Cagliari Palermo, Corini Conference 37th Serie B

Cagliari Palermo, Corini Conference 37th Serie B

Cagliari Palermo 12/05/2023: The Palermo coach speaks at the press conference. Eugenio Corini answers journalists’ questions on the eve of the match against Cagliari

Cagliari Palermo, Corini Conference 37th Serie B

We face a worthy opponent, coached by an extraordinary man with an incredible career.

They have ambitions and an important squad.

At home, they have never lost, a difficult stadium to conquer.

But it’s inspiring, given that we’re in an area we’ve been dreaming of entering.

We have a great chance, and we are well-prepared.

Matteo has expressed his willingness to stay with the team, a gesture to support his teammates.

Thanks to Ranieri for the words he spent yesterday: he means that we know how to do something,

That we have a style, and we want to put it on the field tomorrow.

We missed a couple of victories that would have changed our standings, and we worked on that.

Cagliari alternates many game systems and has important qualities.

I have to thank those who came to the stadium.

A fantastic climate, an idea shared with the director Rinaudo: a beautiful day that made us even more excited.

In my opinion, periodically it could be repeated over time.

There were also many children who are the future: the beauty of football that includes people of all ages.

I often watch videos with Brunori and let him understand how dangerous he can still be.

Our attack department has value, and we can make up for Matteo’s lack.

Stulac has made a difficult journey: four months is a long time.

He is fluid in his movements, but caution is needed, he is regaining his condition by breathing to the team.

It can become an asset to most. We did an important job on Saric, we recovered him the day before.

However, today he took a blow to the ankle, but he recovered, the doctor has already reassured me.

Aurelio had gastroenteritis, but we kept him with us. Dead ball? We have percentages in line with the rest of the clubs.

Cagliari played in Serie A last year and left to kill the championship.

In my opinion we need to evaluate the path, if we are close to them, it is a source of great pride for us.

The three forwards made me think a lot, I’ll evaluate the route.

I saw them all very well, tomorrow you will see who I choose for the attacking duo, but whoever is out will be equally important.

Liverani’s Cagliari already had an idea for me, but some results were missing, and they hired an extraordinary coach.

They know how to dribble, conquer areas of the pitch, and it’s a great test for me too, and we want to bring home a good result.

Weekly we have always believed in it, our series of draws has kept us in a good position.

Creating enthusiasm is fundamental, we know that we can be protagonists.

We have a clear perception of what we have to do. Reggina? We must be happy to have a solid club.

PALERMO FC 2022/23 Season

Probable Formation of Cagliari Palermo, Corini Conference 37th Serie B

PALERMO (3-5-2): Pigliacelli; Mateju, Nedelcearu, Marconi; Valente, Segre, Gomes, Verre, Sala; Brunori, Tutino.

Unavailable: Elia, Stulac, Di Mariano, Saric

Disqualified: /

SPAL (4-3-1-2); Alfonso; Fiordaliso, Dalle Mura, Meccariello, Tripaldelli; Maistro, Prati, Contiliano; Fetfatzidis; LaMantia, Moncini.

Out: Nainggolan, Dickmann, Zanellato

Suspended: Arena