Baldini conference before the national playoffs against Triestina

Baldini's conference before the national playoffs against Triestina

Baldini’s conference before the national playoffs against Triestina

The Palermo playoffs are underway: Silvio Baldini spoke at the press conference to present the first match of the first national round against Triestina.
The rosanero coach has stressed several times that compared to when he arrived, he now has a whole squad ready mentally.

“Are you staying for 15 days? I am confident, we have trained well. I see this great self-esteem in the boys and I hope tomorrow goes well ”.

“I am a member of Palermo, I am happy to participate in the playoffs. With Carrarese I reached the semifinals, but it’s not a personal matter, I do this job because I like it. They told me that tomorrow in Trieste there are already 1,000 tickets sold, this fills us with pride “.

“Chance wanted me to return to Palermo. Today we are starting this tournament with 23 players all able to be useful to the cause, previously there were 13/14. This is the most important thing that gives me hope that Palermo will be a protagonist. They are all mentally ready ”.

“President Mirri told me that according to him we would have caught the Triestina. He and Dr. Puleo were convinced, now let’s go and play, we know that this team is on our path. Valente had a gastroenteritis but he trained and he is fine ”.

“We have not conceded goals in the last few games, this was something we sinned in, but we hit back with work. The boys have shown that they are up to par. “

“La Triestina is a very experienced team that uses the 3-4-3. We have the advantage of playing these playoffs with two out of three results, but we don’t have to think about managing. The team must go with personality and confidence like in Monopoli and Bari. We are convinced that we are an important team ”.

“Our way of playing will not change tomorrow, we are looking for the best result knowing that in front of us we have an opponent who will want to do the same. Training? Palermo now has its own physiognomy. Pelagotti is fine too ”.

“At Triestina there are players used to playing games of this level. We know that we must enter the field with the conviction of expressing ourselves at best with our characteristics “.

PALERMO FC 2021/22 Season

Here are the probable formations of TRIESTINA vs PALERMO

TRIESTINA (3-4-2-1): Offredi, Rapisarda, Volta, Ligi; St Clair, Calvano, Crimi, Lopez; Trotta, Procaccio; Gomez.

Unavailable: Bova, Capela, Galazzi, Giorico, Iotti, Maracchi, Petrella, Sakor

Disqualified: /

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; De Rose, Dall’Oglio; Valente, Luperini, Floriano; Brunori.

Unavailable: Marong

Disqualified: /