Highlights Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

Highlights Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

The Sicilians led by the Tuscan coach will also be supported on the road, for the umpteenth time, by the many Palermo fans who have reached the “Euganeo” stadium. Silvio Baldini opts for his usual 4-2-3-1.

First Half-Time / Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

The kick-off is scheduled at 21:00. Teams on the pitch, the first ball of the match is entrusted to the visiting team who attacks from left to right: the match director whistles and kicks off the match between Padova and Palermo. The first occasion of the match is for the hosts in the 6 ‘with a long-range free-kick beaten by Ronaldo that worries Massolo.

At the tenth minute, Palermo takes the lead! A ball lost by a defender of the Venetians in his own penalty area is recovered by Valente who serves immediately in the middle of Floriano; the number 7 of the rosanero is very quick to fit into the bianco-scudate shirts and with his shot on goal he beats Donnarumma! Oddo’s team tries to react immediately after the goal of the Sicilians’ advantage, but the rosanero seem to resist the opposing offensive actions. Halfway through the first half, the challenge continues at a fairly high pace, with Padova chasing the 1-0 partial result in favor of the Sicilians.

At 25 ‘Giron advances the ball and chain for several meters, speeding past a couple of opponents, meanwhile, Brunori enters the opponent’s penalty area by attacking the first post; the French full-back sees the movement and serves his teammate who in turn anticipates the Paduan defender and hits the ball touching the post to Donnarumma’s left.

A minute later the hosts scored with Bifulco, but the referee canceled the equal goal for an offside position also confirmed by the VAR. At 30 ‘Massolo’s clamorous error comes out of his posts to anticipate the opponent but does not hit the ball and is overcome by a header from Chiricò; the ball is chased by Marconi who in acrobatics gives his all, managing to sweep the ball away before he could cross the entire goal line. Also in this case the VAR intervenes and confirms the referee’s decision taken on the field.

Brunori tries to surprise Donnarumma in the 33rd minute with a conclusion from outside the dangerous area but is saved by the Biancoscudato goalkeeper. At 42 ′ Santini heads the cross that arrives from a corner kick and risks beating Massolo on the far post. There will be three minutes of recovery before the double whistle: after three laps of the hands, the arbiter sends everyone to the locker room, and the first 45 minutes ended 0-1.

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Second Half-Time / Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

Before the restart, Baldini sends Soleri to the pitch who takes Floriano’s place. The referee blows his whistle and the second half begins at the Euganeo stadium. At 47 ‘Chiricò is immediately dangerous with a play in the rosanero penalty area, but his conclusion goes out on the bottom. After just a turn of the hands it is Brunori who serves vertical, as before, Valente who can fly towards Donnarumma serving Soleri; the extreme defender of the Paduan, however, puts on a glove and thwarts the opponent’s action.

At 55 ‘still, Chiricò is dangerous in the Sicilian penalty area: the number 32 overtakes Marconi in speed and tries the shot on goal that ends high above the traverse. At 65 ‘comes the first change also for Padova, Jelenic enters the field and Bifulco comes out. Three minutes later Valente crosses in the middle and Luperini tries the scissor kick by touching the post to Donnarumma’s left. At 70 ‘, Mr. Oddo makes another substitution, Dezi takes the place of Hreich. After two laps of hands, Damiani also leaves the field, and Dall’Oglio enters his place.

Palermo began to feel a bit tired and Padova tried to take advantage of it with the quality of their strikers. The rosanero are now not very precise and not very lucid in playing the ball. At 77 ‘Giron exits and Crivello enters among the Sicilians. Following the hosts’ coach Massimo Oddo tries all out by making three substitutions: Ronaldo, Santini, and Curcio leave the field, and Ceravolo, Della Latta, and Cissè enter their place. Baldini’s team continues to defend itself from the attempts of Padova which becomes dangerous on several fronts in search of an equal goal.

In the 88th minute, Jelenic shoots from outside the box but his shot is central and Massolo manages to block it. At 90 ′ the fourth official shows with the luminous scoreboard that there will be four minutes of recovery. Two minutes later Brunori, on a cross from Buttaro, attempts a header that ends up high over the crossbar. After the extra time, the referee whistles three times: the last 90 minutes of fire at the “Barbera” on Sunday 12 June. Padova-Palermo ends 0-1.

VIDEO / Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

THE TABLE / Padova vs Palermo /1st Final Playoff Lega Pro 2021/22

PADOVA: 22 Donnarumma, 3 Valentini, 4 Gasbarro, 7 Santini (from 78 ‘Ceravolo), 8 Germano, 10 Ronaldo (cap .; from 78’ Della Latta), 15 Ajeti, 18 Hraiech (from 70 ‘Dezi), 27 Curcio (from 78 ‘Cissè), 28 Bifulco (from 65’ Jelenic), 32 Chiricò. Available: 1 Vannucchi, 30 Fortin, 5 Della Latta, 6 Pelagatti, 9 Dezi, 11 Jelenic, 13 Cissè, 17 Terrani, 20 Nicastro, 21 Settembrini, 24 Ceravolo, 29 Monaco. Coach: Oddo.

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 25 Buttaro, 79 Lancini, 15 Marconi, 3 Giron (from 77 ‘Crivello); 20 De Rose (chap.), 21 Damiani (from 72 ‘Dall’Oglio); 30 Valente, 17 Luperini, 7 Floriano; 9 Brunori. Available: 1 Pelagotti, 4 Accardi, 6 Crivello, 10 Silipo, 11 Dall’Oglio, 16 Somma, 19 Odjer, 23 Fella, 27 Soleri, 33 Perrotta, 75 Felici, 77 Doda. Coach: Baldini.

Referee: Gualtieri (Asti). Assistants: Cavallina (Parma) – Bahri (Sassari). Fourth Official: Tremolada (Monza). VAR: Di Paolo (Avezzano). AVAR: Meli (Parma).

SCORERS: Floriano (10 ‘).

NOTES: Booked: Giron, Damiani, Ajeti.