society has changed a lot, what was inside this society is different than what there is today. I do not agree with the dissent against Palermo, if someone does not like the renewal we are giving … I think we can talk about non-sporting news. I think it is inevitable that there is someone who does not agree. Of Piazza? It was a choice he made in December but I don’t think today is appropriate for me to say something about it. You can always do better to improve the team and society.

There is no plan A or plan B, but there is money for next season. It is not certain that the money is only used to buy the players, we have an amount available thanks to the commitment of the members who will be destined for next season. If you have no income, you cannot just go out.

Covid has been everywhere but our stadium costs us 20 thousand euros every game: 10 to be given to the Municipality and 10 for expenses. When I went to Francavilla I learned that they do not pay anything to the Municipality. We have made an operation that affects everyone: from the fans to the Municipality. Now, for example, there are no longer free tickets for city councilors thanks to something voted by themselves.

The theme of development and money is a central theme, but having no revenues and only expenses, there are many expenses. When we travel we spend a lot. There are Serie C companies that spend no more than € 20,000, we spend around € 200,000. We have done everything to be able to win, but Covid has had a negative impact. The public would have helped the team I’m sure. 15 million?

We had to pay € 1 million for affiliation which we will not easily forget. The loss this year will be approximately 7.8 million, with 5 million remaining for next season. If there is no income it will be another season of tears and blood, but we are not going back an inch with the payments we have just made. We have a clear conscience, I hope the city makes a contribution.

Palermo FC 2020/21 Season

Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…
I have shown that I have Palermo in my heart and I am sure that in the city there is someone with more important economic skills than mine. I remember when Juventus took Pogba paying Raiola six million, even though she was fined. Expenses not cleared? We spent what was declared in the records, for this season we spent about 7.8 million between staff, prosecutors, various and any. We must hope that the stadium will reopen and that there will be some revenues, otherwise, we will do everything to manage those that remain.

Money is useful and necessary but it is not essential to win. Take for example the Citadel which risked going to A on a limited budget. Palermo has the money and the skills to be able to have a good season, the important thing is that everyone wears the Palermo shirt right away and not that of other clubs. We need first fans and not seconds.

Sagramola-Castagnini? The work of managers is linked to results. But we have to see what we mean by results. Did they do badly until February and then good from March? Were they asses before and phenomena after? Filippi’s choice was courageous, I would say they were good. We put money and face in it and we don’t want anyone to put their feet on our heads and get muddy thrown at us.

I believe they did their job conscientiously. Then everything can be improved and I will intervene. But I do not accept that there is a judgment from anyone on the work done by others, too easy to judge the result. It’s not okay, because the real fans remain so even when they lose. We must realize that this is the situation, if it were up to me I would return to the stands. I can not wait. We didn’t bring people like Baccaglini or Tuttolomondo, our responsibility is to give Palermo to someone who is better than us.

Boscaglia didn’t tell us that the players we had hired weren’t good for his game system. Filippi had the flexibility to change the form of the game. Club evaluation? It is the market that makes the price, we evaluated that it could be the best possible, then clearly the market will decide. I believe that Tony Di Pizza’s right of withdrawal is born in December, the quantum will be evaluated.

The lawyers will be talking about it. Things have changed and I don’t think that changing CEO could be essential to keep Di Piazza, I’m sorry that Tony didn’t go well but he knew it from the start. Sagramola is an administrative reference and will continue to be so.

Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…
Boscaglia did not tell us that the players we had taken were not good for his game system. Filippi had the flexibility to change the form of the game. The negative aspect was undoubtedly the start which was not happy, we started late compared to other teams. Boscaglia trained Entella until 3 August.

On the famous friendlies we can say that you could not play against non-professional teams, the only team was Catania but friendly-derby are two words that do not go hand in hand. You learn from mistakes to avoid making them again, the next retreat will not take place in Sicily because we must be sure we can face some friendly matches against a professional team. Boscaglia was not a mistake, I would like to organize the team management differently.

Positive notes are the young guys we have chosen in D and who have also confirmed themselves in C. They are a base to which experienced players have been added. Everyone gave their contribution and we start from a base that we didn’t have last year, we will take a maximum of 5-6 / 8 players and not 12 like last year. Catania for 6 years has been in this category like Bari, so should they kill them? The world and reality have changed, we will continue the project by remembering that skills and not money are needed, otherwise Monza would have hit the A.

The sports center is a project on which we are aiming for the future of Palermo, if Catania is saved it will do so thanks to this. It will be an absolute guarantee because I believe it is a decisive asset, we would also like to present a project for a new stadium in the future. Palermo is the subject that must make the sports center, the 68 thousand euros of friends Rosanero will be destined for this. We started everything to capitalize on the company. A decisive asset for the future. We will not sleep there, there will be a shelter for the players who will be able to have lunch there.
Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…

Palermo president sports centre
Palermo president sports centre

Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…
Santana? I experience a kind of conflict as both a fan and president. Mario’s goal in Catania will remain a milestone. I think it was an unforgettable evening. Whether in the future he wants to be a footballer or not, we will decide together. He has to think carefully about it and we too, I can assure you that Mario from Palermo won’t move anyway.

Spring? Rinaudo is the creator of our youth sector, if you have the ability to produce young talents you have it all. They are the guys who were discarded after the failure of the old Palermo and started from this idea and stepped forward. Tomorrow there will be the match against Catanzaro, winning a championship would be a crazy sporting success. This is a basis for the future of Palermo, Rinaudo will help us understand if there will be guys who can join the first team.

Last year the maximum was done, this year we will take no more than 8 players and therefore the work will be easier. We have taken several players from Serie B, players who had worked until the beginning of August. That delay is also the result of the end of the championships in early August, we must avoid what could be an alibi. We will pay attention to the smallest details in order not to have, I repeat, any alibi.

Lucca? I remember when Palermo gave Grosso to Inter. I’m so sorry, I hope Lorenzo will want to stay. It is clear that you need to know how to fit many things: from the will of the player to those of the prosecutor. We all want Lucca to stay, he too was on the team when everything went wrong. We have many 20-year-olds that we have built and I believe that from a technical point of view there are the foundations. We have respected our commitments and now the city must move forward

Filippi told me that in his opinion with 5 or 6 players the team can be competitive, it lacks a bit of strength and competitive nastiness. Avellino also beat us because he was more experienced or worse, we really lack this aspect and I think that with our forwards we would have scored a goal in the second half. There are important salaries and therefore we will have to make some evaluations, net of Lucca there could be some optimizations of players. Expiring players? At the moment we have to build a good team, renewals are not our priority. “

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Palermo president Dario Mirri answers journalists…