Filippi’s Conference before the 4th Big Match with the Catanzaro

Coach Filippi's Conference before the Big Match with the Catanzaro

Coach Filippi’s Conference before the Big Match with the Catanzaro

Palermo coach Giacomo Filippi intervenes at the press conference to present the match against Catanzaro. In the last match played in the Italian Cup, the rosanero won a victory against Monopoli (league leaders).

I like the way he plays and trains about Palermo. It is normal that not everything always succeeds, there are also opponents. In Taranto we made a not very lucid performance. I like how we interpret the games, even with some mistakes. Let’s not forget the absences in defense, which forced us to let people out of role play. The performances have always been of a level except that with Taranto. Catanzaro is a very strong team. If after three days the dramas begin, in my opinion, he is wrong to reason. We just have to work to the best of our ability.

Brunori is the strongest striker of the tournament, then he can also not score. No big points with full marks? All the matches are very difficult, it is not always a demerit of the teams credited with the final victory, we must also give credit to the other teams. With Catanzaro for us it is a game that has the same value as that with Monopoli. On Wednesday we showed such determination that we were able to win. We just have to raise our attention and make fewer gratuitous mistakes.

The Big Match with the Catanzaro
The Big Match with the Catanzaro

Luperini, Fella and Perrotta are three players who are playing for the starting spot like many others. We have a competitive staff, we will choose the players who are most suited to this match, considering the characteristics of Catanzaro. It will be a great match against a fairly consolidated team.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

Dall’Oglio, due to its technical qualities, can cover all roles. On Wednesday it is true that he did very well in midfield. Catanzaro is an expert team, which takes advantage of the mistakes of the opponents a lot, it does not go into trouble. Loss of attention? Let’s try to solve the problem with training: the readings during ball possession and not are fundamental. There are mistakes that not only mine make, even in the Champions League there have been many.

With Picerno and Latina the public was important. I am sorry that the Region is in the “yellow zone”, we are penalized. We must be ready to give everything and more to give a smile to the 2,500 fans present and to those who follow us from home.

Accardi? We hope to have it available from next week. Floriano and Fella can play together but you have to look at the condition of both and the opponent. We will decide with great clarity.

Filippi’s Conference the VIDEO, before the 4th Big Match with the Catanzaro. Lega PRO 2021/22

Palermo-Catanzaro will be available in streaming on Eleven Sports via PC, smartphone and tablet. Abroad, however, there will be the possibility to watch the match through 196 Sports.


3-4-1-2 for Palermo with Pelagotti in goal, Buttaro, Perrotta and Marconi in defense. Almici and Valente outside, De Rose and Dall’Oglio in between. Luperini and Fella behind Brunori.

PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Buttaro, Perrotta, Marconi; Almici, De Rose, Dall’Oglio, Valente; Luperini, Fella; Brunori. Herds Filippi.

3-5-2 for Catanzaro with Branduani in goal, Fazio, Scognamillo and Martinelli in defense. Rolando and Porcino outside, Wellbeck, Verna and Risolo in between. Carlini and Vazquez forward.

CATANZARO (3-5-2): Branduani; Fazio, Scognamillo, Martinelli; Rolando, Risolo, Verna, Wellbeck, Porcino; Pugs, Vazquez. Herds Calabro

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