Palermo vs Cavese, a decisive match, 18th-day of return of Serie C

A decisive match #Palermo #Cavese

Palermo vs Cavese, a decisive match, 18th-day of return of Serie C

Michele Delrio from Reggio Emilia will be the referee of Palermo-Cavese.
The Emilian whistle will be assisted by assistants Massimiliano Bonomo from Milan and Giovanni Dell’Orco from Policoro; fourth official Marco Monaldi of Macerata. The match, valid for the 37th day of the Serie C-Group C championship, is scheduled for Sunday 25 April 2021 at 5.30 pm at the “Renzo Barbera” stadium.

A decisive match Palermo vs Cavese, 18th-day of return of Serie C

“Cavese? For us, this is the decisive match unlike the others, a match that can allow us to get closer to better positions in view of the last day. There is only one result, that is to bring home the victory, then we will think about the Francavilla. Doda for Almici? There are many absences but those present give me guarantees, we tried him like others. I have no training problems in this sense because the available are up to par and can do an excellent match.

The team is very well, tomorrow we will have many absentees but they are absences of a different nature apart from Almici whose injury is more serious. The others are stops that will last a couple of weeks at the most, then they will be played every 3 days but the team has demonstrated that he can absorb these loads. Absence of Almici?

Alberto is important for our team and for our game system, we have intensified the work and care for all the injured so that we can recover them for the playoffs. His injury worries a little more, we hope to be able to get it back when we are good with the playoffs. Lucca? It is further ahead and arouses fewer worries, we are already counting on it for the match against Virtus Francavilla.

Floriano? Tomorrow I will field the best formation to beat Cavese also because for us it is the decisive match of the year. We need to bring home the three points in any way. Roberto is fine, in Bari he had a little annoyance and did not want to. risk continuing the match. He is available for tomorrow and can be in the match. Will there be teams that will make calculations? I’m not used to doing them, the only goal is to win the last two games.

Future in Palermo? Normal that many applications for the rosanero bench knowing the club’s coat of arms, my staff and I will do our best to achieve the main objective. We will then see what happens, in any case, it will remain a really exciting and important adventure for the beginning of my career. Playoffs? We need to file mistakes as much as possible, improve our strengths and be very concrete.

We have to try to play every game just to win, that’s what I have imposed on the boys since I sat on this bench. We must not leave anything to chance and therefore take care of every detail. Playoffs? Against any opponent we will have to impose our strength, we must always be ready.

Saraniti? Those who do this work know that there can be criticism and praise, I don’t think it was a problem for Andrea. We all have to give more and try to make fewer mistakes. called up because he did not train during the week due to a gluteus problem, we are trying to bring his condition to the maximum in view of the playoffs

Rauti will be available as well as Santana and will therefore be a possible solution like all the attackers. We will evaluate tomorrow who to employ and who can hurt Cavese. Do you distrust Pelagotti? I don’t like to make calculations, I’m not used to doing them and my players too. Fallani had a problem, but there will be Faraone who will take his place.”

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