Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Monopoli

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Monopoli

Mr.Baldini, Conference before the match against Monopoli

Silvio Baldini returns to the bench against Monopoli and finds a team with confidence and just two points from second place. The rosanero, after the coach’s outburst in Potenza, “have understood that you have to assume your responsibilities and that you have to be professionals,” explained the Palermo coach at a press conference

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

“Tomorrow will be a playoff match, we know that. With these two victories, the team has regained confidence, it will be a tough and masculine game, but we must be ready: we cannot miss out on three games from the end “.

“The Monopoly game? Palermo must play its game, based on our characteristics: staying short and tall. One important thing is to remain aggressive, because you take away any initiative from them. During the match, in moments of fatigue, the team must be good at finding other solutions ”.

“Floriano yesterday had a fever of 38, today he is better, but in view of the next match we have decided to leave him at home and have him respected. So, from Monday he will be available to train again ”.

“After the match in Potenza, the boys understood that they have to take on their responsibilities. The players took their responsibility, because if they didn’t play 100% they would have been criticized a lot. You have to be professionals: the example is Soleri, who accepts everything that is proposed to him and every time he is put on the pitch he scores “.

“VAR? If we had been in Francavilla, we would never have lost. So I am in favor, but whoever analyzes situations must be competent “

“Does Palermo do well with the big teams? More stimulation and higher attention, sometimes the fear of facing a good opponent creates adrenaline. With a smaller one, perhaps, you have the pressure of having to play the match that doesn’t allow you to express yourself on the pitch “.

“In Potenza, when we lost 2-0 and started playing the game, we managed to score three goals. It means that on certain occasions, if you change the passing lines, you can do well “.

“Last week with Covid? I saw the recorded workouts, it was gratifying to see both the work of the guys and the staff. Mauro Nardini is like a brother to me. He every time he replaced me, he won. In the playoffs, if we see that there is danger, let’s put him (laughs, ed) “.

“With Monopoli we will certainly have to be patient too, also because it is difficult to go to a thousand for ninety minutes. When playing outside, conditions change: not only cheering, but also ground and refereeing. We will not have to get anxious “.

“We have the opportunity to play these three games, we have to overtake the others in the final rush. It won’t be easy because others have the same intentions as us. We have to keep scoring for the forwards, because this is how Palermo wins ”.

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Here are the probable formations of Monopoli – Palermo, match valid for the 36th day of Serie C 2021/22 (appointment Saturday 9 April, at 2.30 pm, “Vito Simone Veneziani” stadium in Monopoli):

MONOPOLI (3-5-2): Loria; Arena, Bizzotto, Mercadante; Viteritti, Piccinni, Vassallo, Bussaglia, Guiebre; Borrelli, Grandolfo.

Unavailable: Rossi, Basile

Suspended: Langella

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; De Rose, Dall’Oglio (Damiani); Valente, Luperini, Soleri; Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong, Somma, Floriano

Disqualified: /