Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló: The team led by Silvio Baldini takes the field at the “Renzo” Barbera “stadium against Feralpisalò on the occasion of the return semi-final of the Serie C playoffs. The sports facility of the Sicilian capital is once again sold out, beating yet another seasonal record: 35,037 titles have been issued for the challenge.

First Half-Time / Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

The kick-off is scheduled for 20.30. The first ball is entrusted to the away team, who will attack from left to right: the referee blows his whistle, and the match begins. The first occasion of the match is for Feralpisalò with a shot from outside the area by Hergheligiu sent for a corner by Massolo.

Shortly after it was Guerra who worried the rosanero goalkeeper with a shot, the goalkeeper was attentive and rejected the ball. Departure at a very high pace of the guests, forced to chase the result of 3-0 of the first leg match. At 10 ‘Palermo tries to respond with a cross from Buttaro hit by Soleri’s head; the ball, however, is not directed towards the goalposts defended by De Lucia.

A few moments later it is Damiani who tries the conclusion from outside the area, high ball over the crossbar. At 22 ‘dangerous Valente restarted who serves in the middle Soleri anticipated by the Lombard defender: the game, however, was stopped due to the offside position of the Sicilian number 30.

Halfway through the first half, the pace slows down and Palermo, as usual, tries to make itself dangerous on the counterattack by trying to surprise the rear of the opponents. At 32 ‘the game stops, De Rose collapses to the ground and is rescued by the medical staff: he still seems able to continue the match.

Three minutes later Soleri is close to scoring with a perfect insertion, but the ball is not impacted well and goes out. At 43 ′ De Rose brings the ball and chain for about seventy meters and risks entering the penalty area before being sent to the ground by Legati, it is a free-kick from the edge for the rosanero. Beat entrusted to Valente, his shot breaks on the barrier. Immediately afterward Brunori tries the scissor kick in the penalty area but fails to hit the ball.

At 47 ‘Palermo takes the lead! Luperini steals the ball in the opponent’s half and with a pass he throws Brunori all alone towards De Lucia; in front of the opposing goalkeeper, the number 9 of the rosanero is lucid and kicks hard at the goal. After a VAR check, the goal is confirmed! After the Rosanero goal, Eros Pisano is forced to leave the field on a stretcher due to injury. After the two minutes of injury time granted by the match director, the referee sends everyone to the locker room.

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Second Half-Time / Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Before the resumption, Mr. Vecchi must replace Pisano with Damonte, while the rosanero coach sends Silipo on the field in place of Valente. The second half of the match starts. In the second part of the match, the rosanero try to control the match towards the final whistle thanks to the advantage of four goals in the total count of 180 minutes.

At 55 ′ another substitution for Feralpisalò, Spagnoli exits and Miracoli enters. Immediately afterward there are also some changes in the Palermo house: Brunori and Damiani come out and give way to Fella and Odjer. Very low pace during the second half, with the well-chipped Palermo trying to increase the gap from the opponents. At 69 ′ Soleri fails to overcome De Lucia after an excellent exchange with Fella. A minute later Baldini sent Somma to the field in place of Buttaro. Mister Vecchi responds by replacing Balestrero and Di Molfetta with Siligardi and Corradi.

At 74 ‘Siligardi tries the conclusion from outside the area, but the shot goes off to the left of Massolo’s goal post. A minute later Crivello leaves the pitch and Giron enters his place. At 80 ‘Silipo enters the area and serves Somma arrived in overlap; the number 16 tries the conclusion directly on goal and hits the crossbar touching the 2-0 goal.

In 1984, the Feralpisalò technician sent Khadim to the field instead of Guerra. Almost at the end of the match, Perrotta accuses of cramps and stops the game for a few moments. Meanwhile, the fans present at the “Renzo Barbera” continue to sing choruses and support Baldini’s team. At 90′ Feralpisalò goes on the net with Khadim beating Massolo by kicking from inside the rosanero penalty area. The referee waits for the pass from the VAR, while just before the fourth official had announced the four minutes of injury time.

The VAR gives its response, it is an offside position, and the result remains at 1-0. Almost close to the triple whistle, De Rose goes close to the goal of doubling but his conclusion is blocked by the Garda defense. A few moments later the referee blows his whistle three times, there is no time left! Palermo-Feralpisalò ends 1-0 and the rosanero win the final against the victorious Padova against Catanzaro.

Video / Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

Table / Highlights Palermo vs Feralpisaló / 2nd Semifinals Playoffs Lega Pro 2021/22

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 25 Buttaro (from 70 ‘Somma), 33 Perrotta, 15 Marconi, 6 Crivello (from 75’ Giron); 20 De Rose (chap.), 21 Damiani (from 57 ‘Odjer); 30 Valente (from 46 ‘Silipo), 17 Luperini, 27 Soleri; 9 Brunori (dla 57 ‘Fella). Available: 1 Pelagotti, 3 Giron, 4 Accardi, 7 Floriano, 10 Silipo, 11 Dall’Oglio, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 23 Fella, 75 Felici, 77 Doda.
Coach: Baldini.

FERALPISALÒ: 33 De Lucia, 2 Bergonzi, 5 Pisano (from 46 ‘Damonte), 7 Di Molfetta (from 71’ Corradi), 11 Spagnoli (from 55 ‘Miracles), 13 Legati (chap.), 17 Guerra (from 84) ‘Khadim), 19 Corrado, 21 Carraro, 27 Hergheligiu, 28 Balestrero (from 71’ Siligardi). Available: 1 Liverani, 12 Porro, 9 Miracoli, 10 Corradi, 15 Farabegoli, 16 Khadim, 18 Cristini, 20 Luppi, 26 Siligardi, 29 Damonte, 30 Castorani, 31 Salines.
Coach: Vecchi.

Referee: Feliciani (Teramo). Assistants: Politi (Lecce) – Miniutti (Maniago). Fourth Official: Maranesi (Ciampino). VAR: Fabbri (Ravenna). AVAR: Cecconi (Empoli).

SCORERS: Brunori (47 ‘).
NOTES: Booked: Pisano, Legati, Corradi.