Highlights Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup – Rosanero Won

Highlights Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

Highlights Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

PALERMO – Palermo FC hosts Monopoli on the occasion of the second elimination round of the Serie C Italian Cup. The green-and-white team, first in the league table with full points, faces Giacomo Filippi’s rosanero in search of redemption after the defeat in Taranto.

Colombo ranks his team with a 3-5-2, the Sicilian coach responds with the usual 3-4-2-1 and gives space to those who have played less during the first official matches.

FIRST HALF TIME of Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

The rosanero attack from right to left, but the first ball is entrusted to the visiting team: the referee blows his whistle, it begins. First minutes started on the right foot by the Sicilians who try to set the game with precise steps and without too many risks, folding well when the Monopoly regain the ball. At minute 8 Silipo loses the ball in midfield and allows the green-and-whites to restart, but the rosanero’s defense responds well and at the edge of their penalty area starts the counterattack that stops with a foul committed against Valente.

On the 11th minute, a triple chance for Palermo that with Valente’s cross becomes dangerous in the penalty area first and with a shot from outside the area by Silipo shortly after. Palermo has been playing in the opposing half for several minutes and after a free kick, at 19 ‘, Fella gets a penalty kick! ADVANTAGE OF ROSANERO! At 20 ‘Giuseppe Fella takes charge of kicking the penalty and coldly beats Guido Angonaldo very well the conclusion!

Just five minutes pass and the rosanero double! AT 25 ‘PUT THE BALL ON THE NET VALENTE! Fella presses the opposing defense well and recovers the ball at the edge of the Apulian penalty area, the pass for Valente who enters the left-handed lane is precise and the number 30 makes no mistake, bringing Palermo to 2-0. The rosanero fly on the wings of enthusiasm and continue their pressing in a decisive manner; Monopoli tries to restart despite having lost some clarity in the last minutes.

At 41 ‘opportunity to restart for the Sicilians with Valente who gains several meters and verticalizes for Silipo; the number 10 tries the cross on the opposite post but the pass is not accurate. Minute 43, another opportunity for Palermo with a round shot by Dall’Oglio who does not go far from the post to Guido’s right. Odjer, just a minute later, kicks from outside the box, touching the post once again! With no injury time, the first half of Palermo-Monopoli ends: the partial result is 2-0 for the rosanero.

Palermo FC 2021/22 Season

2nd round Italian Cup Palermo vs Monopoli Italian Cup 2021/22
2nd round Italian Cup Palermo vs Monopoli Italian Cup 2021/22

SECOND HALF TIME of Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

The recovery begins at the “Renzo Barbera” stadium, this time he beats Palermo. At 48 ‘first substitution for Mr. Colombo, outside Bizzotto and inside Mercadante. At 54 ‘conclusion from outside the area for the Monopoli that goes out on the bottom. At 56 ′ opportunity for Palermo! Silipo finds Soleri with a passage between the lines, the number 27, however, has the conclusion blocked. At 59 ‘first substitution also for coach Filippi:

Brunori enters the field instead of Soleri. AT 61 ′ THE MONOPOLY REOPENS! Marconi falls asleep in defense and loses the ball in the penalty area, Grandolfo enters and heads Massolo. Shortly after Dall’Oglio on a free kick finds Brunori’s head that touches the tarversa. Minute 65, double change for Palermo: Fella and Odjer leave the place to Luperini and De Rose.

Other changes also for the green-and-whites, outside Vassallo and D’Agostino, inside Bussaglia and Starita. Silipo stops for cramps, Floriano enters in his place at minute 76. After a turn of hands, Langella and Romano leave the field for Monopoli, Novella and Guiebre take their place. In the last few minutes, slower rhythms for both teams who are starting to feel a little tired.

Game broken up by several fouls committed on both sides. At 86 ‘Grandolfo tries, the ball ends up on the bottom. At the end of the 90 minutes of regulation, the fourth official announces with the luminous scoreboard that there will be 5 minutes of recovery. Immediately after, comes the second yellow card for De Santis who is sent off. Last assaults with Monopoli boarding to find the way of the equal goal. At the end of the injury time, the referee blows his whistle three times! Palermo beat Monopoli with the final result of 2-1.

The Highlights video of Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

THE TABLE of Palermo vs Monopoli, 2nd round Italian Cup

PALERMO: 12 Massolo; 5 Marong, 79 Lancini (chap.), 15 Marconi; 25 Buttaro, 11 Dall’Oglio, 19 Odjer (from 65 ‘De Rose), 30 Valente; 10 Silipo (from 76 ‘Floriano), 23 Fella (from 65’ Luperini); 27 Soleri (from 59 ‘Brunori). Available: 1 Pelagotti, 3 Giron, 7 Floriano, 9 Brunori, 17 Luperini, 20 De Rose, 29 Almici, 31 Corona, 33 Perrotta, 77 Doda. Coach: Filippi.

MONOPOLI: 22 Guido, 4 Bizzotto (cap .; from 48 ‘Mercadante), 5 Riggio, 6 De Santis, 9 Grandolfo, 18 D’Agostino (from 67’ Starita), 19 Romano (from 77 ‘Guiebre), 20 Tazzer, 25 Vassallo (from 67 ‘Bussaglia), 27 Hamlili, 33 Langella (from 77’ Novella). Available: 1 Loria, 3 Mercadante, 7 Starita, 11 Guiebre, 16 Morrone, 21 Bussaglia, 23 Arena, 24 Nina, 35 Novella. Coach: Colombo.

REFEREE: Collu (Cagliari). ASSISTANTS: Marchetti (Trento) – Croce (Nocera Inferiore). IV MAN: Costanza (Agrigento).

SCORERS: 20 ‘Fella, 25’ Valente, 61 ‘Grandolfo.

NOTES: Booked: Dall’Oglio, Odjer, Langella, Riggio, Buttaro, Marconi. Expelled: De Santis (double yellow card).

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