Highlights Palermo/Juve Stabia 2-4 opportunity lost

Palermo/Juve Stabia begins

Highlights Palermo/Juve Stabia 2-4
opportunity lost for the rosanero

FIRST HALF TIME of Palermo/Juve Stabia:

First ball of the match managed by the Campania region. Almici at 2 ‘tries a cross in the area for Luperini which is anticipated. Again De Rose who talks with Luperini, tries a cross and the former Trapani head is not very precise sending the ball out. Silipo at 3 ′ recovers the ball on Esposito and focuses, the 2001 class kicks towards Russo’s goal making a mistake. Palermo started better than the boys of Mr. Padalino.

Palermo GOAL at 6 ‘with Luperini. Juve Stabia trying to build from the bottom, Lucca goes under pressure on the goalkeeper, who serves Berardocco who does not control well, and Luperini bags with the left. Accardi’s error hitting the ball with his knee and allowing Fantacci to restart, the number 33 serves Lia who misses the cross. Floriano at 10 ‘, after a short rejection by the host defense, the ball is found on the left and crosses for Almici who is bypassed by the same.

Floriano again at 12 ‘. The former Bari recovers the ball focuses and kicks, but his conclusion is wide. At 21 ‘Floriano receives the ball from Lucca and crosses the area with the right-winger for the rushing Almici, but the full-back commits a foul.

Palermo/Juve Stabia photogallery

At 22 ′ first corner kick for Juve Stabia, the ball is deflected by Mulè and ends up in a goal kick. Lucca in the 24th-minute battles with Elizalde, who holds him back, but the rosanero striker manages to get the better of it and at the moment of the shot, the defender finds and puts his foot dirtying the trajectory and sending the ball into a corner kick. On the development of the ball for Peretti who heads over Russo who blocks.

Equal Juve Stabia at 27 ‘. Berardotto, is served by Mulè who kicks from the edge of the area and bags to the left of Pelagotti, who takes the step to the right making a mistake. The captain of Campania remedies the mistake made in Luperini’s goal. At 44 ′ Silipo receives the ball on the right out, crosses for the rushing Valente who arrives late on the ball. After 1 ‘of recovery the first part of the race ends.

#Santana #Mirri Palermo/Juve Stabia
#Santana #Mirri Palermo/Juve Stabia

SECOND HALF of Palermo/Juve Stabia:

The challenge restarts without changes for either team. Accardi unloads for Pelagotti and is put down by Marotta.

At 49 ′ Juve Stabia overturns the challenge. Luperini believes he has been fouled and stops, the Campania players overturn the action with Fantacci, who serves Guarracino and closes the triangulation, and bags the 1-2 goal. At 58 ‘free-kick for the rosanero, the ball is rejected and Floriano tries it from outside the area, but kicks wide. Palermo pushing to seek an equal goal, but is not very precise.

Juve Stabia who at 67 ‘goes on 3-1 with Marotta. An error by the rosanero defense that leaves the attacker all alone. 1 ‘after Palermo tries the reaction with Rauti, but hits the post. At 70 ‘poker of Campania with Marotta who takes advantage of a mistake by Palazzi and goes face to face with Pelagotti. Palermo who feels the reaction and in 83 ‘shortens the distance with Luperini. Santana crosses for, Rauti with his head and serves Luperini who bags with the right. Expelled Lucca who, after being fouled, says something too much to the referee.

The match ends with Juve Stabia who conquers three fundamental points to continue the race for the playoffs and Palermo is unable to give continuity to the victory obtained in the derby.

PALERMO: 1 Pelagotti; 16 Peretti (from 51 ‘Somma), 5 Palazzi, 4 Accardi (C.); 29 Almici (from 51 ‘Crivello), 27 Luperini, 18 De Rose, 14 Valente (from 67’ Rauti); 10 Silipo (from 51 ‘Santana), 7 Floriano; 17 Lucca. Available: 12 Fallani,, 8 Martin, 13 Lancini, 20 Kanoute, 21 Broh, 26 Marong. Coach: Filippi.

JUVE STABIA: 25 Russian; 13 Mulè, 28 Esposito, 4 Elizalde; 2 Lia (from 80 ‘Iannoni), 8 Scaccabarozzi, 14 Berardocco (from 77’ Caldore), 3 Rizzo (from 77 ‘Suciu); 33 Fantacci (from 62 ‘Borrelli); 10 Marotta, 17 Guarracino (from 62 ‘Bovo). Available: 23 Lazzari, 26 Gianfagna, 18 Ripa, 31 Oliva. Coach: Padalino

REFEREE: Cristian Cudini (Dicosta-Teodori). FOURTH MAN: Davide Di Marco (Ciampino).

NOTES: warned Berardotto, Fantacci, Bovo (J), Peretti, Accardi, Rauti (P) sent off Lucca (P).

SCORERS: Luperini 6 ′, 84 ′, Berardotto 27 ′, Guarracino 48 ′, Marotta 67 ′, 71 ′

The Highlights video of Palermo/Juve Stabia

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