Baldini conference – 1st round Finals Playoffs against Padova

Baldini conference - 1st round Finals Playoffs against Padova

Baldini conference – 1st round Finals Playoffs against Padova

On the eve of the first act of the playoff final, Silvio Baldini speaks. The rosanero coach presents the themes of the first leg match between Padova and Palermo.

How important is this match in view of the 180 minutes? I just know that this is an opportunity not to be missed. Not playing for what you think you are worth would be a missed opportunity. Our enthusiasm must not stop in front of the opponent: we will make some tactical measures, but it does not mean that we will play on the defensive. I already think that on Sunday evening Palermo will win

Floriano and Accardi? Both are fine, tonight we will do a refinement but nothing special (we did what we had to do). I know what these guys can give me: I have clear ideas. To achieve results, you need to go beyond training and everything. On the contrary, I am gratified by the fact that the players want to work harder and harder to express themselves. We have to play it openly. And I know this will depend on us. Do you see? This cough of mine is also the sign of adrenaline for this match

The boys wanted to work even more than other times, also to release the tension in this waiting. From the Oglio? There are no hierarchies, there are only those who give you more at that moment: I have to evaluate everyone and the work of the field, the “hierarchy” determines the training and the daily conditions. I want to see people who are hungry and who want to contribute to the cause of Palermo. I have to choose, obviously it will be important not to make mistakes. But they are all fit

Soleri on loan from Padova? I haven’t even thought about it, he’s an extraordinary guy and now he doesn’t care about that. I am very sure that he will give 100%, and he will not be conditioned by this situation. And I am convinced that he is a player that Palermo must not lose. The Padova? In the past I said it was better to meet a difficult team in order to improve… and in the end, we met all the strongest teams. Once again we will go and play it, knowing that we have a chance. I’m not afraid, but mine is not a way of being a bully: I simply want to play it, I want to think that we have to do the right things

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Predictions of the experts? If I started thinking about this, I would put less energy into giving my best for this team. We have studied Padova and we know that it is a strong team, but we have played against them all. If the field says that they did better we will accept it, but – as I told the boys – we have to live these two games as if we had already won; because we have followed a path that has allowed us to express ourselves in this way. What will ever happen to me if I have no regrets? It is not presumption, we simply want to be the best, without ever disrespecting of course. The kids themselves understood that growth is in daily work

Tomorrow the key game? Obviously, you haven’t listened to me. I repeat: we must not be conditioned by anything, we must be ourselves. We have to deliver, but I want the players to express their freedom, joy, and dimension. Without thinking about anything. We have tried many things, we know everything about Padova (and vice versa). I cannot be afraid. The field will say whether we have won or not, but at this moment I feel the adrenaline of being able to give joy to these people. I’m not the type to speculate on an outcome. I am still the same as I was 20 years ago in Chievo. I just want my players to be happy to play a final and to represent an audience and an entire city

Does the situation beware of unconscious limits? If I notice it, that player doesn’t play the final. We must play with the confidence of being the strongest, knowing that in recent months this team has shared difficulties and joys as a family. A link with Oddo? I am me, I simply have great respect for whoever I am in front of. Football is not a career, it is the adrenaline of waiting with joy for this moment. I give to the field of things because I expect that the field can then give me emotions back. I want to live in the field to seek and find myself. The expression of my work must be this. I’m looking for that magic, that wind in which there is the past, the present, and the future

On December 23 they called me and on the 24th I signed. And I already knew that fate had given me a chance. This was my chance. And I never hid: I told the players that if I could get into their hearts, they would be better people. Now is the time to achieve our dream. When I came here I had faith, inside I knew that we could straighten the situation. If you don’t believe it, it can’t happen. What then do you know … the hotel is full of black cats, I saw them rummaging through the garbage. If I were superstitious it would be awful, but I don’t believe in these things. They are beautiful

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PADOVA (3-4-3): Donnarumma; Ajeti, Valentini, Gasbarro; Germano, Ronaldo, Dezi, Curcio; Chiricó, Cervavolo, Bifulco.

Unavailable: Kirwan, Matei, Busellato, Pelagatti

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Massolo; Buttaro, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; De Rose, Damiani; Valente, Luperini, Floriano; Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong

Disqualified: /